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Paul Couillard


2008-present    PhD student, Joint Graduate Programme in Communication & Culture,
                       York & Ryerson Universities
2005-2007        MFA (Visual Arts), York University
1993-2001        Apprenticeship in Grotowski curricula with Linda Putnam
1992-95           Movement and Source Work with Fiona Griffiths
1986-88           Apprenticeship in Arts Administration with Dennis Tourbin
1985-86,1989   Performance Art with Rachel Rosenthal


2009-2012       Doctoral Fellowship, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council
2009               International Touring, Ontario Arts Council
                      Performance Art Travel, Canada Council
2008               York Graduate Entrance Scholarship
2007               Performance Art Travel, Canada Council
2005               Gradutate Development Fund, York University
                      PerformanceArt Travel, Canada Council
2004               Performance Art Travel, Canada Council
                      IntegratedArts, Ontario Arts Council
2002               Performance Art Travel, Canada Council
2000               InterArts Established Artist Creation Grant (Performance Art), Canada Council
                      PerformanceArt Travel, Canada Council
1999               Performance Art Travel, Canada Council
                      WilliamsonResidency (University of North Carolina, Performance Studies Department)
1998               Performance Art Travel, Canada Council
1990-95          Selected Artist, Artists with their Work Program, Art Gallery of Ontario
1995               Performance Art "B", Canada Council
1994               Performance Art, Short-Term, Ontario Arts Council
1992               Holography "B", Ontario Arts Council
                      Playwright Recommender Award, Ontario Arts Council
1991               Arts Abroad, Touring, Ontario Ministry of Culture and Communications
1988               Visual Arts, Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton
1987               Multidisciplinary, Ontario Arts Council
1986               Explorations, Canada Council


                      "LIVE 2009" Chapel Arts, Vancouver
                      TEAR FACTORY (3 hr.), "Body Plural" Hastings Steam and Sauna, Vancouver
                      AND EWA RYBSKA (24 hr.), "Loser" Folie Culture, Quebec
                      TENDENCIES, WITH THANKS TO ESTHER FERRER (24 hr.), "X-change '09: 'Nation', 'Nationalism',
                      'Nationalistic'" Surabaya, Indonesia
                      "10th OPEN International Performance Art Festival" Beijing, China
2008               SILENCE #4: JURY DUTY, WITH THANKS TO RODDY HUNTER (24 hr.),
                      "VisualEyez" Latitude 53, Edmonton
                      BLANCO Y NEGRO (4 hr.), "Performagia" Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Mexico City, Mexico
                      MOUTHPIECES (3 hr.), Gallery Lambton, Sarnia
                      RESPOND/REPEAT/REPRODUCE: A PERFORMANCE ACTION LECTURE (30 min.), "The Demons of
                      Completion and Repetition" Lower Ossington Theatre, Toronto
2007               SEEKER (30 min.), "BONE 10" Schlachthaus Theatre, Bern, Switzerland
                      ACTIVATIONS (8 hr.), "LIVE Performance Art Biennale" Western Front, Vancouver
                      LIFE BRAND (3 days), 8th OPEN International Performance Art Festival, Beijing, China
                      SENSE MEMORY (20 min.), Zig's, Sudbury
                      SITTING WITH THE MOUNTAIN (30 days), offthemapgallery, Toronto
                      SILENCE #3: LO, WITH THANKS TO ADINA BAR-ON (24 hr.), offthemapgallery, Toronto
                      SILENCE #2: AT THE TABLE, WITH THANKS TO BORIS NIESLONY (24 hr.), Gales Gallery, Toronto
                      York University, Toronto
2006               CARE (5 days), "Depicting Action" 18th Street Art Center, Santa Monica, USA
                      CARNAL KNOWLEDGE (24 hr.), "Public Acts 1 - 29", Ottawa Valley
                      SAMPLE #4A: RESIDUAL ACTION (17 hr.), Toronto
                      DÉCOUVRIR (3.5 hr.), Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario, Sudbury
                      NORMAL LIFE (75 hr.), Future of Imagination 3, Singapore
                      MELT (3.5 hr.), Satu Kali, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2005               THAW (12 hr.), "Post" PerfoPuerto, Valparaiso, Chile
                      BLANCO (7 hr.), "Intro" Galeria Animal, Santiago, Chile
                      SENSE MEMORY (30 min.), Klub Piekny Pies, Krakow, Poland
                      REST (30 min.), "Performance Art Meeting" Centrum Kultury, Lublin, Poland
                      SENSE MEMORY (20 min.), "7 Int'l Art Action Festival Interakcje " Bielsko Biala, Poland
                      THRESH / HOLD (3.5 hr.), "7 Int'l Art Action Festival Interakcje " Piotrków Trybunalski, Poland
                      THE WEIGHT OF THE DEAD (2 days), "Sensitive Skin" Bonington Gallery, Nottingham UK
2004               RECEPTOR FIELD (3 hr.), York University, Toronto
2003               UN (9 hr.), "4 Cardinales" temporary collective, Toronto
                      MOUCHE A FEU/FIREFLY (30 min.), "TraficART", La Galerie Séquence, Chicoutimi
2002               SALTWATER (20 min.), "Bodyground", Implant, Toronto
2001               SKINS (10 hr.), "ReciproCity", 7a*11d, Toronto
                      PEAUX (10 hr.), "RéciproCité", Studio 303, Montréal
                      NOIR (26 hr.), "Blast", Gallery 101, Ottawa
                      BLACKSTRAP (3 hr.), "Shut Up", Trinity Bellwoods Park, Toronto
                      CLOD (24 hr.), "Festival Art Action Actuel", Montréal
2000               TRACE ELEMENTS (20 hr.), Western Front, Vancouver
1999               TRACE ELEMENTS (24 hr.), "TIME TIME TIME" YYZ, Toronto
                      2000 (21 hr.), "Octava Muestra Internacional de Performance " Ex Teresa, Mexico City, Mexico
                      THE MEASURABILITY OF PHENOMENA (13 hr.), "99? C/F" Anna Leonowens Gallery, Halifax
                      LIMINAL SENSATION (7 hr.), Bingham Hall, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill USA
1998               SAMPLE #3 (6 hr.); SAMPLE #3A (25 min.), AMORPH!98, Helsinki, Finland
                      BACHELOR PARTY (3 hr.), "Dinner @ 5" 7a*11d International Performance Art Festival, Toronto
                      ASHES (12 hr.), "ELEVENELEVEN" Artemisia Gallery, Chicago USA
                      SAMPLE #2 (3 hr.), "Dwellers at the Threshold" Galerie Largeness no. 20, Power Plant, Toronto
                      SAMPLE #1 (75 min.), "Wasteland Condos" PO-PO, Toronto
1997               ENCOUNTERS (24 hr.), ".in/attendant." 7a*11d International Performance Art Festival, Toronto
1996               ASKANCE (3 wk.), Symptom Hall, Toronto
                      LULL PART 1 (6 hr.), "Rencontre Performance" CineCycle, Toronto
1994               SURGICAL PRECISION (40 min.), HAI, Hamilton
                      THE WASHROOM SUITE (25 min.), HAI, Hamilton
1993               SCORCHED EARTH (35 min.), Modern Fuel Gallery, Kingston
                      THE WASHROOM SUITE (35 min.), Modern Fuel Gallery, Kingston
1992               THE WASHROOM SUITE (35 min.), "Rhubarb 1992" Buddies, Toronto;
                      THE WASHROOM SUITE (35 min.), Gallery 101, Ottawa
1991               ONLY DUST CAN BURN (series):
                      TOKYO HANDS (30 min.), Kokobunji Train Line, Tokyo, Japan
                      DANCES WITHIN LIGHT (40 min.), Musashino Art University, Tokyo Japan
                      BIRD ON A WIRE (40 min.), "Front Lines" ST Spot, Yokohama, Japan
                      EXPOSURE (40 min.), "Korea International Performance Festival" Walkerhill Art Centre, Seoul
                      SICKNESS (50 min.), City Gallery, Kobe, Japan
                      TRANSLATIONS (30 min.), "Performance Landscape No. 5" Proto Theatre, Tokyo, Japan
                      GRAVITY (20 min.), "Tajima Performance Festival" Tajima, Japan
                      SCORCHED EARTH (35 min.), "Rhubarb 1991" Buddies, Toronto;
1989               REVERSALS (45 min.), KAAI, Kingston,
                      REVERSALS (45 min.), SAW Gallery, Ottawa
1988               PASSAGE (30 min.), "La mésure des temps" Axe néo-7 art contemporain, Hull
1987               PRELUDE TO WRITING (30 min.), "Wordworks 87", Ottawa
                      PRELUDE TO WRITING (30 min.), NAC, St. Catharines
1986               PROGRAMS (60 min.), "The Conditioned Response" SAW Gallery, Ottawa
1985               THE LOVERS (50 min.), SAW Gallery, Ottawa


2009               DUORAMA 108, "VIVA! Art Action" Articule (at Bain St-Michel), Montreal (w/Ed Johnson)
                      DUORAMA 107, "Plot, Engage, Disperse" Toronto Pride (w/Ed Johnson)
2008               DUORAMA 106, "Vertigo" Waterloo Center for the Arts, Waterloo, USA (w/Ed Johnson)
                      DUORAMA 105, Gallery Lambton, Sarnia (w/Ed Johnson)
2007               DUORAMA 104, "Nuit Blanche", Nightless City Collective, Toronto (w/Ed Johnson)
2006               DUORAMA 103, Performer Stammtisch, Sophiensaele, Berlin, Germnay (w/Ed Johnson)
                      DUORAMA 100-102, "POINTS D'IMPACT", Piano Nobile, Ceneva, Switzerland (w/Ed Johnson)
2005               DUORAMA 98-99, "Language of the Body", Enteractive Language Festival, Portland, OR,
                      USA (w/Ed Johnson)
                      DUORAMA 95-97, "Mope 05 Movement to Performance Festival", Platform, Vaasa, Finland
                      USA (w/Ed Johnson)
                      DUORAMA 94, "Before and After Performance Art" Kuvataideakatemia, Helsinki, Finland
                      USA (w/Ed Johnson)
                      DUORAMA 93, The Drake Hotel, Toronto (w/Ed Johnson)
                      DUORAMA 92, "13 Performance Art Konferenz" E.P.I. Zentrum, Berlin, Germany (w/Ed Johnson)
                      DUORAMA 91, "Fear and Fury" performance series, Centre for Art Tapes, Halifax (w/Ed Johnson)
2004               DUORAMA 90, "eBent 04", La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Spain (w/Ed Johnson)
                      DUORAMA 86-89, "eBent 04", Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, Spain (w/Ed Johnson)
                      DUORAMA 85, "Kongress für Performance Art " Berlin, Germany (w/Ed Johnson)
                      DUORAMA 79 - 84, "Space Contentions", Turku, Lahti & Helsinki, Finland (w/Ed Johnson)
                      DUORAMA 73 - 78, Artspace, Peterborough (w/Ed Johnson)
2003               DUORAMA 67 - 72, "sevenseason", Art Gallery of Hamilton, Hamilton (w/Ed Johnson)
                      DUORAMA 61 - 66, "Art in the Streets", Modern Fuel Gallery, Kingston (w/Ed Johnson)
                      LANGAGE COMMUN, "Performance Marks" Neutral Ground, Regina (w/Pierre Beaudoin)
                      DUORAMA 55 - 60, "Performance Enhancing Series", AKA Gallery, Saskatoon (w/Ed Johnson)
2002               RECIRPOCITY/RÉCIPROCITÉ (30 min.), "7a*11d Int'l Performance Art Festival"
                      (9-person collaboration)
                      DUORAMA 49 - 54, "I'd be a fool Symposium of Art", Struts Gallery, Sackville (w/ Ed Johnson)
                      DUORAMA 46 - 48, "7e congrès international d'art performances", Paris, France (w/ Ed Johnson)
                      DUORAMA 45, Centre for Contemporary Art, Kiev, Ukraine (w/ Ed Johnson)
                      DUORAMA 43 - 44, "Navinki Festival", Minsk, Belarus (w/ Ed Johnson)
                      DUORAMA 37 - 42, "Urbani Festival", Zagreb, Croatia (w/ Ed Johnson)
                      THE STATE OF BREATH (10 hr.), St. Norbert Arts Centre, St. Norbert (5-person residency project)
                      DUORAMA 31 - 36, "Vital Signs 24/7", eyelevel Gallery, Halifax (w/ Ed Johnson)
                      DUORAMA 25 - 30, "Teamwork", Neutral Ground, Regina (w/ Ed Johnson)
2001               DUORAMA 19 - 24, "VisualEyez", Latitude 53, Edmonton (w/ Ed Johnson)
                      DUORAMA 13 - 18, "Mountain Standard Time", Stride Gallery, Calgary (w/ Ed Johnson)
                      DINNER (24 hr.), School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (w/ seven performance students)
2000               DUORAMA 7 - 12, "Castle of the Imagination", Slupsk, Ustka, Sopot & Gdansk, Poland; "Egosystem"
                      Bielsko Biala, Poland; "Fort Sztuki 2000" Krakow, Poland (w/ Ed Johnson)
                      DUORAMA 1 - 6, Zsa Zsa Gallery, Toronto (w/ Ed Johnson)
1992               BLACK BOX (45 min.), "Fringe of Toronto Festival" Poor Alex Theatre, Toronto (w/ Ed Johnson)
                      PASSAGES (1 hr.), Theatre Resource Centre, Toronto (15-person collaboration)
1989               THE GREAT MOTHER'S CHAIR (1 hr.), Gallery 101 (8-person collaboration)


1985-present   collaborator/performer in performances by Marilyn Arsem, Adina Bar-On, Laz Brezer, Christine
                      Carson, Shannon Cochrane, Margaret Dragu, Haruo Higuma, Tari Ito, Ed Johnson, Louise Liliefeldt,
                      Natalie Loveless, Alastair MacLennan, Sandy McFadden, Jamie McMurry, Men of the World, Linda
                      Montano, Frank Moore, Mimi Nakajima, Victoria Stanton and others
                      MC for numerous soirees, cabarets and fundraisers
2006               GOODBYE TO LOVE (3 min.) "Over My Dead Body Lipsync Smackdown" 7a*11d,
                      Gladstone Hotel, Toronto
2004               DREAM A LITTLE DREAM (3 min.) "Gov. General's Left Ball" 7a*11d, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto
2000               TOKEN ANIMAL (6 hr.), The 360, Toronto
                      NIGHT TRAIN (90 min.), "Solo Exhibition (a group show)" Dandyco, Toronto
                      THE PHYSICIAN (3 min.), "PROMiscuity" YYZ, Toronto
1999               LET'S ALL BE FAIRIES (3 min.) "Lipsynch-o-rama" YYZ, Toronto
1998               WHISPER (10 min.), "Songscapes" Toronto Nomad Territory, Music Gallery, Toronto
                      SHEER (3 min.) "Foto Fetish Fashion", A Space, Toronto
1997               FOOTBATH (2 hr.) "Foto Fetish Fashion", A Space, Toronto
1995               FIVE HOLES (6 hr.), A Space, Toronto
1993               IMPULSES (2 min.) "40 Tiny Performances" Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Toronto
1992               FAMILY SNAPSHOTS (15 min.) "TRC Soiree" Theatre Resource Centre, Toronto
1990               THIS NOT A WARNING... (15 min.), "Lesbian and Gay Performance Cabaret" A Space, Toronto
1989               PASSAGE II (10 min.), Le Lieu, Quebec City
1988               JUST A GHOST (6.5 min.) "6 1/2 Minute Performance Cabaret" Gallery 101, Ottawa
1987               THE URBAN EXPERIENCE (2 3-hour tours), Gallery 101, Ottawa (Co-host with R.N. Schachter)
                      THIS IS NOT A WARNING (7 min.), "Performance FUNdraiser" Gallery 101, Ottawa
                      FAITH / HOPE / CHARITY (15 min.), "A Go-Go (too) Performance Cabaret" SAW Gallery, Ottawa
1986               GENE MY CLUMSY SOUL (15 min.), "Performance A-Go-Go", ELSS Carleton University, Ottawa
1985               THIS IS A HOUSE (10 min.), "Sunday Night Performance Series" Metropolis, Los Angeles, USA
                      CHAIN LETTER (5 min. radio performance), Artistic License, CKCU-FM, Ottawa


1992               PERFORMANCE HOLOGRAMS (holography), Interference Gallery, Toronto
1989               ILLNESS AS METAPHOR (installation), "STUDIOS: Work in Progress" Artscourt, Ottawa
                      REVERSALS (holography & integrated media installation), KAAI, Kingston, SAW Gallery, Ottawa


2007               TANGENTS (performance relic) "Listening only listening" Accolade West Gallery, York University, Toronto
2006               REMOTE SPLENDOUR (installation) "Remote Splendour" 64 Steps Contemporary Art, Toronto
                      SAMPLE #4 (TORONTO) (installation), "Skin of the City" Accolade West Gallery, York University,
                      RANDOM THOUGHT GENERATOR (audio files for MP3 players) Accolade West Gallery, York U.,Toronto
2005               PERFORMANCE ART RELICS, RESIDUE AND EPHEMERA (performance relics), The New Gallery +15
                      Window Space, Calgary
2004               BEANS, BANANAS & YAMS (performance relics), YYZ Artists' Outlet, Toronto
1992               HOLOLOCALIZATION (holography), Interference Gallery, Toronto


2006               REST (video; 4 min.)
2001               MORE CLEANING AND LOVING (IT) (video; 14 min.), co-director w/ Margaret Dragu
2000               CLEANING AND LOVING (IT) (video; 13 min.), co-director w/ Margaret Dragu
1995               KISSES (16mm; 20 min.), co-writer w/ Mike Hoolboom; part of feature film HOUSE OF PAIN
1990               PLATO'S CHAIR (video; 7 min.)
1988               THREE WINGS ON THE WIND (video; 24 min.)
1983               THE BRICK (16mm, 30 min.), co-writer w/ Nik Sheehan


2002               (Performance Art), St. Norbert Arts Centre, St. Norbert
2001               (Performance Art), School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston USA
1999               (Performance Studies Program), Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill USA
1995               (Performance Art) Rachel Rosenthal Company, Los Angeles, USA


Books (editor)
Ironic to Iconic: The Performance Works of Tanya Mars, Toronto: Fado, 2008.
La Dragu: The Living Art of Margaret Dragu, Toronto: Fado, 2002.

Book Chapters
"Performance As" in Performagia (from 1 to 7), ed. Pancho Lopez (Mexico City: El Chopo) 2009. (Forthcoming)
"Pure Form: Scanning the Surface(s) of Mars," in Ironic to Iconic: The Performance Works of Tanya Mars, ed. Paul
     Couillard (Toronto: Fado, Performance Inc.), 2008. pp. 26-69.
"Elizabeth Chitty: Getting Closer to 'You'" in Caught in the Act ed. Tanya Mars and Johanna Householder (Toronto: YYZ
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"Drag Arm Tug Ear" in La Dragu ed. Paul Couillard (Toronto: Fado) 2002, pp. 43-58.

Curatorial Essays and Artist Texts
"Blips from the 7a*11d Radar Screen (a brief and selective history)" in 7th 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art catalogue (Toronto: 7a*11d) 2008. 4-7.
"Tester les marges de la réception/Testing the Margins of Reception" in Territoires de Langue catalogue
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"2008 Governor General’s Awards in Visual and Media Arts Nomination Statement: Tanya Mars"
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Reviews and Interviews (Selected)
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Documentation (Catalogues and DVDs)
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     1989. Catalogue.


2010          Performance Art (VPSB7H3S), Dept. of Humanities Visual and Performing Arts,
                 University of Toronto Scarborough
2008          Foundation Studies in Studio (VPSA62H3), Dept. of Humanities Visual and Performing Arts,
                 University of Toronto Scarborough
                 Theorizing Culture Through Performance (THTR&FLM 3I03/ART HIST 3L03/CMST3L03),
                 School of the Arts, McMaster University, Hamilton
2007          Sessional Lecturer, Media and Performance (THTR&FLM 2E03/CMST 2S03), School of the Arts,
                 McMasterUniversity, Hamilton

Teaching Assistantships
2009-10     Information Technology and Society (AP/COMN 2312), Dept. of Communications,
                     York University, Toronto
2008-09     Information Technology and Society (AS/SOSC 2312), Division of Social Sciences,
                     York University, Toronto
2006          Critical Issues in the Studio (VISA 1000), Visual Arts Dept., York University, Toronto

2009          MFA external assessor for Kate Barry, Visual Arts, University of Ottawa
2005          MFA external advisor for Tagny Duff, Open Media, Studio Arts, Concordia University, Montreal
2004          MFA advisor for Christine Carson, Visual Arts, York University, Toronto
2002-04     Adjunct, Faculty of Graduate Studies, Visual Arts, York University, Toronto

University and College Guest Lectures
2009     (Performance Art) University of Toronto, Scarborough
            (Performance Art) York University, Toronto
2008     (Performance Art) York University, Toronto
2007     (Performance Art) York University, Toronto
2006     (Performance Art) York University, Toronto
            (Performance Art) School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston USA
2005     (Performance Art) Interfaculty Department for Intermedia, Academy of Fine Arts, Krakow, Poland
            (Live Art) University of Ulster School of Art and Design, Belfast, Northern Ireland
2004     (Visual Communications) Camera Obscura School of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel
            (Performance Art) Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel
2003     (Happenings, Fluxus, Performance Art) University of Toronto, Scarborough
            (Performance Art) University of Guelph, Guelph
            (Performance Art) University of Toronto, Scarborough
            (Performance Art) York University, Toronto
2002     (Performance Art) Nova Scotia College of Art and Design
            (Performance Art) University of Toronto
2001     (Performance Art) University of Toronto
            (Performance Art) School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston USA
2000     (Performance Art) Simon Fraser University, Vancouver
            (Performance Art) School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston USA
            (Movement) Sheridan College, Oakville
            (Performance Art), Brock University, St. Catharines
1999     (Performance Art), Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto
            (Performance Art), School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston USA
            (Performance Art) Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill USA
1998     (Performance Art) Lahti Polytechnic, Lahti Finland

2006-present     Grotowski curricula (private classes)
2005                 Performance Art, Taidekoulu Maa, Helsinki, Finland (w/Ed Johnson)
2003                 Performance Art, Summer Youth Arts Programme, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Toronto
                        (w/Ed Johnson)
                        PerformanceArt,Neutral Ground, Regina
2002                 Performance Art, Summer Youth Arts Programme, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Toronto
2001                 Performance Art, "The Programme", Power Plant, Toronto
                        PerformanceArt, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston USA
2000                 Performance Art, Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill USA
1996                 "Heroes", Performance and self-scripting, Theatre Resource Centre, Toronto
1994                 "Performance Art Made Easy", Hamilton Artists Inc., Hamilton
1989                 Workshop Assistant, D.B.D., Rachel Rosenthal, Ottawa
1986                 Performance Art, SAW Gallery, Ottawa
1985                 Video, SAW Gallery, Ottawa
                        WorkshopAssistant,Los Angeles Poverty Department, USA


Editorial Positions
2001-2007        Editor and Webmaster,,
1999-2007        Editor, Fado e-list
1996                Co-Producer, Rencontre Performance, Toronto
1989-91           Editorial Committee Member, Independent Eye, CFMDC, Toronto

Arts and Cultural Administration
2007-present     Board Member & Treasurer, Toronto Free Gallery
1997-present     Founding Member/Curator, 7a*11d International Performance Festival, Toronto
1993-2007         Performance Art Curator, Fado Performance Inc., Toronto
2003-04            Vice President & Membership Committee chair, Artist-Run Centres and Collectives of Ontario (ARCCO)
2002-03            Board Member & Policy Committee Chair, ARCCO
1994                 Interim Director, (Photon) League of Holographers, Toronto
1993                 Interim Director, Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre, Toronto
1989-91            Director, Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre, Toronto
1987-89            Artistic Director, Artists' Centre D'artistes (Gallery 101), Ottawa

Arts Juries and Consultation
1986-present     Advisor/Assessor/Juror various, Ontario Arts Council (Visual Arts, Integrated Arts, Multidisciplinary
                        Arts), CanadaCouncil (Inter-Arts)
2003                 Consultant, Model Contract Agreement revisions, CARFAC
1999                 Special Advisory Committee Member, Canada Council Interdisciplinary and Performance Art Program

Curatorial Projects (Performance Art, Visual Art, Film & Video, Music, Readings)
2002-present     Co-curator (Performance Art) 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art, Toronto
2010                 PRESENT RESPONSE (Performance Art) 3 artists, Gallery Lambton, Sarnia
2005-08            IDea (Performance Art) 16 artists, Fado, Toronto
2007                 TERRITOIRES DE LANGUE (Performance Art), 5 artists, Fado, Toronto
                        & Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario,Sudbury
2001-07            INTERNATIONAL VISITING ARTISTS (Performance Art) 7 artists, Fado, Toronto
1993-2007         SPECIAL PRESENTATIONS (Performance Art) 11 artists, Fado, Toronto
2006                 FIVE HOLES: matters of taste (Performance Art) 5 artists, Fado, Toronto
2000-06            CANADIAN PERFORMANCE ART LEGENDS (Performance Art) 3 projects, Fado, Toronto
2004-05            FIVE HOLES: Listen! (Performance Art) 5 artists, Fado, Toronto
                        ONE NIGHT ONLY: HOME REPAIR (Performance Art) 6 artists, Fado, Toronto
2003                 FIVE HOLES: reminiSCENT w/ Jim Drobnick (Performance Art) 9 artists, Fado, Toronto
2000-03            PUBLIC SPACES/PRIVATE PLACES (Performance Art) 26 artists Fado, Toronto
1998, 2001        TORONTO-CHICAGO EXCHANGE PROJECT (Performance Art) 23 artists, Fado, Toronto; Artemisia,
                        Chicago (with Louise McKissick)
2000                 SPECIAL INTERNATIONAL PRESENTATIONS (Performance Art) 2 artists, 7a*11d, Toronto
                        UR-BOOR(Residency & Performance)Rachel Rosenthal, Fado/7a*11d, Toronto
1999                 TIME TIME TIME (Performance Art) 14 artists, Fado, Toronto
1998                 FIELD TRIPS (Performance Art) 7 artists, 7a*11d, Toronto (co-curator with Shannon Cochrane)
1997                 FIVE HOLES: TOUCHED (Performance Art) 9 artists, Fado/7a*11d, Toronto
1990-96            A SPACE PERFORMANCE SERIES (Performance Art) 6 artists, A Space, Toronto
1995                 FIVE HOLES: I'LL BE SEEING YOU (Performance Art) 4 artists, Fado, Toronto
1994                 UNFORGIVEN (Exhibition & Performance Art) 2 artists, A Space, Toronto
1992                 POST POST PORN MODERNIST (Residency) Annie Sprinkle, A Space, Toronto
1991                 FORMAL DIARIES (Canadian Experimental Film tour) 10 artists, Japan
1989                 THE GREAT MOTHER'S CHAIR (Residency) Rachel Rosenthal, Gallery 101, Ottawa
1987-89            101 PERFORMANCE (Performance Art) 35 artists, Gallery 101, Ottawa
                        101 TELEVISION (Video Installation series) 3 artists, Gallery 101, Ottawa
                        101 NEW MUSIC (Music series) 10 artists, Gallery 101, Ottawa
                        NEW VOICES (Reading series) 18 artists, Gallery 101, Ottawa
                        101 VOICES (Reading series) 30 artists, Gallery 101, Ottawa
1988                 ELIOT PAISLEY'S DILEMMA (Residency), Dennis Tourbin, Gallery 101, Ottawa
                        PAINTINGS (Exhibition) 2 artists, Gallery 101, Ottawa
                        NO TOKENS (Performance Art tour) 5 artists, Gallery 101, Artspace, KAAI, A Space, Forest City Gallery,
                        Niagara Artists Centre, White Water Gallery, Ontario
1987                 THE URBAN EXPERIENCE (Performance festival) 10 artists, Gallery 101, Ottawa
1985                 SIX DAYS OF RESISTANCE (Video) 5 artists, Artists in Resistance, Ottawa
                        FOCUS EXHIBITION (Visual Art) 15 artists, Ottawa

Symposia, Conferences and other Lectures
2009                 Panelist, "Roundtable Discussion" Contemporary Art Society of Vancouver
                        Artist Talk (with Ed Johnson), "VIVA! Art Action" Articule (at Bain St-Michel), Montreal
                        Lecture (Performance Art) Centre Culturel et de Coopération Linguistique, Surabaya, Indonesia
2008                 Panelist, "Terms of Engagement: Presence and the Performative" 7a*11d Int'l
                        Festival of Performance Art, Toronto
                        Panelist, "Why Study the Humanities" Humanities Dept., University of Toronto Scarborough
                        Panelist, "Performance Art Discussion" Latitude 53, Edmonton
                        Panelist, "A Conversation with Bruce Barber" VMAC Gallery, Toronto
2007                 Panelist, "Queer Publics" Toronto School of Creative Inquiry, Toronto
                        Panelist, "Participatory Dissent: Debates in Performance" Western Front, Vancouver
                        Panelist, "New Actants: Relational Aesthetics and the Politics of the Participatory"
                        Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Vancouver
                        Moderator (Table Ronde), "Territoires de Langue", Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario, Sudbury
                        Lecture (Sophie Calle's Exquisite Unhappiness), "Sunday Scene", Power Plant, Toronto
2006                 Panelist, "Aproach" Bbeyond & Interface (University of Ulster), Belfast, Northern Ireland
                        Respondent, Mobius Inteenational Festival of Performance Art, Boston, USA
                        Lecture (Performance Art) "Performance Art Now" Galerie 101 Gallery, Ottawa
                        Conference Moderator and Presenter (Curating as Art-Making) "Role Call: (re)Placing Curating"
                        OntarioAssociation of Art Galleries, Toronto
2005                 Presenter (Programming vs. Curating) "1er. Congreso Internacional de Arte de Performance"
                        PerfoPuerto, Valparaiso, Chile
                        GuestModerator, Public Forum "Homing In" Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre, Kingston
                        Panelist, "Beforeand After Performance Art" Kuvataideakatemia, Helsinki, Finland
                        Lecture(State of Breath project), "13 Performance Art Konferenz" E.P.I. Zentrum, Berlin, Germany
                        Lecture(Performance Art) "Performance Art Meeting" Centrum Kultury, Lublin, Poland
                        Panelist "Performance and Documentation", OCAD, Toronto
                        Panelist, "Overview of Performance Festivals in Canada" & "Site-Specific Work: Public Space and
                        Dissemination" Performance Creation Canada, Vancouver
2004                 Panelist, "In/out of position" public forum, Visible Art Activity, Toronto
                        Panelist, "OpeningRoundtable: Canadian Intersections in Performance Studies" Growing a Discipline?
                        Associationfor Theatre in Higher Education Performance Studies Focus Group Preconference, Toronto
2002                 Panelist "New Directions, New Stories" Contested Practices II, Halifax
2001                 Invited Participant, DOP Conference, Ottawa
                        Panelist, "Voyeurismin Performance", Nickel Art Gallery, Calgary
2000                 Panel Organizer/Moderator, "Challenges and Strategies for Producing Performance Art", DOP
                        Conference, Sackville
                        Lecture(Performance Art), Waterfront Trail Artists, Etobicoke
                        Invited Participant, "High Rodeo" Performance Presenters Conference, Calgary
                        Panelist, "Collaboration",Inter 2000, Montreal (paper: "Separatist Tendencies in Performance Art")
1999                 Invited Participant, "Live at the End of the Century" Performance Presenters Symposium, Vancouver
1992                 Panelist, "Aesthetics Amidst Technology: Holography in the '90s", Photon League/Artsweek, Toronto
1991                 Lecture (Performance Art) Korea International Performance Festival '91, Korea.
1986                 Panelist, "Regionalism and the Broader Context", CAROttawa, Ottawa
1985                 Panelist, "Art and the Media", CKCU-FM, Ottawa