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Pierre Coupey


2006         Tangle: Recent Work, curator Darrin Martens, Burnaby Art Gallery [Catalogue]
2004         Paintings / Prints, curator Ingun Kemble, West Vancouver City Hall
2004         New Work: BlackWhiteGrey, curator Marcus Bowcott, Capilano College Art Gallery, North                           Vancouver
2004         Artist in Residence, The Urban Garage, West Vancouver
2002         Notations: New & Recent Work, Ballard Lederer Gallery, Vancouver
1999         Requiem Notations I-IX, curator Sarah Dobbs, Evergreen Cultural Center, Coquitlam
1998         Notations 1994-1998, curator Paula Gustafson, Canadian Embassy Gallery, Tokyo
1998         Work from the Notations Series, Montgomery Fine Art, Vancouver
1997         Work in Process: Drawings, Proofs, Prints, Capilano College Art Gallery, North Vancouver
1995         New Work: Notations 12-15 (For Eva), curator Carole Badgley, Seymour Art Gallery,
                North Vancouver
1995         From the 80’s: Trellis, Wedge, Montgomery Fine Art, Vancouver
1995         From the 70’s: Selected Journal Drawings / New Work on Paper, Atelier Gallery,
1994         Notations: Painting the Lion from a Claw, Atelier Gallery, Vancouver
1992         Recent Work: Prints, Atelier Gallery, Vancouver
1991         Paintings: 1970-1990, curator Barry Cogswell, Capilano College Art Gallery,
                North Vancouver
1990         Variations done for bpNichol, Atelier Gallery, Vancouver
1987         A Book of Days I-XII, Crown Gallery, Vancouver
1982         Recent Paintings, Studio Nine Gallery, Toronto
1982         Journal Drawing Series, curator bpNichol, The Gallery, Scarborough College,
                University of Toronto
1981         Seven Paintings, curator Barry Cogswell, Capilano College Art Gallery, North Vancouver
1981         New Work / 1980-1981, curator Claire Knight, Presentation House Gallery,
                North Vancouver [Catalog]


2006         New Acquisitions: City of Burnaby Permanent Art Collection, curator Darrin Martens, Burnaby Art                  Gallery
2004         Totally Manipulated: Digital Art, curator Linda Feil, Cityscape Gallery, North Vancouver
2004         Celebrating 20 Years of Printmaking, Grand Forks Art Gallery, curator Wayne Eastcott
2003         Celebrating 20 Years of Printmaking, Capilano College Art Institute Printmakers, curator Brenda                  Fredrick, Gallery at Ceperley House, Burnaby
2002         Art Institute Prints, curator Wayne Eastcott, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland
2002         Group Show, Ballard Lederer Gallery, Vancouver
2001         Prints from Canada’s Pacific Province, curator Doug Biden, Graphic Studio Gallery,
2001         Youthful Visions, curator Bill MacDonald, Artists for Kids Trust Gallery, North Vancouver
2001         Printmaking Possibilities: Photo/Digital, curator Wayne Eastcott,
                Capilano College Art Gallery
2001         Common Ground, curator Linda Feil, North Vancouver Arts Council Gallery,
                North Vancouver
2000         From the Collection: Dispatches & Inscriptions, curator Grant Arnold,
                Vancouver Art Gallery
2000         Impressions and Expressions, curator Carole Badgley, Seymour Art Gallery,
                North Vancouver
2000         Graduated Perspectives, curator Nancy Boyd, Capilano College Art Gallery
2000         Reflections of Place, curator Deborah Tuyttens, West Vancouver Museum & Archives
2000         First Folio, curators Steven Dixon / Wayne Eastcott, Sunshine Coast Art Center, Sechelt
2000         First Folio, curators Steven Dixon / Wayne Eastcott, Capilano College Art Gallery
1996         Print Works, curator Wayne Eastcott, Capilano College Art Gallery
1996         The Chair, curators Carole Badgley / Trudy Van Dop, Seymour Art Gallery
1993         Abstraction: Which Way from Here? curator Jeffrey Spalding, Canada Trust Tower,
1993         Prints from the Art Institute, curator Wayne Eastcott, Canadian Consulate, Nagoya
1988         Pierre Coupey & Harry Stanbridge: Recent Works, curator Ann Rosenberg,
                Surrey Art Gallery
1980         Salon des Refusés 1980, curator Matthew Kangas, Soames-Dunn Building, Seattle
1979         Affinities: Ten Painters of this Region, curator Ted Lindberg, Vancouver Art Gallery
1978         Three Person Show, curator Barry Cogswell, Presentation House Gallery,
                North Vancouver
1972         The Private Patron: BC Art, curator James Felter, Simon Fraser University Art Gallery,
1972         Microprosophus: International Concrete Poetry Show, Evergreen State College,
                Evergreen, Washington
1969         Three Person Show, Bau Xi Gallery, Vancouver
1969         Group Show, Bau Xi Gallery, Vancouver
1968         Two Person Show, Graduate Student Center, University of British Columbia, Vancouver
1967         Festival of Technology & Art, Ryerson Institute of Technology, Toronto
1964         J.A.M.M. Collects, Stable Gallery, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
1964         Quebec Painters under Thirty, Stable Gallery, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts


Art Institute, Capilano College, North Vancouver
Artists for Kids Trust, North Vancouver
Burnaby Art Gallery
Canada Council Art Bank, Ottawa
Capilano College, North Vancouver
Carleton University, Ottawa
Citibank Canada, Toronto
City of North Vancouver
City of Vancouver (Contemporary Art Gallery)
College & Institute Educators Association, Vancouver
Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver
Coast Art Trust, Vancouver [Reserved]
Denbigh Design, Vancouver
District of North Vancouver
District of West Vancouver
Evergreen Cultural Center, Coquitlam
Gallery at Ceperley House, Burnaby
Kamloops Art Gallery
Kernaghan Adjusters, Vancouver
Koerner Graduate Student Center, UBC, Vancouver
Lower Canada College, Montreal
McGill Student Society, Montreal
Metrix Insurance, Vancouver
Nanaimo Art Gallery
North Shore News, North Vancouver
North Vancouver Arts Council
North Vancouver Museum and Archives
North Vancouver School District
Protechnical Insurance, Vancouver
RSVP Reservations, Vancouver
Securiguard Services, Vancouver
Seymour Art Gallery, North Vancouver
Squamish Nation, North Vancouver
Toronto-Dominion Bank, Toronto
Two Rivers Gallery, Prince George
University of Lethbridge Art Gallery
University of Alberta, Edmonton
University of Victoria
Vancouver Art Gallery
Vancouver General Hospital Foundation
West Bay School, West Vancouver
West Vancouver Museum and Archives
West Vancouver School District
Larry Young & Associates, Vancouver


Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna,
Port Coquitlam, Prince George; Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto; Houston,
New York, Palm Springs, San Francisco, Seattle; Geneva, Okazaki, Paris, Tokyo


2003         Aichi Gakusen Faculty Exchange, Okazaki, Japan
2000         North Vancouver Arts Council, Millennium Print Project
1998         Exhibitions Grant, Canadian Embassy, Tokyo, Japan
1998         Special Projects Grant, Capilano College Foundation
1998         Faculty Development Grant, Capilano College Faculty Association
1996-1997 British Columbia Arts Council, Visual Arts Grant
1996-1997 Paid Educational Leave for Poetry/Printmaking, Capilano College
1986         The Prow Restaurant, Canada Place, Mural Commission
1980-1981 Canada Council, Visual Arts Grant
1980         Paid Educational Leave for Poetry/Painting, Capilano College
1976         Canada Council, Short Term Grant for Poetry
1973         Canada Council, Short Term Grant for Poetry
1970         Canada Council, Short Term Visual Arts Grant
1970         Graduate Bursary for Poetry, University of British Columbia
1968-1969 Canada Council, Arts Grant for Poetry
1966         H.R. MacMillan Award for Poetry, University of British Columbia
1964-1965 Le Conseil des Arts du Québec, Arts Grant for Poetry
1964         Chester MacNaughten Award for Poetry, McGill University
1964         Louis B. Shapiro Award for Poetry, McGill University

Note: an asterisk (*) following an entry indicates an exhibition catalogue or brochure.         

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Aichi Gakusen College, Okazaki, Japan, 2003
Burnaby Art Gallery, Burnaby, 2006
Capilano College, North Vancouver, 1992, 1995, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2004
College of New Caledonia, Prince George, 1977, 1978
Evergreen Cultural Center, Coquitlam, 1999
Glendon College, York University, Toronto, 1980
Harmony Arts Festival, West Vancouver, 2000
Kontakte Gallery, Toronto, 1980
Langara College, Vancouver, 1996
Malaspina College, Nanaimo, 1979
Malaspina College, Powell River, 1977
McGill University, Montreal, 1964, 1984
North Vancouver City Library, 1978
North West College, Hazelton, 1978
R2B2 Books, Vancouver, 1989
Scarborough College, University of Toronto, 1982
Selkirk College, Nelson, 1978
Seymour Art Gallery, North Vancouver, 1995, 1997
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, 1968
University of Calgary, 1991
Vancouver East Cultural Center, 1986


Artist in Residence / Artists for Kids Trust, West Bay School, West Vancouver, 2001
Arts Awards Juries, Canada Council Explorations Program, Vancouver, 1995
Arts Awards Jury, North Shore Arts Commission, North Vancouver, 1994
The Capilano Review Press Society, Board of Directors, 1992- present
Chief Steward, Capilano College Faculty Association, North Vancouver, 1983-1985
Presentation House Gallery, Board of Directors, 2001-present
Province of British Columbia Creative Writing Articulation Committees, 1986-1999, 2001-2002


Capilano College Art Advisory Committee
Capilano College Aichi Gakusen Exchange Committee
Capilano College Dean of Arts Search Committee
Capilano College Faculty Association [Various Committees]
Capilano College Capital Planning Committee
Capilano College Foundation Special Projects Committee
The Capilano Review Writing Institute Advisory Committee
English Department Advisory Committee
Humanities Division Faculty Evaluation Committee
Humanities Division Koerner Lecture Series Committee
Humanities Division Reading Series Committee


Instructor, English Department, Capilano College, North Vancouver, 1970- present
Coordinator, English Literature, English Department, Capilano College,
North Vancouver, 1978-1979
Summer Coordinator, Humanities Division, Capilano College, North Vancouver, 1981-1984,
1986, 1996, 1999
Teaching Assistant, English Department, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, 1965-1966, 1969-1971


Certificate (Printmaking), Art Institute, Capilano College, North Vancouver, 1992
Master of Arts (English / Creative Writing), University of British Columbia, Vancouver, 1971
Académie Julian (Drawing) and Atelier 17 (Printmaking), Paris, 1964-1965
Bachelor of Arts (English / Creative Writing), McGill University, Montreal, 1964
Senior Matriculation, Lower Canada College, Montreal, 1959


Ballard Lederer Gallery
The Waterfall Building
1540 West 2nd Avenue
Vancouver BC
V6J 1H2 Canada
Directors: Jan Ballard / Ted Lederer
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