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Sadko Hadzihasanovic

Born Bihac, Bosnia, 1959


1984     M.F.A. University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia
1982     B. F.A. Academy of Fine Arts, Sarajevo, Bosnia


2003     Konkordija, Vrsac, Yugoslavia, (june)
2003     Eastern Edge Gallery, St. John's, Newfoundland (september)
2003     Paul Petro, Toronto, drawing show (march)
2002     Observatoire 4 de Montreal, Montreal, QC
2002     Atelier d'estampe Sagamie, Alma QC, Twins
2002     Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Toronto, Modern Life
2001     Langage Plus, Alma, QC
2001     Zsa Zsa, Toronto, Ont., American and Bosnian Folk Songs
2001     Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Toronto, Ont. Papier peint
2001     SAW Gallery, Ottawa, Ont., Papier Peint
2000     The Justina M. Barnicke Gallery, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ont, Greatest
2000     XXX, Toronto, Ont., We are Smokin'
2000     Bookstore Buybook, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina
2000     Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Toronto, Ont., Portraitizm (essay by Corinna
1999     Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Montreal, QC, When We Grow Up
1999     Art Gallery of Peel, Brampton, Ont. (catalogue, essay by Gary Michael Dault )
1999     Art Gallery of Town, Bihac, Bosnia, Works 81-91
1998     Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Toronto, Ont., Sampling, essay by Catherine
1998     Neutral Ground, Regina, Sask., People (essay by Oliver Girling )
1998     Struts Gallery, Sackville, N.B., Everything Must Go
1998     Artcite, Windsor, Ont., Stupidity is Kool
1997     Red Head Gallery, Toronto, Ont., 50 Most Beautiful Guys in the Universe
            (catalogue, essay by Stuart Reid )
1997     A Space, Victor Comas Vitrines, Toronto, Ont.
1996     Red Head Gallery, Toronto, Ont., A Dream of Adoration (catalogue, essay
            by John Massier)
1996     Windows,Toronto, Ont., Hannibal Ante Portas ( essay by John Massier )
1994     Windows, Toronto, Ont.
1991     Museum of the XIV Olympic Games, Sarajevo, Bosnia, Big Reliefs
1986     Bezigrad Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Works On Paper
1984     Art Gallery of Bosnia, Sarajevo, Bosnia, Recent Paintings


2003     A-space, Toronto, On., Chile Project (sept.)
2003     Epicentro, Mexico City, Mexico, Book on Fence, Red Tree Collective, exhibition
            will travel to Art Gallery of San Miguel Allende (march)
2002     Balkan Art, 3rd International Trienniel Of Contemporary Art, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia,
2002     Artcite Inc., Windsor, Ont. 20 External v1.0
2002     Matucana100, Cultural Centre Calbuco, Chille, Santiago organized by A-Space
2002     Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery, Concordia University, Montreal , QC,
2002     Memories Et Temoignages, travel to Hart House, University of Toronto, 2003
2002     Mercer Union, Toronto ,Ont., XXX Testimonial curated by Dierdre Logue
2001     Art Gallery of Bosnia, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Hercegovina
2001     One Century In Art in Bosnia
2001     Artist & Project, Toronto, Ont., 20 Artists from Brooklyn/ 20 Artists from Toronto
2001     Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Toronto, Ontario, Brekfast of Champin
2001     Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, Ont. Rock, Paper, Scissors,
            curated by Patrick Macaulay
2001     YYZ, Toronto, On., Urgent Witness/Drawn Remains
            curated by Rebecca Diederich and Kym Pruesse
2000     Cambridge Galleries, Cambridge, Ont., Reading the Face
            (curated by Carol Barbour)
2000     Paul Petro Contemporary art, Toronto, Ont., Real Man
1999     Art Gallery Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Exhibition
            of Association of Artists of Bosnia and Hercegovina
2000     Red Head Gallery, Toronto, Ont., RedroSpective
1999     Archive Inc., Toronto, Ont., GLO
1999     Casey House, Toronto, Ont., Art With Heart
1999     Niagara Artists' Company, St. Catharines, Ont., with David Grenier
1999     Durham Art Gallery, Durham, Ontario, with John Armstrong
1999     Postmasters Gallery, New York, New York, War Panel
1999     4 days at the White House, Toronto, On, Face Forward,
            (curated by Eileen Somerman)
1999     Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Toronto, Ont., Ways to Remember
1999     Art Rental And Sales Gallery, AGO, Toronto, Ont.
1998     Koffler Gallery, Toronto, Ont., The Edge of Everything, curated by John Massier
1998     Archive Inc. Gallery, Toronto, Ont., GLO
1998     Art Gallery of Mississauga, Ont., Manifest Destiny, (curated by Stuart Reid, )
1998     Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Montreal, QC., Wonderland,
1998     Gallery of Saidye Bronfman Centre, Montreal, QC,. ARTIFICE 98,
1998     Contemporary Visul Art of Montreal (curated by David Liss)
1998     Drug Show, Toronto, Ont.
1998     Open Studio,Toronto, Ont., with Paul Wong
1997     The Red Head Gallery, Multiples Project by gallery artists
1997     Wasteland, Obdam, Netherland (curated by Tania Karreman)
1997     Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Toronto, Ont.
1996     Pyramid Art Center, Rochester, N.Y., Canadian Clay Currents
1996     Gallery 101,Ottawa, Ont., Emerging Artist Showcase
1995     The Koffler Gallery, Toronto,Ont., Juice Fruit, (curated by John Massier)
1995     Artcite, Windsor, Ont., Velvet Fever and Other Kitsch Inclination, (curated
            by Allen Bukoff, Suzanne Konuha)
1995     The OO Gallery, Halifax, N.S., Away, group show of Red Head Gallery
1991     Museum of Modern Art , Rijeka, Croatia, Biennal of the Youth '91
1989     Art Gallery, Murska Subota, Slovenia, International Biennal of Sculpture
1987     Anushka Gallery, San Diego, California, Exhibition of Group Zvono
1984     Art Gallery of Bosnia, Sarajevo, Bosnia, The Contemporary Art In Bosnia
1974-84  On Occasion of the Olympic Winter Games
1984     Art Gallery of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland, Contemporary Yugoslav


2002     Travel Grant, Canada council for Arts
2001     Visual Grant for Mid-carrier Artists, Canada Art Council ($12000)
2001     Toronto Art Council, Grant for Visual Art ($5000)
2000     Paris Studio, Canada Art Council
2000     Award for Best Drawing on Exhibition of Association of Artists of Bosnia
1999     Visual Grant for Mid-career Artists ($15000), Canada Council
1999     Visual Arts Grant ( $5000), Ontario Art Council
1999     Travel Grant, Canada Council
1999     Exhibition Assistance Grant, Ontario Art Council
1998     Travel Grant ($1000), Canada Council
1997     Exhibition Assistance Grant, Ontario Art Council
1997     Travel Grant ($1000), Canada Council
1996     Visual Arts Grant ($5000, 3000), Ontario Art Council
1996     Exhibition Assistance Grant, Ontario Art Council
1995     Valenart Award, Image 95, OSA# 121 Annual Juried Exhibition


Meliha Husedzinovic: Aspekte und Positionen der Kunst aus Bosnia 1949-99, 50 Jahre Kunst
Aus Mitteleuropa 1949-1999, Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien
Meliha Husedzinovic: BodyArt v Bosni in Hercegovina, Body and the East, Museum of Modern Arts
Ljublana, Slovenia


2002     The Gazette, Portraits of Missing Children by Henry Lehmann
2002     Fuse magazine, 3 Essays on Growing Up by Terence Dick
2002     Globe & Mail, Gallery going by Gary Michael Dault
2000     Now, March 22-28, Teen Dreams by Diedre Hanna
2001     Globe and Mail, March 31, Boys to Man by Swatch by Gary Michael Dault
2000     Lola, fall issue, Shotguns, Reading the Face by Sherri Telenko
2000     Now, Dec. 14, Nice Spices by Dierdre Hanna
2000     Artichoke, Fall/Winter 2000, Portraitizm by Corrina Ghaznavi
2000     The Record, June 22, Facing the Camera by Robert Reid
2000     Oslobodenje, Sarajevo July 16, Zasto Tapeta umjesto
            Slikarskog Platna by Jelene Jevdzevic
2000     Globe and Mail, June 24, Gallery Going by Gillian Mackay (Real Man show )
2000     National Post, June 24, At the Galleries by Thomas Hirschman (Real Man show)
2000     Canadian Art, spring issue, Fast Forward
2000     National Post, March 25, Refreshing portraiture, artistic fun with fowl by
            Thomas Hirschman
2000     Globe and Mail, March 13, Some-up-to-date for an Old-fashioned Art by Blake Gopnik
2000     Globe and Mail, Feb.20, Family Viewing by Nora Underwood
1999     National Post ,Nov. 6, How to Kickstart Your Art Collection by Tanya Linton
1999     The Wealthy Boomer, This is Our Wake-up Call by Gary Michael Dault
1999     Missisauga News, Sadko's Work on Display at The Peel Art Gallery by Katherine Sealey
1999     Canadian Art, summer, Fast Forward
1999     C magazine, Manifest Destiny: five modest reactions by Julie Voyce
1999     Globe and Mail, Feb. 20, Gallery going by Gary Michael Dault (Ways to Remember )
1998     Toronto Life, Oct.1998, This Month by Kye Macear (solo Exhibition at Paul Petro )
1998     EYE, dec.3, Portraits of Unsettled Youth by R.M.Vaughan
1998     Global and Mail, nov.7 From Sidewalk to Salon by Gary Michael Dault
1998     Lola, number 2, Shotguns (by John Massier, Catherine Osborne)
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1998     Artfocus, spring, summer, Drug Show
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1998     Artichoke, spring issue, Contemplating Tadzio's Smile by Stuart Reid
1998     Metro Times ,Detroit, Of Brides and Boys by Glen Mannisto
1998     C- magazine, feb.-apr., Stupidity is Kool by John Armstrong
1997     The Globe and Mail, Dec.6, Deck the Walls by B.A. Jordan and G. Mackey
1997     Now Magazine, Sept.-14, Highly Recommended by Dierdre Hanna
1997     The Globe and Mail, June 24, Out from behind the "Ironic Curtain" by Val Ross
1997     Parachute, winter issue, Emerging Artist Showcase by Sylvie Fortin
1996     The Globe and Mail, Dec. 7 Gallery Going by Gillian MacKay
1996     Now Magazine, Dec. 12-18, Sharp Show Burst the Bubble of Machismo by
            Nathalie-Rose Fischer
1996     Toronto Life, (dec.) This Month by Donald Brackett
1996     Mix-magazine, winter 96/97, Artist-Run Culture
1996     The Citizen, Ottawa, Aug. 4, New Group of Seven Pokes Fun at Many Facets
            of Human Life by Virginia Howard
1996     Ledroit, Ottawa-Hull, Aug. 17, Destinations Inconues by Joanne Legault
1996     Fulcrum, Ottawa, Aug. 8, Emerging Artists Showcase Gallery 101 Gets Back To Its
            Artist Run Roots by Stephanie Power
1995     Fuse-magazine, volume 19 ,Where's the Fruit by Andrew Harwood


1997     Art Residency at the Blue Mountain Centre, New York, New York
1997     Visiting Artist at Open Studio, Toronto, Ontario


1997     Open Studio, Toronto, Ontario
1997     Sheridan College, Oakville, Ontario
1998     Struts Gallery, Sackville, New Brunswick
1998     Neutral Ground, Regina, Saskatchewan
1999     Art Gallery of Peel, Brampton, Ontario
1999     Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Montreal, Quebec
1999     University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario
2000     Lake Placid Center for Arts, Lake Placid, New York
2001     SAW Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario.
2002     A-space, Toronto, Ontario


Art Gallery of Bosnia and Hercegovina, Sarajevo
Art Gallery of Town, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina
Gallery of Portrait, Tuzla, Bosnia and Hercegovina
Natioanal Museum, Belgrade, Yugoslavia
Museum of Town, Sombor, Yugoslavia
Art Gallery, Pancevo, Yugoslavia
Modern Gallery, Pancevo, Yugoslavia
Art Gallery of Peel, Brampton, Ontario
Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt, Toronto, Ontario


2000      Workshop: Portrait in Contemporary Art, Lake Placid Art Center, Lake Placed , New York
1997-     Avenue Road Art School, Toronto: different courses for children and adults (drawing and painting)
1998-     Koffler Center, Toronto: life drawing, acrylic painting course, portrait course for adults
1999-     Drawing I and II School of Fine Art and Music at University Guelph, Guelph, Ontario
2001      Watercolor at School of Fine Art and Music at University Guelph, Guelph, Ontario