The Canadian Art Database

Douglas Haynes


1997        Gallery One, Toronto
1996        Virginia Christopher Galleries, Calgary
1994        Keyano College, Fort McMurray Alberta
1994        Virginia Christopher Galleries, Calgary,
1994        Monoprints: Kathleen Laverty Gallery, Edmonton
1993        Gallery One, Toronto
1993        The Toledo Series", Art Gallery of Hamilton, Hamilton Ont.
1993        Kathleen Laverty Gallery, Edmonton
1992        The Toledo Series", Whyte Museum of The Rockies, Banff Alberta
1992        Works on Paper, Grand Forks Art Gallery, Grand Forks B.C.
1991        Buschlen Mowatt Fine Art, Vancouver
1991        The Toledo Series", Edmonton Art Gallery, Alberta College of Art
1990        Virginia Christopher Gallery, Calgary
1989        Virginia Christopher Gallery, Calgary
1988        Gallery One, Toronto
1988        Alberta House, London England
1987        Art Placement, Saskatoon
1986        Virginia Christopher Gallery, Calgary
1985        Cubism Revisited", Douglas Haynes, A Five Year Survey, Edmonton Art Gallery
1985        Gallery One, Toronto
1984        Gallery One, Toronto
1983        Kenneth Heffel Fine Art, Vancouver
1983        Martin Gerard Gallery, Edmonton
1983        Norman MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina
1982        Mira Godard Gallery, Calgary
1982        Hett Gallery, Edmonton
1982        Gallery One, Toronto
1981        Mendel Art Centre, Saskatoon
1981        Hett Gallery, Edmonton
1981        Gallery One, Toronto
1980        Gallery One, Toronto
1980        Mira Godard, Calgary
1980        Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge
1980        Kenneth Heffel Fine Art, Vancouver
1979        Downstairs Gallery, Edmonton
1978        Gallery One, Toronto
1977        Red Deer College
1976        Alberta College Of Art, Calgary
1976        University of Lethbridge
1975        Latitude Gallery, Edmonton
1974        Glenbow Alberta Institute, Calgary
1974        Edmonton Art Gallery
1973        Western Canada Art Circuit
1972        University of Manitoba, Winnipeg
1970        Edmonton Art Gallery
1970        Alberta College of Art, Calgary
1967        Atalantic Provinces Art Circuit
1964        jaycox Gallery, Edmonton
1963        Focus Gallery, Edmonton
1962        Focus Gallery, Edmonton
1962        Edmonton Art Gallery
1960        Studio 60, Edmonton


1994        Artists in Their Prime: Buschlen Mowatt Gallery, Vancouver
1994        Graff Selects; Selections From The Alberta Art Foundation
1994        Contemporary Canadian Abstraction: A Selection; Kenderdine Gallery Saskatoon
1994        Hidden Values, Western Corporations Collect: Edmonton Art Gallery
1993        Works From Prairie North Workshop: Grande Prairie Regional College
1993        University of Lethbridge Survey Exhibition , The Development of  Abstract Painting in Canada: Calgary
1992        Art Evo, City Centre Edmonton
1989        Contemporary Art in Edmonton: Edmonton Art Gallery
1988        Contemporary Art in Calgary: Olympic Arts Festival, Virginia
1988        Christopher Gallery
1988        From The Landscape: Alberta College of Art
1988        Emma Lake ´88: Buschlen Mowatt Gallery, Vancouver
1987        Contemporary Painting in Alberta: Glenbow Museum Calgary
1986        Contemporary Canadian Artists: Wade Gallery Los Angeles
1986        Abstract Painting in Edmonton: Edmonton Art Gallery
1986        Founders Exhibition: Alberta College of Art
1985        Abstraction X 4: Canada House, London Eng.,Bonn West Germany, Paris, France
1983        Winnipeg West: Edmonton Art Gallery
1982        Threshold of Color: Edmonton Art Gallery
1981        Heritage of Jack Bush: McLauchlin Gallery, Oshawa
1980        Alberta Now: Edmonton Art Gallery
1979        7 Prairie Painters: Art Gallery of Ontario
1978        Certain Traditions: Painting & Sculpture of Canada and Great Britain:  Oganized By The Edmonton Art gallery
               for Tour In Canada & Great Britain
1977        Making Marks: Norman MacKenzie Art Gallery Regina Sask.
1977        Acrylic on Canvas: Edmonton Art Gallery
1976        A Decades Collection: Confederation Art Gallery, Charlottetown, P.E.I.
1975        9 Out of Ten: Art Gallery of Hamilton
1975        The Canadian Canvas: Time life Touring Exhibition
1975        Abstraction West - Emma Lake And After: National Gallery of Canada
1974        Western Canadian Painting: Bronfmann Centre, Montreal
1973        Alberta Contemporary Drawings: Edmonton Art Gallery
1973        Alberta ´73: Edmonton Art Gallery
1971        West 71: Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Victoria. Organized by The Edmonton Art Gallery
1971        Royal Canadian Academy 91st Annual: Bronfmann Centre, Montreal
1969        Director´s Choice: Allied Arts Centre Calgary
1965        Sixth Biennial, National Gallery of Canada
1964        Three Man Exhibition: Graff, Haynes, Yates; Edmonton Art Gallery
1963        Fifth Biennial, National Gallery of Canada


Edmonton Art Gallery
National Gallery of Canada
London Public Art Gallery and Museum, London Ont.
Confederation Centre Art Gallery, Charlottetown, P.E.I
University of Calgary
Alberta Art Foundation
Canada Council Art Bank
Government of Alberta
Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Queen´s University
Peterborough Art Gallery
Concordia University, Montreal
Art Gallery of Hamilton
Mendal Art Centre, Saskatoon
MacKenzie Gallery, Regina
Red Deer College
Glenbow Museum, Calgary
Art Gallery of Ontario
MacDonald Stewart Art Centre, Guelph
Government of Canada Department of External Affairs
University of Lethbridge
The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa
Keyano College, Fort McMurray
University of Alberta
City of Edmonton
Kenderdine Gallery, University of Sakatchewan
Vancouver Art Gallery
Canadiana Fund, Ottawa
Corporate Collections
C.I.L, Canadian Industries Ltd.
Westburne International
Esso Resources
Shell Oil
Rothmans of Canada
Bank of Nova Scotia
Toronto Dominion Bank
Bank of Montreal
Comino Foundation, Lichtenstein
Hines Collection, Boston
Odeon Cineplex
Sharecom Industries Ltd. Calgary
MacKimmie Matthews, Calgary
Sceptre Resources, Calgary
Royal Bank, Atlanta Georgia
Canadian Utilities
Alberta Energy Co.
Weber Centre, Edmonton
Texaco Canadian Resources
Luscar Mines
Continental Petroleum          


1984        External Assessor; Graduate Studio Program, Department of Art, University of British Columbia
1980        External Assessor: Department of Art & Art History, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon
1980        Chairman Department of Art & Design
               At various times:
               Coordinator Graduate Studies
               Coordinator Painting Division
               Member of Departmental Executive Committee
               Various Departmental, Faculty, University Committees    
1979        Chairman Department of Art & Design
               At various times:
               Coordinator Graduate Studies
               Coordinator Painting Division
               Member of Departmental Executive Committee
               Various Departmental, Faculty, University Committees    
1978        Chairman Department of Art & Design
               At various times:
               Coordinator Graduate Studies
               Coordinator Painting Division
               Member of Departmental Executive Committee
              Various Departmental, Faculty, University Committees    
1977        Chairman Department of Art & Design
               At various times:
               Coordinator Graduate Studies
               Coordinator Painting Division
               Member of Departmental Executive Committee
               Various Departmental, Faculty, University Committees    
1976        Chairman Department of Art & Design
               At various times:
               Coordinator Graduate Studies
               Coordinator Painting Division
               Member of Departmental Executive Committee
               Various Departmental, Faculty, University Committees
               Visiting Artist/Speaker:
               University of Victoria
               University of Lethbridge
               University of Calgary
               Alberta College of Art
               Red Deer College
               Keyano College
               Banff Centre
               University of Saskatchewan
               University of Saskatchewan Emma Lake Campus
               University of Regina
               University of Manitoba
               Queen´s University
               Mount Allison University
               San Francisco School of Art
               Maryland College of Art  


2000- 2003         Cultural Affairs Officer, City of Toronto
1999- 2000         Community Liaison Officer, Toronto Arts Council
1988                  Curator/Director, interim, Art Gallery of York University
                         Assistant to the Curator of Photography, David Mirvish Gallery, Toronto
                         Province of Ontario. Staff Photographer, documenting the Ontario
                         Affirmative Action Program
                         Administrative Assistant, Chair, Speech Pathology and Audiology, University of Toronto
                         Administrative Assistant, Chair, Planning School, Columbia University


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