The Canadian Art Database

Brian Kipping


2000        James Baird Gallery, St. John’s.
1999        Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto.
1998        Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver.
1998        Wallack Galleries, Ottawa.
1997        Bau-Xi gallery, Toronto.
1996        Travels, Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver.
1995        My Trip to Italy, Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto.
1995        Wallack Galleries, Ottawa.
1994        Lindsay Art Gallery, Lindsay, Ontario.
1994        Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto
1993        Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver.
1993        Wallack Galleries, Ottawa.
1992        Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto.
1991        Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto.
1991        Kamloops Art Gallery, Kamloops, B.C.
1991        Wallack Galleries, Ottawa.
1990        Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver.
1989        Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto.
1988        Two Generations of Urban Imagists (with Hugh Mackenzie),
               Peterborough Art Gallery, Peterborough, Ontario.
1988        Canadian Art Galleries, Calgary.
1987        Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto.
1986        Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Queen´s University,
               Kingston, Ontario.
1986        Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto.
1985        Artist With His Work, Hennepin Gallery, Welland, Ontario.
1985        Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge.
1984        Brian Kipping / John McKinnon, Whitewater Gallery,
               North Bay, Ontario.
1984        Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto.
1984        Photographic Exhibition, Rivoli Restaurant, Toronto.
1983        Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto.
1983        University of Waterloo Art Gallery, Waterloo, Ontario.
1982        Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto.
1981        Laurentian University Arts Centre and Museum,
               Sudbury, Ontario.
1980        Lindsay Art Gallery, Lindsay, Ontario.
1979        Source Imagery, YYZ, Toronto.
1979        Terra Obscura, Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto.
1974        Gallery 76, Toronto.


1999        Myth-City-Saga, Art Gallery of Mississauga,
               Mississauga, Ontario.
1999        Some Subtle Sympathy, Great Canadian.
1998        Neighbourhood Watch / Case Studies, Harbourfront Centre,
1998        Painter´s Newfoundland, Art Gallery of Newfoundland
               and Labrador, St. John´s.
1994-95   Hidden Values: Canadian Corporations Collect,
               McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Kleinburg, Ontario.
1994-95   Canadian-Korean Contemporary Art Exhibition,
               Seoul; Justina M. Barnicke Gallery, Hart House,
               University of Toronto;
               Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, Kitchener, Ontario.
1994        Looking Back 11, Southern Alberta Art Gallery,
               Lethbridge, Alberta.
1994        The Human Factor, Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies,
               Banff, Alberta.
1993        The Obscured Horizon, Art Gallery of Mississauga, Mississauga, Ontario.
1993        Printmakers in Ontario, Market Gallery, Toronto.
1992        City Scenes, City Seen, Market Gallery, Toronto.
1991        Architecture, Art Gallery of Hamilton, Hamilton, Ontario.
1990        Monoprints (with M. Levenson and R. Turner), Bau-Xi Gallery,
1990        Homeless, The Power Plant, Toronto.
1989        Drive, BMW Gallery, Toronto.
1988        City- Scapes, Petro Canada Exhibition Gallery, Calgary.
1987        Paintings of People, Memorial University, St. John´s.
1985        Toronto Now, Sarnia Public Library and Art Gallery,
               Sarnia, Ontario.
1985        Interiors / Exteriors, Market Gallery, Toronto.
1985        Works on Paper, London Regional Art Gallery, Toronto.
1984        The History of the City´s Art Collection, Market Gallery,
1984        The City, Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto.
1984        Ontario Artists, Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver.
1983        Unframed Art and Lifestyle in the Year 2000, ArtExpo83,
1982        Canada Council Art Bank Exhibition, University of Manitoba,
1982        YYZ Monumenta, Chromazone Gallery, Toronto.
1981        The New YYZ, YYZ, Toronto.
1979        Cambridge Public Gallery, Cambridge, Ontario
               (with Ron Bloore, Tony Urquhart and Tim Whiten)
1979        Command Drawn, YYZ, Toronto.
1979        Inaugural Exhibition, YYZ, Toronto.
1979        Locations I, Mercer Union, Toronto.
1978        The Toronto Show, London Regional Art Gallery,
               London, Ontario
               (travelled to Art Gallery of Brant, Brantford, Ontario).
1978        Three-Person Show (with Peter Hill and John Scott), Bau-Xi,
1978        Studies in Time and Motion, Super 8 Festival, Harbourfront,
1977        100 Years of the Ontario College of Art, Art Gallery of Ontario,
1977        Ontario Now, Art Gallery of Hamilton, Hamilton, Ontario
               (travelled to Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery,
               Kitchener, Ontario).
1977        Film by B. K. , 16mm, Artists Space, New York City.
1977        Peter Hill, Steve Armstrong, Brian Kipping, SAW Gallery,
1977        Durham County Regional Printmakers,
               Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, Ontario.
1977        03 23 03, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa
               (travelled to Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal).
1977        Photographs, Cinema Lumière, Toronto.
1977        Works on Paper, Merton Gallery, Toronto.
1977        International Postal Art Exhibition, University of Waterloo,
               Waterloo, Ontario.
1977        Business, Artists’ Books Exhibition, C. E. A. C. , Toronto.
1976        Four Artists, Sable-CastelIi Gallery, Toronto
               (guest-curated by Gary Michael Dault).
1976        Forum 76, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal.
1976        Six New Realists, Aggregation Gallery, Toronto.
1976        Young Contemporaries ’76, London Regional Art Gallery,
               London, Ontario.
1976        Miho Sawada, John McKinnon, Brian Kipping, A Space, Toronto.
1975        Gallery 76, Toronto.


Art Gallery of Hamilton, Hamilton, Ontario.
Art Gallery of Peterborough, Peterborough, Ontario.
Art Gallery of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario.
Brascan, Inc.
Canada Council Art Bank, Ottawa.
City of Toronto Archives, Toronto.
Fidelity Investments, Boston.
General Foods Inc.
Hart House, University of Toronto
Imperial Oil Ltd.
Kamloops Art Gallery, Kamloops, British Columbia.
Lavalin Inc. , Montreal.
Lonti Ebers Fine Arts.
Mackenzie Finance.
Maclean-Hunter Ltd. , Toronto.
Musée d´art contemporain, Montreal.
Norcen Energy Resources.
Orix Auto, Hong Kong.
Petro Canada.
Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, Ontario.
Templeton Management.
The Gallery / Stratford, Stratford, Ontario.
Toronto City Hall, Toronto.
Toronto Dominion Bank, Toronto.
Toronto Reference Library, Toronto.
Trizec / Hahn.
Xerox Canada.


1997        United Distillers Gibson´s Challenge Winner.
1996        Queen West Community Health Centre Commission, Toronto.
1987        Toronto City Hall Commission, Toronto (with John McKinnon).
1981        Suncor Commission, Crossroad Series.
1977        Memory Drawings (artist´s book), for Rumour Publications.


1979        Founding member, YYZ Artists Outlet.
1975-77   Curator at Gallery 76, O.C.A.
1970-74   Ontario College of Art, graduate (A.O.C.A.).


1999        Canada Council Grant.
1986        Ontario Arts Council Grant.
1976-80   Ontario Arts Council Material Assistance Grants.
1974        George A. Reid Scholarship, Ontario College of Art Medal,
               and Honourable Mention.

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