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Suzy Lake


2004         “Canadian Idol” Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Toronto, Ont.
                “Chrysalis; A 10 -Year Survey”, Hart House, University of Toronto; Toronto, Ontario
2003         “Who Pulls the Strings”; Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Toronto, Ont.
2002         Musee Regionale du Rimouski, “Attitudes et Comportements”; Rimouski, Quebec
                Gallery 44 (vitrines), “Beauty at a Proper Distance:, Toronto, Ontario
                “Beauty”, Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Toronto
2000         Galerie Trois Points; Montreal, Quebec
                Shelly Tadman Gallery; Winnipeg, Manitoba
                “Fascia”, Galerie Trois Points; Montreal, QUE.
                Art Gallery of Ontario, Sales and Rental Gallery; Toronto, ON.
1999         Macdonald Stewart Art Centre; Guelph. Ontario
                "Fascia"; Paul Petro Contemporary Art; Toronto
1997         "ReReading Recovery", (Mois de la Photo), Paul Petro Contemporary Art; Montreal, Quebec
                "A Point of Reference", Glenbow Art Gallery; Calgary, Alberta
                "Too Many Stones", Mount St. Vincent Univ. Gallery; Halifax, Nova Scotia
                "Chrysalis", (Contact '97) Paul Petro Contemporary Art; Toronto, Ontario
1996         "A Point of Reference", London Regional Art Gallery; London, Ontario
                "Too Many Stones" Woodstock Regional Art Gallery; Woodstock, Ontario
1995         "Authority is an Attribute... part 2", Art Gallery of Peterborough; Peterborough, Ontario
1994         "Desire and the Landscape", Emma Ciotti Gallery; Iroquois Falls, Ontario
1993         "A Point of Reference"; Surrey Art Gallery; North Vancouver, British Columbia
                "A Point of Reference" (retrospective), Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography;
                Ottawa, Ontario
1992         "Authority is an Attribute... part 2", Toronto Photographers Workshop Gallery;
                Toronto, Ontario
                "Authority is an Attribute... part 2", W.K.P. Kennedy Gallery; North Bay, Ontario
1991         "Authority is an Attribute... part 2" *Macdonald Stewart Art Centre; Guelph, Ontario
1989         "Referencing the Ideal", (Mois de la Photo), Galerie Daniel; Montreal, Quebec
                Sable Castelli Gallery; Toronto, Ontario
1987         Glenhyrst Gallery; Brantford, Ontario
1986         Galerie John Schweitzer; Montreal, Quebec
                Sable Castelli Gallery; Toronto, Ontario
1985         Embassy Cultural House; London, Ontario
1984         Niagra Artists Inc.; Ste. Catherines, Ontario
                Sable Castelli Gallery; Toronto, Ontario
1983         Sable Castelli Gallery; Toronto, Ontario
1982         “Locations”. Art Gallery of Hamilton; Hamilton, Ontario
                Southern Alberta Art Gallery; Lethbridge, Alberta
                “Wan Lake”, SUB Art Gallery, Univ. of Alberta; Edmonton, Alberta
                Alberta College of Art; Calgary, Alberta
1981         Sable Castelli Gallery; Toronto, Ontario
                Whitby Arts Inc.; Whitby, Ontario
                Kingston Artists Association; Kingston, Ontario
                Whitewater Gallery; North Bay, Ontario
1980         Mendel Art Gallery; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
                Mohawk College; Hamilton, Ontario
1979         Sable Castelli Gallery; Toronto, Ontario
                Optica Gallery; Montreal, Quebec
1978         Art Gallery of Ontario; Toronto, Ontario
                Sable Castelli Gallery; Toronto, Ontario
                Vancouver Art Gallery; Vancouver, British Columbia
                Image CoOp; Vermont, U.S.A.
1977         Optica Gallery; Montreal, Quebec
1976         The Loyola Photographer's Workshop; Montreal, Quebec
                C.E.A.C., Kensington Art Association; Toronto, Ontario
1974         Galerie Gilles Gheerbrant; Montreal, Quebec


2004         “Peonies and the Lido” Wayne State University Art Gallery; Detroit, Michigan, USA
                “Stunning” (Catherine Heard, Suzy Lake & Jane Martin), Rodman Hall, St. Catherines, Ont.
2002         “Fade”, Suzy Lake and Tannis Neilsen curated by Bill Huffman, Sudbury Art Gallery, VMAC
                Gallery, Toronto
2001         “Constructed Identities: Ed Burtynsky and Suzy Lake”, Burlington Art Centre , Burlington,
1996         Paul Petro Contemporary Art (Shelia Butler & Suzy Lake), !00 Yonge; Toronto, Ontario
                "Deflecting the Blind Spot" (Suzy Lake & Martha Wilson), Art Gallery of York University;
                Downsview, Ont.
1995         Open Studio (Suzy Lake & Michelle Gaye), Toronto, Ontario
1986         Sir Sanford Fleming College Gallery (Sorel Cohen & Suzy Lake), Peterborough, Ontario
                Thunder Bay Art Gallery; Thunder Bay, Ontario
                PetroCanada Exhibition Gallery; Calgary, Alberta
1987         Cambridge Public Library Art Gallery; Cambridge, Ontario
1984         Leaf Rapids National Exhibition Centre; Leaf Rapids, Manitoba
1983         Erindale College: Mississauga, Ontario
                Photo Union Gallery; Hamilton, Ontario
1982         Musee du Madawaska; Edmonton, Alberta
                Artcite; Windsor, Ontario
1981         Universite de Moncton Galerie d'Art; Moncton, New Brunswick
                Open Space Gallery; Victoria, British Columbia
1979         Artspace; Peterborough, Ontario
1978         Sable Castelli Gallery; Toronto, Ontario
1973         Vehicule Art; Montreal, Quebec


2004         “Lecture Notes” Mount Saint Vincent University Gallery; Halifax, N.S.
                “Identities: Canadian Portraits”, McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Kleinburg, Ont.
                “Point and Shoot”, Dazibao Gallery: Montreal, Quebec
                “Dislocation”, Lee Ka-Sing Gallery, Toronto and Fringe Club, Hong Kong
2002         “Guelph 2002        ”, Macdonald Stewart Art Centre; Guelph, ON
                “Cabaret Escape”, MacKenzie Art Gallery; Regina, SASK
2001         Art Gallery of Ontario, “Video Primer: The Medium”, Toronto, Ontario
                Paul Petro Contemporary Art, “Breakfast of Champions”; Toronto, Ontario
                Musee d’art Contemporain, “ArtCite”; Montreal, Quebec
                “The Power of Reflection”, Liane and Danny Taran Gallery; Montreal, QUE.
                “Artcite When Montreal Turns into a Museum”, Montreal, QUE.
                “6th Annual Canadian Art Gallery Hop Art Auction”, CBC Broadcasting Centre; Toronto, ON.
                “Storyboard”, Museum London; London, Ontario
                “Head frame”, Campo Santa Marina; Venice, Italy.
2000         “Connections”, Place Ville Marie; Montreal, Quebec
                “Connections”, Toronto, Ontario
                “Passion et Tourment: La Collection Luc LaRochelle”, Musee des BeauxArts de Sherbrooke,
                Sherbrooke, Quebec
                “Fifteen Minutes”, Mississauga Art Centre, Mississauga, Ontario
                “Thick Skinned”, Gallery 44, Toronto
1999         “On Movement”, Art Gallery of Hamilton; Hamilton, Ontario
                "Delics, Art et Societe; Le Quebec des Annees 60 et 70" Musee d'Art Contemporain; Montreal
                Art Gallery of Ontario (permanent collection); Toronto, Ontario
1998         “True North: The Landscape Tradition in Contemporary Canadian Art”; Kaohsiung Museum of
                Fine Art; Kaohsiung, Taiwan
                “Wonderland”, Paul Petro Contemporary Art: Montreal
                “Spice Girls at the Rivoli”, YYZ Gallery fundraiser benefit; Toronto
                Art Gallery of Ontario (permanent collection); Toronto, Ontario
                Casey House Auction (curated exhibit), Toronto
1997         Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, "The Body in the Lens"; Montreal, Quebec
1996         "Love Gasoline", Mercer Union; Toronto, Ontario
1995         Paul Petro Contemporary Art, 76 John Street; Toronto, Ontario
                Mercer Union; Toronto, Ontario
                Paul Petro Contemporary Art, 76 John Street;Toronto, Ontario
                "Repetition", Galerie Christiane Chassay; Montreal, Quebec
1994         "Legs Rene Payant" (tour since 1992        ), Centre National d'Exposition; Jonquiere, Quebec
                "Distinguishing Features" video program, Macdonald Stewart Art Centre; Guelph, Ontario
                "Legs Rene Payant", Musee Regional de la CoteNord; SeptIles, Quebec
                "The Intimate Stranger" (tour), Maclaren Art Centre; Barrie, Ontario.
                "Looking Back 1981-1985"; Southern Alberta Art Gallery; Lethbridge, Alberta
                "Corpus" (tour from '93), Oakville Galleries; Oakville, Ontario
                "Distinguishing Features: Video in Guelph 1976-1991-" (tour), Video Verite; Saskatoon, Sask.
1993         "Legs Rene Payant" (1992 - tour), Galerie d'art de Universite de Moncton; Moncton, N. B.
                "Legs Rene Payant", Galerie d'art du Centre culturel de Drummondville; Quebec
                Chairs", Macdonald Stewart Art Centre: Guelph, Ontario
                "Legs Rene Payant", W.K.P. Kennedy Gallery; North Bay, Ontario
                "Corpus", Mendel Art Gallery: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
                "Practice and Pedagogy", London Regional & Mackintosh Galleries; London, Ontario
                "Legs Rene Payant" (tour); Musee du BasSt. Laurent; RiviereduLoop. Quebec
                "The Intimate Stranger", Stratford Art Gallery; Stratford, Ontario
                "Corpus", Walter Phillips Gallery; Banff, Alberta
                "Community Linkages Video Project", Ed Video Gallery; Guelph, Ontario
                "A Crowd of One", Hamilton Art Gallery; Hamilton, Ontario
1992         "TwoRow Wampum", Niagra Artist Inc.; Ste. Catherines, Ontario
                "Faculty Favourites Exhibition", University of Calgary; Calgary, Alberta
                Zavitz Hall Faculty Show; Guelph, Ontario
                "Beau" (inaugural exhibition), Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography; Ottawa
                *La Collection Tableau Inaugural", Musee d'Art Contemporain; Montreal, Quebec
                "Legs Rene Payant", Galerie d'art du College Edouard Monpetit; Montreal, Quebec
1991         Musee d'Art Contemporain; Montreal, Quebec
1990         "Figures d'Accumulation", Maison de la Culture la Petite Patrie; Montreal, Quebec and Dorval
                Cultural Centre; Dorval, Quebec
                Workscene Gallery; Toronto, Ontario
                Vancouver Art Gallery; Vancouver, British Columbia
1989         "Mois de la Photo", Montreal
                *London Regional Art Gallery, London
                "Figures d'Accumulation" , Musee d'Art Contemporain, Montreal; Stewart Hall, Pointe Claire;
                Maison de la Culture NotreDamedeGrace, Montreal; Centre Communication et Culturel
                HenriLemieux, LaSalle, Que.; and Maison de la Culture MarieUgay, Montreal
1988         "The Photograph as a Vulgar Document", Optica Gallery, Montreal
1987         Glenhyrst Gallery, Brantford
                Algoma Art Gallery, Sault Ste. Marie
                Galerie 101, Ottawa
1986         "Vintage Video", Arc Gallery, Toronto
1985         "O.C.A. Faculty Show", Gallery 76, Toronto
                "M.F.A. Alumni Show", Concordia University Gallery, Montreal
                "University of Guelph Faculty Exhibition", Macdonald Stewart Art Centre,Guelph
1983         "Outdoor Installations", Royal Botannical Gardens, Burlington
                Mercer Union, Toronto
1981         "Viewpoint 29 x 9", Ontario (travelling)
1980         *Annual Dalhousie Drawing Exhibition", Halifax
                "Eye of the Beholder", Toronto Photographers Coop, Harbourfront, Toronto
                Musee d'art Contemporain, Montreal
1979         National Film Board Gallery, Ottawa
                "Winnipeg Perspectives", Winnipeg Art Gallery
                Galeria Blu, Milan, Italy
                "20 x 20", Factory 77, Toronto
1978         *Invitational Drawing Show, Wroclaw, Poland
                "03 23 03 Art and Performance Festival", Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal
                "Fleeting Gestures", International Center of Photography, New York
                "New Tendancies", Musee d'Art Contemporain, Montreal
                "Four Women Photographers", Wroclaw, Poland
1977         "Magma", Museo Castelvecchio, Verona, Italy
                National Film Board (Stills Division), Ottawa
                London Regional Art Gallery, London
                *Bologna Art Fair, Bologna, Italy
                Galerie Gilles Gheerbrant, Montreal
                "Transparent Things", Canada Council Art Bank: Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver; London
                Regional Art Gallery, London; Alberta College of Art Gallery, Calgary; Art Gallery of Greater
                Victoria, Victoria, B.C. and Dalhousie Art Gallery, Halifax
1976         State College at Buffalo, Buffalo, N.Y.
                "Identite/Identifications", Centre d'Art Plastiques Contemporains, Bordeaux, France
                "Forum '76", Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal
                "Photo and Idea", Galeria Communale d'Arte Moderna, Parma, Italy
                Agnes Etherington Art Gallery, Kingston
                Galerie Gilles Gheerbrant, Montreal
1975         "Young Contemporaries", London Art Gallery, London;
                "Vehicule Art in Transit", KitchnerWaterloo Art Gallery, Kitchener; Centre Culturelle
                Canadienne, Paris, France; and Simon Fraser University Gallery, Burnaby
                National Film Board, Ottawa
                Espace Carden, Paris, France
                C.A.Y.C., Buenos Aires, Argentina
                Galerie Gilles Gheerbrant, Montreal
                "Quebec '75", Musee d'Art Contemporain, Montreal
                Palais des Beaux Arts, Brussels, Belgium
1974         "Peripheries", Musee d'Art Contemporain, Montreal
                Basel Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland
                "Quebec '74", Palazzo del Permanente; Milan, Italy
                "Camerart", Optica Gallery, Montreal
                Centre Culturelle Canadienne, Paris, France
                Galerie Gilles Gheerbrant, Montreal
                "Video Impact", Galerie Impact, Geneva, Switzerland
                "9 Out of 10", Hamilton Art Gallery, Hamilton
                Musee d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Paris, France
1973         Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts, Montreal
                Powerhouse Gallery, Montreal
                W.O.R.K.S. Conceptographic Reading, Calgary
                Vehicule Drawing Show, Montreal
1972         McGill University, Montreal
                Terre des Hommes, Montreal
                Europahaus Print Show, Vienna
                Vehicule Art Gallery, Montreal

PERFORMANCES (Authored, staged. directed and performed by artist)

1987         88 "It was a Classic DetroitStyle Robbery"
1987         "The 1812 Overature An Ongoing Saga" collaboration with choreographer Gail Benn
1986         "Missed Liberty"; Managua, Nicaragura, A Space Gallery, Toronto
1986         "Dance to Life" collaboration with choreographer Gail Benn
                Pavlychenko Dance Studios, Toronto and Calgary
1978         "Choreography with Myself"; Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
1977         "Clouds of Magellean" collaboration with composer Ted Dawson; Powerhouse Gallery,
                Montreal ; Pollack Hall, McGill Univ., Montreal; and Array Music tour
l975          "A Natural Way to Draw"; Vehicule Art Gallery, Montreal; C.E.A.C.,Toronto
1972        "Behavioural Prints", artist's studio
1970, 1971, 1972, & 1973         Annual Feast" (event) ; artist's studio
1970         "Bisecting Space"; artist's studio VIDEO: tapes distributed by VTapes, Toronto
1973         4 "Box Concert" 1/2", B&W, 5 min. continuous loop
1975         "A Natural Way to Draw" 3/4", colour, 25 min.
1976         "The Painter and the Paintee" 1", colour, 30 min. (no distribution)
1976         "Choreographies on the Dotted Line" 1/2", B&W, 13 min.


2004         AA Bronson & Suzy Lake, Open Studio, Toronto, Ontario
1980         Jeux d'Image: 4 X16 X20 , Rene Payant; Pierre Boogaerts, Suzy Lake, Serge Tousignant, Bill
                Vazan (S. Lake: "Phrases") colour photography
1976         Olympic Posters, Gilles Gheerbrant; Vehicule Press, offset press posters
1975         The Loyola Photographer's Workshop Album, 10 artists, S. Lake: "Adapting to Taste",                 silkscreen


Prudential Life Assurance Co.
London Regional Art Gallery, London
Canada Council Art Bank, Ottawa
Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, Ottawa
Montreal Museum of Fine Art, Montreal
Museum Lodz, Poland
Lavalin, Montreal
Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto
McCarthy Tetrault, Toronto
Macdonald Stewart Art Centre, Guelph
Musee d'Art Contemporain, Montreal
Art Gallery of Hamilton, Hamilton
Musee du Quebec, Quebec City
Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg
Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge
Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver
Nickel Arts Museum, Calgary
Univ. of Calgary; Calgary
The National Film Board Stills Div., Ottawa
Laurentian University, Sudbury
Labatt Ltd., London
Western University, London
Mackenzie Art Gallery, Regina
Glenbow Art Gallery, Calgary
Osler Hoskin and Harcourt, Toronto


2003         Canada Council Senior Artist grant
2002         Chalmers Development Award (Ontario Arts Council)
                Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance grant
1999         Canada Council Travel Grant
1998         Canada Council Senior Artist grant
1997         Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance
                "Visual Arts Award", Arts Foundation of Greater Toronto; Toronto, Ontario
1995         Canada Council Short Term Grant
1992         Ontario Arts Council, Photo Framing grant
                Ontario Arts Council, Senior grant
                Group Research/Project Funding: (for Bear Island Archives)
                Ministry of Culture and Communications Heritage and Special Projects Grant College of Arts
                Student Union
                College Student Affairs
                Ont. Public Interest Research Group
                College of Social Sciences Student Group
1991         Ontario Arts Council, Photo Framing Grant
1989         Univ. of Guelph, "New Faculty Grant"
1987         Canada Council, ShortTerm Grant
1986         Canada Council, ShortTerm grant
1984         Canada Council, ShortTerm grant
1982         Canada Council, ShortTerm grant
1980         Canada Council, "B" grant
1979         Ontario Arts Council, Senior grant
1978         Canada Council, "B" grant
1977         Canada Council, ShortTerm grant
1975         Canada Council, "B" grant
1974         Canada Council, "B" grant
1972         Canada Council, ShortTerm grant


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