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Glen Lewis


1961–64 Studied ceramics under Bernard Leach, St.Ives, Cornwall, England.

1958–59 Graduated, Faculty of Education, University of B.C., Vancouver. B.C. Teaching Certificate.

1954-58 Graduated with honours in painting, drawing and ceramics, Vancouver School of Art.

1954      Graduated from High School, Kelowna, BC


1994 – cont. Child Care Worker, Special Services to Children, Sunshine
             Coast Community Services, Sechelt.

1994      Acting Director for 3 months, Western Front Society,

1994      Designed garden for Robert Amussen, Point No Point
             Vancouver Island.

1993      Redesigned garden for Dr. Douglas Foster, Vancouver.

1992 – cont. Teacher–on–call, Sunshine Coast School District No.46.
             Taught at Langdale, Gibsons, Roberts Creek and Sechelt
             Elementary Schools; Chatelech and Elphinstone High Schools.
             Taught all grades from Grade 4 through to Grade 12.
             Subjects taught at High School level include: English
             (8,9), Science (8), French (8), Math (8, 11), Computers
             (11, 12), Law (11, 12), Drama (8, 10), Photography (9, 10),
             and Special Learning Assistance.

1991 – cont. Founded small nursery, Fragrant Flora, specializing in
             unusual, fragrant plants and wildlife plants.

1991 – 1992   Landscape design consultant, Vancouver Parks Board.
             Designed wildlife planting for small park on Manitoba
             Street to attract butterflies, birds and bees. The design
             was subsequently not used.

1991 – 1992   Fundraiser and Managing Director of Masque of the Red
             Death, produced by Public Dreams Society and Grunt Gallery,
             Vancouver. This was a performance project about the problem
             of Aids based on the Edgar Allan Poe story which involved
             the collaboration of visual artists and actors in a large
             wharehouse space

1991 – 1992   Fundraising consultant: Jennifer Mascall Dance Company,
             Vancouver. Wrote Canada Council operating grant; Public
             Dreams Society, Vancouver. Wrote B.C. Cultural Services
             operating grant.

1987 – 1990   Head, Media Arts Section, Canada Council, Ottawa.
             The duties and responsibilities included:developing and
             maintaining the policy position of Council on the Media
             Arts; managing the staff of 4 officers, 4 secretaries},
             granting programmes (25 in film, video, audio, holography,
             computer–integrated media and distribution)) and budget {$4
             million} of the Media Arts Section; advising the Director
             and colleagues on matters affecting media arts and
             contributing to ongoing dialogue within Council and to the
             development of Council policy and programmes; representing
             the Section and Council with clients, all levels of
             government and the private sector, political
             representatives and foundations in Canada and with foreign
             institutions and agencies; promoting the development and
             initiatives in the media arts in Canada and abroad.

1985 – 1987   Initiator and co–ordinator of Computer– Integrated Media
             Program at the Western Front Society, Vancouver. The duties
             included: researching available computer graphics systems,
             recommending equipment purchase, preparing grant requests
             and reports, co–ordinating researchers, designing workshops
             and schedules, managing the use of the system by artists
             and others and generating funds through the use of the
             system. This system gives artists a unique opportunity
             to produce sophisticated imagery with output to slide, film
             or video

1986 – 1987   Exhibition Curator at the Western Front Society, Vancouver.
             The duties included: management of the program, preparing
             budgets, researching and choosing the artists to show in
             the program, preparing grant proposals and reports,
             preparing the exhibition schedule, writing essays and press
             releases, assisting artists with all aspects of their

1979 – 1987   Arts Administrator and Program Co–ordinator at the Western
             Front Society, Vancouver. The duties and responsibilities
             included: overseeing general management of organization,
             personnel (a staff of 6) and building; supervising
             financial management, budgets (over $300,000 in 1986) and
             reports; preparing grants and conducting fund– raising;
             defining goals, objectives, stategies, planning and
             directions of the organization; co–ordinating and
             evaluating the seven programs at the Western Front;
             conducting staff meetings and reporting to the Board of
             Directors; promoting and developing community relations and
             co–operation; representing organization to the public, with
             lobby groups, other organizations and government agencies
             and ministries.

1986          Tutored participants for 2 weeks, Visual Arts Department,
             Banff Centre for the Arts.

1977 – 1979   Curator of Performance Art Program at the Western Front
             Society, Vancouver. The duties included:management of the
             program; preparing budgets; researching and choosing
             artists to show in the program;; writing essays and press
             releases; assisting the artists with all aspects of their

1978          Taught ceramic sculpture, Summer School, Emily
             Carr College of Art and Design, Vancouver.

1974 – 1976   Initiated and administrated the Video Program, Western
             Front Society, Vancouver. The responsibilities included:
             evaluating the equipment needs, preparing budgets;
             preparing grant applications and reports; managing the
             program and equipment; producing video tapes. The Western
             Front was one of the first centres in Canada to obtain
             video equipment and produce tapes for artists. These early
             black and white tapes form   valuable documents of the
             poetry readings, music concerts and performance art
             that took place at the Western Front at that time.

1971 – 1974   Taught full–time, Ceramics, Sculpture and Drawing, Fine
             Arts Department, University of B.C., Vancouver.

1970 – 1971   Taught as Visiting Professor in Ceramics, full–time
             undergraduate and masters programs, New York State College
             of Ceramics, Alfred University, Alfred, N.Y.

1968 – 1970   Taught media workshops, National Film Board, Vancouver

1964 – 1967   Taught full–time, Ceramics and Art Teaching Methods,
             Faculty of Education, University of B.C., Vancouver.

1959 – 1961   Taught Art and Social Studies, Garibaldi Junior High
             School, Haney, B.C.


President, Sunshine Coast Botanical Garden Society

2000          Presented with 'Emily' award by Lt. Governor, Emily Carr
                 Institute of Art + Design

1993          Awarded Visual Arts Grant, B.C. Cultural Services.

1992          Awarded Visual Arts Grant, B.C. Cultural Services.

1991 –       Appointed to the Board of Directors, Western Front Society,

1989          One of three jurors of architectural proposals for the
                'Digestor Tower', National Museum of Civilization, Hull

1986 – 1987   Appointed to Board of Directors, Vancouver Art Gallery.

1986 – 1987   Appointed to Canada Council Media Arts Advisory Committee, Ottawa.

1974 – 1987   Appointed to the Board of Directors, Western Front Society,

1986      Served on a review committee, City of Vancouver, for a
             Peace Sculpture in Vancouver with D. Shadbolt, Willard
             Holmes and Alan McWilliams.     

1986      Life member of the Art Gallery of Ontario

1986      With James Bennett, commissioned to design Vancouver Centennial Medal.

1978 – 1985   Served on various Canada Council juries: Art Bank,
             Performance Art, Multimedia, Senior Visual Arts Awards,
             Video, Computer–Integrated Media, Exhibition Project

1984      Awarded Canada Council grant for Artist–in–Residence at La Chartreuse, C.I.R.C.A.,
             Villeneuve les Avignon, France.

1981 – 1982   Awarded Canada Council Senior Arts Grant.

1980 – 1981   Served as Vice President of the Association of National
             Non–Profit Artist Centres (ANNPAC).

1976 – 1977   Awarded Canada Council Senior Arts Grant.

1975      Representative of Western Front Society at founding meeting
             of the Association of National Non–Profit Artist Centre

1973 – 1976   Appointed to the Board of Directors, Vancouver Art Gallery.
             Life member of V.A.G.

1970 – 1972   Appointed to the Board of Trustees, Intermedia, Vancouver.

1968 – 1969   Awarded Canada Council B Grant.

1967 – 1968   Awarded Canada Council B Grant.

1968      Awarded prize for sculpture in "Spectrum 68", Vancouver Art

1968      Awarded prize for sculpture in "Winnipeg Annual", Winnipeg
             Art Gallery.

1967      Awarded prize for sculpture in "Perspe
             Gallery of Ontario, Toronto.


2005   "Walls Graphs",   remounting of installation from 1969,   curated by CAUSA,
          Belkin Satellite Gallery.

2005   "Stucco Floor Divided",   remounting of installation from 1969,   curated by CAUSA,
          Belkin Satellite Gallery.

1993   "Utopiary, Metaphorest and Bewilderness: Selected Works from 1967–
          1993, includes 2 on–site installations (Bower and Signscapes) in
          park near gallery, Burnaby Art Gallery. Catalogue.

1986   Photographs, Coburg Gallery, Vancouver (with Geoffrey James).

1984   Photographs and prints, "Myth–Garden–Paradise" Sechelt Art Centre,
          Sechelt, B.C.

1983   Photographs and prints, La Chartreuse/CIRCA, Villeneuve
          les Avignon, France.

1980   Photographs, "Journey Through an Earthly Paradise",
          Western Front Gallery, Vancouver (with Taki Bluesinger).

1979   Photographs, "Journey Through an Earthly Paradise", A Space Gallery, Toronto
          (with Taki Bluesinger).

1979   Prints, "Survival Paradise", Nova Gallery, Vancouver.

1978   "Bewilderness, the Origins of Paradise", Vancouver Art Gallery.

1975   Collages, "New York Corres Sponge Dance School of
          Vancouver Reunion", A Space Gallery, Toronto.

1970   Sculpture, "8 Closets", Vancouver Art Gallery.

1969   "Wall Graphs", Ace Gallery, Vancouver.

1968   Sculptures, Douglas Gallery, Vancouver.

1965   Ceramics, Bau Xi Gallery, Vancouver.


2004 "Thrown: Influences and Intentions of West Coast ceramics", a
      large historical exhibition regarding the influence of Leach with
      over 800 works from about 14 artists, Morris and Helen Belkin Art
      Gallery, UBC, Vancouver.

2004   Video exhibition, "Eternal Network - Videos From the Western Front
      Archives 1973 - 2001", to be sceened at Videographe, Montreal;
      Video Pool, Winnipeg; Western Front, Vancouver and at a number of
      locations internationally, G. Lewis tape "New York Corres Sponge
      Dance School of Vancouver at the Blue Horizon" was shown in the
      Nicole Gingras program. Catalogue in English, French and Japanese.

•  'Test Kitchen', showed video tape "Chinese Rice Garden", Belkin Satellite, Vancouver.

•  "New Media, Vancouver Art from the Sixties and Seventies", Gallery at Ceperley House, City of Burnaby.

2001 Designed a playing card for grunt gallery, Vancouver, fund–raising project,
      "Playing With a Full deck"

2000   Showed a photo of Marilyn Monroe in exhibition, 'Canoes: The Shape
      of Success', National Museum of Science and Technology, Ottawa

2000   'The Problem of Nature', in exhibition, 'Utopiary', Burnaby Art Gallery

1999 – 2000   Designed a set of plates for the Emily Carr Institute of
      Art + Design, exhibited on Robson St. and Canadian Craft Museum

1999   "Out of This Century", Sixties Section, curated by Douglas
      Coupland, Vancouver Art Gallery

1999   "Making it New, The Big Sixties Show", Glenbow Museum, Calgary;
      Art Gallery of Windsor, Windsor, catalogue, showed live cow.

1999 "Last Tangle in Paris" mailing invitation for "Canada
       Trajectoires" 1973 included in Ray Johnson exhibition, curated by
       Michael Morris and Sharla Sava, Morris and Helen Belkin Art
       Gallery, U.B.C., Vancouver

1998   "Home Base", Kamloops Art Gallery

1997   "From the Collection: Gardens", Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography.

1996   "Transient Moments: Vancouver and the Performance Photograph,
      Presentation House Gallery, North Vancouver, lent photographs.

1996   "The Culture of Nature", Kamloops Art Gallery, exhibited
      photographs of Marilyn Monroe.

1996   Exhibition of recent acquisitions, Morris and Helen Belkin Art
      Gallery, U.B.C., Vancouver, exhibted "Tying up the Critics", 1972.

1996   An exhibition of ceramics from the Canada Council Art Bank, City
      of Ottawa Karsh–Masson Gallery, included a sculpture.

1995   "Managing: documents 1967–1974", Art Metropole, Toronto.

1995   'World Tea Party", curated by Brian Mulvihill, Daniel Dion and Su
      Schnee, Presentation House Gallery, North Vancouver, contributed
      objects to exhibition.

1995   "Vancouver 1965–1975: Context and Influences", Vancouver Art
      Gallery, included 3 sculptures.

1995   "The Intermedia Society", an exhibition at Art Metropole, Toronto.

1994 "64 – 94 Contemporary Decades", Charles H. Scott Gallery, Emily
      Carr Institute of Art and Design, Vancouver, inaugural exhibition
      celebrating opening of new facilities. Catalogue.

1993   Group exhibition, Prior Editions, Vancouver. Exhibited edition of
      6 Marilyn Monroe photographs published by Prior Editions. Also
      shown at Los Angeles Art Fair and Seattle Art Fair

1993   "Vancouver Drawing: Working Documents", Artspeak, Vancouver.
      Exhibited 2 collaborations with Zainub Verjee and Brice MacNeil.

1993   "50/50", a benefit exhibition sale, Pitt Gallery, Vancouver.

1992   "The Grand Western Canadian Screen Shop", an exhibition of the
      prints produced at the Screen Shop in Winnipeg run by Bill
      Lobchuck from 1968 to 1987, Mackenzie Art Gallery, Regina. Catalogue

1991   "Private Addresses", on–site exhibition of installations at
      various locations in Vancouver, produced by Association of
      Noncommercial Culture. Installation entitled, "Application of

1987   "From Sea to Shining Sea", Power Plant, Harbourfont
      Toronto. Exhibited large marble sculpture 'Classical Toy Boat'.
      Catalogue (Edited B.C. section)

1987   "The Influence of Bernard Leach", Pro Art, St. Louis,
      Mo. Catalogue

1986   "Dog Days", Pitt International Gallery, Vancouver.

1986   "Making History – Recent Art of the Pacific West",
      Vancouver Art Gallery.

1983   "Western Front Archaeology", Western Front, Vancouver

1983   "Museums by Artists", Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto;
      Musee d'art contemporain, Montreal. Book

1983   "Art in Vancouver 1931 – 1983", Vancouver Art Gallery.

1983   "October Show", wharehouse on Hamilton St., Vancouver. Catalogue

1983   "The Growth Years", Charles H. Scott Gallery, Emily Carr College of Art, Vancouver
1983   "New Works in Holography", A Space, Toronto

1983   "The Great Western Canadian Screen Shop – A Fifteen
       Year Survey 1968 – 1983", Gallery 1.1.1., School of
       Art, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg.

1983   Photographic works, Shell Gallery, Calgary.

1983   "Western Front Exhibition", Kunstlerhaus, Stuttgart.

1983   "Artworks in the Gardens", Royal Botanical Gardens, Art
      Gallery of Greater Hamilton.

1982   "True Dough Rococco", London Regional Art Gallery, London, Ont.

1981   "Paper Works", Robson Square Media Centre, Vancouver

1981   Garden Photographs and texts, International Federation of
      Landscape Architects congress, U.B.C., Vancouver

1980 – 1983   "Paradise/Le Paradis", Photo Gallery, National
      Film Board, Ottawa; Art Gallery of Peterborough; Canada House
      Gallery, London, England; Owens Art Gallery, Sackville,
      N.B.; Mount St.Vincent University Art Gallery, Halifax; Saidye
      Bronfman Centre, Montreal; Canadian Cultural Centre, Paris.

1980   International Mail Art Exhibition, Virginia Polytechnic
      Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Virginia.

1980   Video screening of "We All Sing the Same Song" in exhibition of
      Canadian video tapes, Sony Tower Building, Osaka; Zebra House,
      Sapporo and Tokyo, Japan

1980   33 prints, "Survival Paradise" in international exhibition,
      "Architectural References", Vancouver Art Gallery. Catalogue

1980   Installation "Pairidaeza" in international exhibition, "Yesterday
      and After / Hier et Apres", Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

1979 – 1981   "Art and Correspondence from the Western Front",
      Vehicule, Montreal; Confereration Art Centre,
      Charlottetown; Dalhousie University Art Gallery,
      Halifax; A Space Gallery, Toronto; Art Gallery of Greater
      Hamilton; Nickel Art Museum, Calgary; Open Space Gallery,
      Victoria. Catalogue

1979   Video screening, "We All Sing the Same Song", Video Free America,
      San Francisco

1979   Rubber Stamp Exhibition, Apropos Gallery, Luzen, Switzerland

1979   International Postal Art Exhibition, Center/Gallery, Chapel Hill,
      N.C., U.S.A.

1979   Mail art exhibition and book, Studio 46 Piergiorgio Firinu,
      Torino, Italy

1978 – 1979    "Other Realities – The Legacy of Surrealism in
      Canadian Art", Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Queens
      University, Kingston, Ont.; Canada House Gallery, London,
      England; Canadian Cultural Centre, Paris, France.

1978   Video screening of "We All Sing the Same Song", Fifth Network
      Video Conference, Toronto

1978   Malaspina Print Exhibition, Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver

1978   "The Human Image", The Artist's Gallery, Vancouver

1978   Video screening of "We All Sing the Same Song" at "Input, First
      International Public Television Screening Conference", Milan,

1978   "Rolling Landscape Show", T.T.C. Subway car no. 5780,
      Nightingale Arts Council, Toronto.

1977   Western Front group show, Open Space, Victoria

1977   Western Front/Pumps exchange exhibition, Pumps, Vancouver

1977   Vancouver Art Gallery Extension Dept. B.C. travelling exhibition
      from the civic collection

1976   "West Coast Waves", Winnipeg Art Gallery.

1976   "Celebration of the Body", organized by the N.E. Thing Co., Agnes
      Ethrington Art Centre, Kingston, Ont.

1976   "The Last Correspondence Show". California State University Art
       Dept., Sacramento, Ca.

1976   "Canadada Postcards", University of Manitoba Gallery, Winnipeg

1976   "Bated Breath", Fine Arts Gallery, University of B.C., Vancouver.

1976   "International Postcard Show", Arizona State University Art Dept
      Gallery, Tempe, Arizona

1975   "B.C. Sculptors", Vancouver Art Gallery travelling exhibition

1975   "A Pictorial History of the World", Kemper Gallery, Kansas City
      Art Institute

1975   "Current Energies – British Columbia 75", Saidye
      Bronfman Centre, Montreal.

1975   "Chairs", Art Gallery of Ontario

1974   "Open Encounter on Video", Institute of Contemporary Art,
      London, England and Place Cardin, Paris.

1974   Image Bank postcard show, and/or Gallery, Seattle

1974   "Project 74", Kolnischer Kunstverein, Koln, Germany. Video
      screening of "Hollywood Decca Dance">

1974   "Artists of the Stamps", Simon Fraser University Art Gallery,

1974   "Surfacing on the Subliminal", Western Front, Vancouver.
      Exhibition of material from Hollywood Decca Dance

1973   "Traces", Burnaby Art Gallery, Burnaby, B.C.

1973   "Canada Trajectoires 73", Musee moderne de la ville de
      Paris, Paris, France. Exhibited N.Y. Corres Sponge Dance School of
      Vancouver material from correspondence art event. Catalogue

1972   "Art Probe", Vancouver Art Gallery. Exhibited books of material
      from New Era Social Club

1971   "Image Bank Postcard Show", Fine Arts Gallery,
      University of B.C., Vancouver. One card and two others in
      collaboration with Michael Morris.

1970   "B.C. Almanack", National Film Board, Ottawa. Book

1970   "Realisms", Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal; Art
      Gallery of Ontario, Toronto (collaboration with Michael
      Morris). Exhibited live cow

1970   "Art in the Mind", Allen Art Museum, Oberlin College, Ohio

1970   "Intermedia Exhibition and 9 Evenings of Performances",
      Vancouver Art Gallery.

1969   "Intermedia Sculpture Exhibition", Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

1969   "New Art of Vancouver 1969", Newport Harbor Art Museum,
      Balboa, California; Art Gallery, University of
      California, Santa Barbara. Catalogue

1969   "Intermedia Exhibition – Electrical Connection",
      Vancouver Art Gallery. Catalogue

1969   "Six Man Show", Douglas Gallery, Vancouver.

1969   "Across the Border", Henry Gallery, University of
      Washington, Seattle.

1968   "Younger Vancouver Sculptors", Fine Arts Gallery,
      University of B.C., Vancouver.

1968   "Younger Vancouver Cross Section 68", Art Gallery of
      Greater Victoria. Catalogue

1968   "Winnipeg Annual", Winnipeg Art Gallery.

1968   "Canadian Artists 68", Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto. Catalogue

1968   "Spectrum 68", Vancouver Art Gallery.

1967   "B.C. 67", Vancouver Art Gallery

1967   "Vancouver 5", Isaacs Gallery, Toronto.

1967   "Perspective 67", Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto.

1967   "Joy and Celebration", Fine Arts Gallery, University of
      B.C., Vancouver. Catalogue

1967   "Birth and Rebirth of Objects", Fine Arts Gallery,
      University of B.C., Vancouver.

1967   Canadian Pavilion, Expo 67, Montreal

1966 – 67 "Crafts", National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa


2001 Performance, "Mondo Artie #6070", opening performance of
      "Vancouver Performance Art Biennial", organized by grunt gallery,
      a performance about the history of performance in Vancouver in the
      60's and 70's, 18 performers, Vancouver Art Gallery

1999   Film screening/Performance, "Forest Industry" film, part of
      "Making it New", Art Gallery of Windsor

1999   "Japanese Pickle", video/performance, 1969, part of "Reinventing
      the Diva – Spotlight on the Western Front", Images Film & Video
      Festival, Toronto

1993   "F. Scott Fitzgerald Tea Reunion", performance during solo
      exhibition, Burnaby Art Gallery

1993   Artist in residence, Western Front Media Arts, Vancouver. Worked
      on computer graphics to photographic output

1992   Designed wildlife garden on Manitoba St. for Vancouver Parks
      Board, but design not used.

1991 Performed in video, "Legal Memory" by Lisa Steele & Kim Tomczak

1985   Performed in "Corpus Colossus", Canadian Shadow Players at Muestra
      Internacional de Teatro, Valladolid, Spain; Riviera Remont
      Theatre, Warsaw; Mucsarnok Palace of Exhibitions, Budapest;
      Kijkhuis, Den Haag; Holland Festival, Belview Theatre, Amsterdam;
      Western Front, Vancouver

1984   Panel member on "Regionalism and Internationalism" at the
      "Warehouse Show", Vancouver

1983   Co–production of video tape with Canadian Shadow Players,
      "Canadian Shadows", Western Front Video, Vancouver

1983   Performed in "Akanada", Canadian Shadow Players, "Okanada"
      exhibition, Academie der Kunste, Berlin;Galerie St.Barbara, Hall,
      Austria; Humi Gumi, Lienz, Austria; Music Gallery, Toronto;
      National Gallery, Ottawa; Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Catalogue

1982   Performed in "Akanada", Canadian Shadow Players, Western Front,

1980   Performed as one of the judges in Anna Banana's "Banana Olympics",
      Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey, B.C.

1980   Performed in Eric Metcalfe's video production, "Crime Time Comix">

1979   Performed in Hank Bull's production, "Saint Ayatolla", Robson
      Square Media Centre, Vancouver

1978   Performed in "Visa Vis", Canadian Shadow Players, Open Space,
      Victoria; Montreal Museum of Fine Arts; Carleton University,
      Ottawa; Art Gallery of Greater Hamilton, Hamilton, Ont.; Western
      Front, Vancouver

1978   Produced video, "We All Sing the Same Song", Western Front Video

1978   Video screening, "We All Sing the Same Song" at the "Video Open",
      Artons, Calgary

1978   Performed in "Visa Vis", Canadian Shadow Players, Music Gallery,
      Toronto; Vehicule, Montreal

1977   Performance, "Three Pygmy Arias", Pumps, Vancouver

1976   Performed in cast of radio play, "Habitart or How to Live With
      Your Just Desserts", Vancouver Art Gallery

1975   Performed in cast of radio play, "Murder in the Fog", A Space,

1975   Reading from "Mondo Artie" scripts, A Space, Toronto

1975   Performed in Dana Atchley's "Ace Space Show", Western Front,

1975   Performed in cast of radio play, "A Bite Tonight", Western Front,

1975   Performed in cast of "Amy Vanderbilt Valentine Debutant Ball",
      Western Front, Vancouver

1974   Performed in cast of radio play, A Clear Cut Case", Western Front,

1974   Performed in band for Mr. Peanut's campaign for Mayor of Vancouver

1974   Performed in cast of radio play at "Video BAG Show", Burnaby Art
      Gallery, Burnaby, B.C.

1974   Performance, "Chinese Rice Garden", A Space, Toronto. Video

1974   Performance, "Hitler" at opening of Art Gallery of Ontario,

1974   Performance and organizer, B.C. Open Art Race", part of C.B.C.T.V.
      "Access Series", shown nationally

1974   Performance, "Hitler" for "Towers Beach Show", U.B.C. Fine Arts
      Gallery, Vancouver

1974   Performed as Hitler in Dana Atchley's "Ace Space Show", Western
      Front, Vancouver

1974   Performed as one of the M.C.'s, "Hollywood Decca Dance and Art's
      Birthday", Elks Building, Los Angeles. Produced by Image Bank,
      General Idea, Lowell Darling, Willoughby Sharp and others. Script,
      video, film

1973   Performed with Western Front group for Vancouver Art Gallery's
      "Pacific Vibrations", Western Front, Vancouver

1973   Performed in Evelyn Roth's "Black and White Tennis", Vancouver Art
      Gallery's "Pacific Vibrations">

1973   Performed in "German T.V. Dinner" for German T.V. network directed
      by Dr. W. von Bonin, Western Front, Vancouver

1972 - 73   Weekly swimming meetings of the New York Corres Sponge Dance
      School of Vancouver wearing shark fin bathing caps at the
      Vancouver Aquatic Centre

1970 – 72   Participated in international correspondence art activity
      with Image Bank, New York Correspondence School (Ray Johnson),
      Chicken Bank, Bum Bank, Fanzini, General Idea, Fat City School of
       Finds Arts, Dadaland, Max Ernst Fan Club, Ant Farm, N.W. Mounted
      Valise, Ace Space Co. and many others

1972   Event, "N.Y. Corres Sponge Dance School of Vancouver Food
      Meeting", Food Restaurant, New York City

1972   Performance, "Forest Industry" film, part of Vancouver – Halifax
      Exchange, Nova Scotia College of Art, Halifax

1971   Performance, "A Performance", Vancouver Art Gallery

1971   Film screening, "Forest Industry", Millenium, New York City

1970   Performance, "Taping of the International Art Critics", Vancouver
      Art Gallery. Co–op work with Michael Morris

1970   Film screening/Performance, "Forest Industry" film, Vancouver Art

1970   Performance of "4 Intersections" film and co–ordinator,
      "Intermedia Exhibition and Nine Evenings of Performances",
      Vancouver Art Gallery

1970   Performance, "Simulation for New York City", Loeb Student Centre,
      New York University

1970   Performance, "Taping Pieces", on the street, New Westminster

1970   Performance, "Simulation for Vancouver", Vancouver Art Gallery

1969   Performance, "Rice Krispee Piece", Arts Club, Vancouver

1969   Performance, "400 Yards of Burned Paper in a Square", University
      of Calgary campus

1969   Performance, "Flour Piece", Vancouver Art Gallery

•  Video performance, "Japanese Pickled Cabbage" at New Era Social Club, one of the first–ever video performance works.

1969   Performance, "Canadian Pacific", Vancouver Art Gallery; Mills
      College, Oakland; Old Music Conservatory, Los Angeles. Tour with
      Yvonne Rainer

1969   Performance, "Canadian Pacific" in "Intermedia Exhibition –
      Electrical Connection", Vancouver Art Gallery

1969   Performance, "Ribbon Run", Vancouver Art Gallery

1969   Performance, "Rice Krispee Piece" and "Cards on the Floor",
      Festival of the Arts, U.B.C., Vancouver

1968   Performance, "Flour Piece", Deborah Hay workshop, Vancouver Art


2002 Essay, "Pandora's Box: New Media Art from the 60s and 70s in
      Vancouver", "New Media: Artwork from the 60s and 70s in Vancouver"
      catalogue, Visual Arts Burnaby / Gallery at Ceperley
      House, Burnaby, BC

2001 Section, "Fragrant Plants", in "A Growers Choice" by Michael K.
      Lascelle, Raincoast Books, Vancouver, pp 260 - 263.

2000   Essay (Mondo Artie script) on 60's, 70's performance in Vancouver
      for book on performance art, 'Live at the End of the Century',
      grunt gallery, Vancouver.

1993 Assistance with editing, "Whispered Art History Twenty Years at
      the Western Front", Arsenal Pulp Press, Vancouver

1987   Editor with Annette Hurtig of B.C. section of "From Sea
      to Shining Sea" catalogue, Power Plant, Harbourfront,

1986   Exhibition essay and notes on 9 artists, "New Video
      Realities", Canadian Exhibition, Cologne Art Fair.

1985   Article and photos, "The Mythological Design of the
      Garden Path", Section A magazine, Toronto, August 85,
      Vol. 3, No. 3, pp. 37 – 39.

1983   Three articles on gardens and colour photos, Ville
      Giardini magazine, October, November and December, 1983
      issues, Electa Periodici, Milan, Italy.

1982   Article and photos, "Shrub Art – The Enchanted World of
      Topiary", Western Living magazine, Vancouver, May,
      1982, pp. 74–75.  

1982   Article and photos, "Japanese Gardens", Impressions
      magazine, Toronto, issue 28/29, winter 82, pp. 36 – 43

1981   Article, "The Japanese Connection", illust., Interface Magazine,
      Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, vol.4, no.11, Dec.81, pp. 26–29

1980   Co–editor with Paul Wong and Kim Tomzck, "Living Art Performance"
      catalogue, Vancouver, Western Front Publication, 90 pages

1980   Wrote research questionaire, "Provincial Arts Fundng Study" for ANNPAC
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1979   Editor and designer of catalogue for exhibition, "Art and
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