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Jane Martin


1966                MA Carleton University
1965                BA (Hons) Bishop's University


1970 & 73         Wells Gallery, Ottawa
1971                 Adams Gallery, Toronto
1973                 Erindale College Art Gallery, University of Toronto
1973                 Trinity College School, Port Hope
1974                 Owens Gallery, Mt. Allison University, Sackville, N.B.
1974                 The Gallery/Stratford
1974, 77 & 80    Aggregation Gallery (now Wynick/Tuck), Toronto
1975                 Memorial University Art Gallery (touring), St. John's, Nfld.
1977 & 85          SAW Gallery, Ottawa
1979-80            Contact , AGO Extension Division Touring Show
1980                 Wallack Galleries, Ottawa
1985                 Whitewater Gallery, North Bay
1987                 Berkeley Castle Works 1984-1987 , Toronto
1989                 Gathie's Cupboard/Emblems/Transfigurations , Gallery 101, Ottawa
1991                 Wrapture , Open Space, Victoria
1993                 Rose Show , Toronto
1996                 Ewen's Christmas Cabinet (and Rose Garden Tour), Toronto
1999                 Gathie's Cupboard (1988-1998), Carleton University, Ottawa
2003                 Juniper's Roses, Juniper, Ottawa
2004                 Dear Heart, Toronto; Ottawa Art Gallery, Ottawa
2005                 Rose Show: Paintings and Garden, Toronto


1972        Stratford Art Association Annual Juried Exhibition, The Gallery/Stratford
1972        National Juried Show, Agnes Etherington Gallery, Kingston
1973        Invitational Art Exhibition, Sir Sandford Fleming, Peterborough
1973-81   Gallery Artist Shows , Wynick/Tuck, Toronto
1974        SCAN, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver
1975        Through the Looking Glass... , AGO, Toronto
1975        Festival of Women and the Arts , Harbourfront, Toronto
1975        Made in Canada , University of Guelph Art Gallery, Guelph
1975        Survey Exhibition #1 , Visual Arts Ottawa, Ottawa
1975        Woman as Viewer , Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg
1976-7     On View , Visual Arts Ontario, 13 centres in Ontario
1978-9     Reflecting a Rural Consciousness , Canada, USA, France
1978        The Family , Harbourfront Art Gallery, Toronto
1978        See SAW , St. Lawrence College, Kingston; SAW Gallery, Ottawa
1979        Childhood , Ring House Gallery, University of Alberta, Edmonton
1980        Confederation Art Gallery, Charlottetown, PEI
1980        Women's Images of Men , Pauline McGibbon Centre, Toronto
1980        Canadian Paintings and Sculpture in the 70's , Cambridge
1981        Ottawa Artists , Provincial Cultural Symposium, Ottawa
1982        Artfemme I , Canadian Advisory Council on the Status of Women
1982        Art Bank Works, Stewart Hall Gallery, Pointe Claire, Québec
1983        Art Bank Exhibition, Harbourfront, Toronto
1984        Portfolio 83 , Netherlands, Ottawa, Brampton, St. Catharines
1984        Canadian Prints , Rideau Hall, Ottawa
1984-5     La Maison , international touring exhibition
1985        Images of Sexuality , Symposium & Exhibition, Gallery 101, Ottawa
1985        Disguises , MacPherson Gallery, Ottawa
1986        Noel, Noel , Ufundi Gallery, Ottawa
1987        Summertime , Ufundi Gallery, Ottawa
1987        Persons Awards 1987 , House of Commons, Ottawa
1988        Snakes in the Garden , Artscourt, Ottawa
1989-91   Crossties , NAC, St. Catharines; Hamilton Artists' Inc.; Eye Level, Halifax;
               A Space, Toronto.
1990        Wrapture , Ufundi Gallery, Ottawa
1990        Hassan/Magor/Martin/Weiland/Whiten/Whitlock , National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa
1994        Eve's Eden: Problems in Paradise , Toronto
1995        The Four Show , Toronto
1996-97   Discernment, The Building of a Contemporary Art Collection,   The Ottawa Art Gallery
1996-97   Odd Bodies, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa
1997        promote/exhibit/document, Gallery 101, Ottawa
2000        Odd Bodies, National Gallery of Canada touring exhibition:   Oakville Galleries,
               Oakville;   the Nickle Arts Museum, Calgary
2001        A Recipe for Change:   Re-Imagining the Postmodern Domestic Body,
               Carlton University Art Gallery, Ottawa
2002        Experimental Farm Prints:   Collaborative Works, Amanda's Slip, Kemptville, Ontario
2004        Medical Imprints   with Cindy Stelmakovich and Theodore Wan
               Ottawa Art Gallery
2004        Stunning, with Suzy Lake and Catherine Heard ,   Rodman Hall, St. Catharines, Ontario


Covers:            The Impstone , Susan Musgrave (M&S 1976)
                        Canadian Library Journal , April 1976
                        77 Best Canadian Stories (Oberon 1977)
                        Stories of Quebec (Oberon 1977)
                        Shacking Up , Kent Thompson (Oberon 1980)
                        Bread & Chocolate/Marrying into the Family (Oberon 1980)
                        Perception , Jan/Feb 1981
                        Fat Woman , Leon Rooke (New Press 1983)
                        Burning Water , George Bowering (New Press 1983 Baele, Nancy.

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The Last Act
one act play performed at Bishop's, 1966 Dominion Drama Festival honorable mention Martin, Jane.            
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For more than thirty years Jane Martin has been active in the artists' rights movement, particularly in the area of copyrights, through independent research, appearances, and publication; and with her long involvement with the Canadian Artists' Representation (CARfac).   The unfairness and injustices she noticed around the use and misuse of artists and their work motivated Martin   to overcome her shyness and spend thousands of volunteer hours seeking improve the economic and professional status of artists.  

In the late seventies, Martin was one of the women artists' doing important   original statistical research into the poor representation of women artists' in the winner's circles of Canadian Art Institutions.    Her Women Visual Artists on Canada Council Juries, Selection Committees, and Arts   Advisory Panels; and Amongst Grant Recipients from 1972-73 to 1977-78 was published by CARfac in 1978). The re-examination, Women Visual Artists on CC 1979-80, commissioned by the Council on the Status of Women followed three years later (CARFAC and Status of Women Canada 1981).   This work was followed by strong institutional denial, wide debate, support, republication (e.g. "Who Judges Whom?", Atlantis , vol 5, #1, 1979) and, more importantly:   Positive change!   Martin appeared on many academic, political and arts panels and was invited by the Applebaum Hebert Committee (Federal Cultural Policy Review Committee, 1982) to speak to them about the issues raised by her work.   This work continues to be cited in writing about the history of impact of feminism on Canadian. (1) 

Martin's other great passion was for copyrights, the founding issue of CARfac and the idea that drew her to that organization.   She worked in the late 70's on various CARfac executives and committees to strengthen artist's copyrights. The copyright reforms of 1988 (Bill C60) which gave legal status for the first time to the CARfac exhibition fees; and the attempt by the Canadian Senate to have that clause removed from the Act, brought Martin, Susan Crean and CARfac Ontario back into the fray.    Martin went on to co-found, with Garry Conway, the CARfac Copyright Collective.   She was also the sole visual artist on the founding board of The Canadian Reprography Collective (CANCOPY, now Access Copyright).   The CCC and CANCOPY were the first two creator collectives to flow from the 1988 Act which encouraged the formation of such collectives to enable creators to benefit from their copyrights.
1975-76             Co-editor CAROT (Canadian Artists' Representation Ontario Trade paper)
1977-79             CARO Vice-Spokesperson & Canadian Artists' Representation National Council
1976-80             SAW Gallery Board of Directors
1978                  SAW Gallery Co-ordinator
1977                  OAC Artists in the Schools
1985                  painting instructor, University of Ottawa
1988                  founding board Canadian Reprography Collective (CANCOPY
                         now Access     Copyright)
                         co-founder of CARFAC Copyright Collective; on CARFAC executive
1989-91             CARFAC National Representative; first CARFAC Copyright Collective Board
1999                  Chair CARFAC © Collective

(1)Maria Tippet,   By a Lady, Celebrating Three Centuries of Art by Canadian Women   (Viking, 1992);   Monika Gagnon, "Canadian Women in the Visual Arts, 1975-1987"   in Work in Progress:   Building Feminist Culture (The Women's Press, 1987) et al