The Canadian Art Database

Ron Martin


1960–64   Commercial and fine art at H.B. Beal Secondary High School,


1993         Vintage Modernist Works on Paper: Jean-Marie Delavalle, Murray Favro, Richard Gorman,
                Tom Hodgson,  Ray Mead, Ron Martin, Kasuo Nakamura, Christopher Cutts Gallery Toronto, Ont.


1993         An Exhibition of the Original Members of Forest City Gallery, Forest City Gallery, London, Ont.
1993         C Magazine Silent Auction, C Magazine, Toronto, Ont.
1994         Monochrome.  Exhibiting Artists: Delavalle, Martin, and Tousignant Christopher Cutts Gallery,  Toronto, Ont.
1995         Milieu, Of The Order Of Presentation, Curated by Gordon Lebredt, S.L. Simpson Gallery, Main Gallery, Toronto, Ont.
1995         How Red Works, Group Show, Curated by Ihor Holubizky,Hamilton Art Gallery, Hamilton, Ont.
1996         Inaugural exhibition, gallery artists, Christopher Cutts GalleryToronto, Ont.
1997         Gallery Artists, Christopher Cutts Gallery, North/South Galleries, Toronto, Ont.
1997         Gallery Artists, Moore Gallery Limited, Toronto, Ont.
1997         Ten Years of Collecting, Mackenzie Art Gallery, Regina, Sask. Part 1, May 23 – August 17, 1997. 
                Part II, July 9 – September 1, 1997
1997-98    Repeated Gesture, Permanent Collection Installation, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.
1998         Bealart 80 Years of Experiment 1912-1992, London Regional Art & Historical Museums, London, Ont.
1998-99    Seven, Art Forum Berlin. Representing: Claus Carsten, Murray Favro, Cornelius Heesters Ron Martin, Kasuo Nakamara,
                Becky Singleton, Ed Zelnack.  Berlin, Germany. Christopher Cutts Gallery.
1998         The Texture of a Collection, Selections from the Permanent Collection. Oakville galleries, Centennial Gallery Oakville, Ont.
1998-99    Weal thought, two part exhibition. Curated by Grant Arnold, and Bruce Grenville.Vancouver Art Gallery Vancouver, B.C.
1999         Re-imagining Modernism, Works from the Permanent Collection, Curated by John Hartman. Maclaren Art Centre,  Barrie, Ont.
1999         Art in Bloom, Mackenzie Art Gallery, Regina, Sask.
1999         Nature Rearranged.  150 years of Still-life at the National Gallery of Canada traveling exhibition,
                National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Ont.
2000         Art Of Our Century, Part Ii, Modern Art At Millennium’s End Appleton Museum of At.   Oscal, Florida.
2001         Pleasures Of Sight.  States OF BEING.   Radical Abstract Painting Since 1990.  
                Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts, Tallahassee, Florida.



1983         Established painting and sculpture studio in Toronto, Ont.
1964         Established painting and sculpture studio in London, Ont., with Murray Favro


1992-         Christopher Cutts, Christopher Cutts Gallery, Toronto, Ont.
1992-         Collection of Ron Moore, Moore Gallery Ltd., Toronto, Ont.
1992-         Carmen Lamanna Gallery (Estate), Toronto, Ont.
1965-66      Jack Pollock, Jack Pollock Gallery,
1965-66      Carmen Lamanna, Carmen Lamanna Gallery, 1971-1991