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Howard Podeswa


1986     Ontario College of Art, Toronto (A.O.C.A., Fine Art)
1979     Technion Institute of Technology, Haifa (B. Sc. Chemical Eng.)


2007     Upcoming: October 3-27, Peak Gallery, Toronto ON
2007     "Sideways Drift", curated by John Brown, VAO Gallery, Toronto, ON
2006     "After Las Meninas", Peak Gallery, Toronto, ON
2004     "OOPS: Object Oriented Painting Show", Fran Hill Gallery, Toronto, ON
2003     "Chatter", Fran Hill Gallery, Toronto, ON
2001     New Work, Fran Hill Gallery, Toronto, ON
2001     "Poho", Red Head Gallery, Toronto, ON
2000     "Spit of Love", Assoc. for Visual Arts, Metropolitan Life Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa
1999     "Spit of Love", Red Head Gallery, Toronto, ON
1997     "Spring Roll", Gallery 306, Toronto, ON (with Alex Liros)
1996     "Prophesies", Gallery 306, Toronto, ON (with Alex Liros)
1994     "New Work", Waddington-Gorce Gallery, Montreal, Quebec
1993     "Urban Baggage", Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto, ON
1990     "Animus", Artefect, Toronto, ON
1990     "Animus", Great George Gallery, Charlottetown, PEI


2007      Upcoming: October 25-29, Toronto International Art Fair (TIAF), Toronto ON
2005      Toronto International Art Fair, Toronto, ON
2003      "Sedare", Jim Baird Gallery, Nfld
2003      "The Gallery Artists' Show", Fran Hill Gallery, Toronto, ON
2003      "Imago", Regent College, University of British Columbia
2003     "Art with Heart", Casey House, Toronto, ON
2002     "Shadow boxes", Textile Museum, Toronto, ON
2002     "The Portrait Challenge", Fran Hill Gallery, Toronto, ON
2001     "Commute", ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL
2000     "Redrospective", The Red Head Gallery, Toronto, ON
1999     "Street Life", York Quay Gallery, Toronto, ON
1999     "Urban Images", Criminology Dept. University of Toronto, Toronto, ON
1998     "Echoes Of The Past, Visions For The Future", Israel at 50, CNE, Toronto, ON
1998     "Last of the Mohawks", Trinity Square Video, Toronto, ON
1998     "Neighbourhood Watch", Case Studies, York Quay Gallery, Toronto, ON
1997     "Dancing with the Leviathan", Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto, ON
1996     "Art Frankfurt", Messe Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany
1995     "Twist", 80 Spadina (with Sybil Goldstein, Rae Johnson and Alex Liros), Toronto, ON
1993     "The Obscured Horizon", Art Gallery Of Mississauga, Mississauga, ON
1991     "Painting the Land", Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto, ON
1990     "Street Scenes", Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto, ON
1988     "Erotica Show", Artefect, Toronto, ON


SEI Investments, Oaks, PA
Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Queen's University, Kingston, ON
Father Dan Donovan, Toronto, Canada
Ciba-Geigy AG, Basel, Switzerland
Marathon Realty, Toronto, ON
University of Toronto, Criminology Dept. Collection, Toronto, ON
CDI Corporate Education Services, Toronto, ON


2005     Ontario Arts Council (/VAO), Exhibition Assistance (After Las Meninas)
2003     Toronto Arts Council, Grants to Visual Artists
2001     Canada Council, Visual Arts - Creation/Production Grant to Professional Artists
2001     Toronto Arts Council, Grants to Visual Artists
2001     Ontario Arts Council, Exhibition Assistance
2000     Canadian Consulate, Cape Town, South Africa
2000     Ontario Arts Council, Exhibition Assistance
2000     Canada Council, Travel Grant
1997     Ontario Arts Council, Grants to Visual Artists - Emerging artist
1993     Ontario Arts Council, Exhibition Assistance (The Obscured Horizon)
1993     Ontario Arts Council, Exhibition Assistance (Urban Baggage)
1990     Canada Council, Project Grant
1990     Ontario Arts Council, Short Term Grant
1983     Eric Friefeld Award For Figure Draughtsmanship

Note: an asterisk (*) following an entry indicates an exhibition catalogue or brochure.

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1998-99      Official sketch artist for meetings of the Zweletemba Peace Committee, South Africa
1998           Art Workshop Facilitator, Youth Link Drop-in Centre, Toronto
1997           Contributor, Art of the Holocaust Curriculum, Toronto School Board
1990-94      Instructor, Ryerson Polytechnical University, Toronto, ON
1988-89      Instructor, Northern Secondary School, Continuing Education Dept., Toronto, ON
1986-89      Instructor, Alternative Computer Training for the Disabled, Toronto, ON