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Milly Ristvedt

1942 Born Kimberley, British Columbia
1961-64 Studies Vancouver School of Art (now Emily Carr Institute)


2003        The Art Company, Threads
2001        The Open, The Logic of Ambiguity, The Ambiguity of Logic,Kingston, ON.
2001        Modern Fuel, Points of Departure, Kingston, ON.
1999        Change, Moore Gallery, Toronto
1998        Reconciliation, Moore Gallery, Toronto, ON.
1997        Thinking in Colour, Sutton Arts, Sutton, ON.
1997        The Effect of Place, Edward Day Gallery, Kingston, ON.
1996        The Coloured Grid, Galerie Verticale,  Laval, QC.
1994        Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Kingston, ON.
1994        Moore Gallery, Hamilton, ON.
1992        Connexion, Fredericton Galerie
1991        Klonaridis, Inc. Toronto, ON.
1990        Stewart Fine Arts, Montreal, QC.
1989        Galerie Don Stewart, Montreal, QC.
1989        Klonaridis,Inc. Toronto, ON.
1987        Galerie Don Stewart, Montreal , QC.
1987        Klonaridis, Inc. Toronto, ON.
1985        Galerie Don Stewart, Montreal, QC.
1985        Klonaridis, Inc. Toronto, ON.
1985        Diptychs and Trios, Thunder Bay National Exhibition Centre, ON.
1985        Moore Gallery Ltd. Hamilton, ON.
1984        Klonaridis, Inc. Toronto, ON.
1983        Galerie Don Stewart, Montreal, QC.
1983        High Contrasts, Peterborough Art Gallery of Peterborough, ON.
1982        Klonaridis, Inc.Toronto, ON.
1982        Martin Gerard Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta.
1982        Galerie Don Stewart, Montreal, QC.
1981        Klonaridis, Inc. Toronto, ON.
1980        Galerie Don Stewart, Montreal, QC.
1980        Martin Gerard Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta.
1979-80    Milly Ristvedt-Handerek - Paintings of a Decade, Agnes Etherington Art               Centre, Kingston, ON.
              Milly Ristvedt-Handerek - Paintings of a Decade, Art Gallery of Windsor, ON
              Milly Ristvedt-Handerek - Paintings of a Decade, Kitchener-Waterloo Art                             Milly Ristvedt-Handerek - Paintings of a Decade, Gallery, the Robert 
              McLaughlin Gallery,Oshawa, ON.
1979        Klonaridis, Inc. Toronto, ON.
1979        Galerie Jolliet, Quebec.
1978        Galerie Jolliet, Quebec.
1977        Ottawa Algonquin College GalleryOttawa, ON.
1975        Galerie Jolliet, Quebec.
1974        Galerie Jolliet, Quebec.
1973        Musee d'Art Contemporain, Montreal, QC.
1971        Waddington Gallery, Montreal, QC.
1970        Carmen Lamanna GalleryToronto , ON.
1969        Carmen Lamanna GalleryToronto , ON.
1968        Carmen Lamanna GalleryToronto , ON.


2003        Connected: Contemporary Art in Kingston, Agnes Etherington                             Art Centre, Kingston, ON.
2001        The Arts Barn, ECAS Ninth Annual, Edmonton, AB.
2001        Atrium Gallery, Ontario College of Art, Triangle Workshop Artists at
              OCAD. Toronto, ON.
1999        Les peintures, Galerie Rene Blouin, Montreal, QC.
1999        Les peintures, Galerie Lilian Rodriguez, Montreal, QC.
1999        35 YEARS LATER, Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.
1998        PEINTURE PEINTURE, Belgo building, 372 St.Catherine W. Montreal, QC.
1998        Paintings, James Baird Gallery, St. John's, Newfoundland.
1998        50:50, Gallery 128, New York City
1997        Opening Show, Moore Gallery, Toronto, ON.
1996        16 X One - Inner Landscapes, Gallery One, Toronto, ON.
1996        Exhibition Ten, Edward Day Gallery,  Kingston, ON.
1995        La Tour du Roy Rene, Triangle Artists' Workshop, Marseille,
1995        Dynamics of Abstraction, The Art Gallery of Peterborough, ON.
1995        Modernism Triumphant Canadian Art of the 1960's, Winnipeg Art Gallery,
1995        A Tribute to Alkis Klonaridis, Oshawa The Robert McLaughlin Gallery. ON
1995        The Klonaridis Group, Moore Gallery, Hamilton, ON.
1993        Masters of  Abstraction/Newzones Today, Newzones Contemporary               Art, Calgary, AB.
1993        Sheffield Lake '93,  Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Kingston, ON.
1993        Hear to See II: Looking at Contemporary Art, Agnes Etherington Art               Centre, Kingston, ON.
1989        Jack Bush & The Succeeding Generation, Agnes Etherington Art Centre,
              Kingston, ON.
1987        Colour & The Brush, Sarnia Public Library & Art Gallery. Sarnia, ON.
1982        Selections from the Westburne Collection,  Edmonton Art Gallery, AB.
              Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Kingston, ON.
1982        Rodman Hall Art Centre, St. Catharines, ON.
1982        Laurentian University  Art Centre, Sudbury, ON.
1981        Art Gallery of Hamilton, Hamilton, ON.
1981        Art Gallery of Harbourfront, Toronto, ON.
1981        The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, ON.
1981        London Regional Art Gallery, London, ON.
1981        Art Gallery of Windsor, Windsor, ON.
1981        The Gallery, Stratford, ON.
1980-81    Viewpoint: 29 X 9, Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, Kitchener, ON.
1980-81    Kingston/Windsor Exchange, Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Kingston, ON.
              Kingston/Windsor Exchange, Windsor Art Gallery, ON.
1979        Opening Show, Pauline McGibbon Cultural Centre, Toronto, ON.
1978-79    Tendance Actuelles au Quebec, Montreal Musée d'Art,               Contemporain, Montreal, QC.
1978        Opening Show, Klonaridis, Inc., Toronto, ON.
1977        Painting Now,  Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Kingston, ON.
1976        Montreal Olympics
1976        Abstractions, The Stratford Gallery, Stratford, ON.
1976        A Selection of Painting in Toronto, David Mirvish Gallery. Toronto, ON.
1973-75    Canada X Ten, Edmonton Art Gallery, Alberta.
              Canada X Ten, Winnipeg Art Gallery, Manitoba.
              Canada X Ten,Toronto Art Gallery of Ontario,          
1972        Diversity Canada East Exhibition, Edmonton Art Gallery, Alberta.
1972        Diversity Canada East Exhibition,  Norman Mackenzie Art Gallery.
              Regina, Sasketchewan.
1971        5 Lyrical Colour Painters, Toronto Art Gallery of Ontario,
1970        Lausanne Musee Cantonal.
1970        3rd International Pioneer Galleries Exhibition, Paris Musee d'Art Moderne, France.   
1970        12th Winnipeg Biennial, Winnipeg Art Gallery, Manitoba.
1968        7th Biennial of Canadian Painting, Ottawa National Gallery of Canada,
1968        Canadian Artists '68, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, ON.
1967        Centennial Awards Exhibition, Art Gallery of Ontario,Toronto.


2000       Sir Sanford Fleming College, Haliburton Campus, ON.
1999       Queen's University, Kingston, ON.
1989       Queen's University, Toronto, ON.
1985       University of Ottawa
1983       University of Saskatchewan, Summer Session.
1978-79   Queen's University, Kingston, ON.
1976       Banff School of Fine Arts, Banff, AB.
1973-76   Georgian College of Applied Art & Technology, Barrie, ON.
1973       Banff School of Fine Arts, Banff, Alberta.
1972-73   Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, School of Art and Design.
1969-70   Artists' Workshop, Toronto, ON.
1966-86   Workshops in colour and painting throughout Ontario.


1994        Ontario Arts Council Grant.
1987        Canada Council Arts Grant "A".
1977        Canada Council Arts Grant "B".
1976        Canada Council Arts Grant "B".
1975        Ontario Arts Council Grant.
1972        Canada Council Bursary.
1971        Canada Council Short Term Grant.
1970        12th Winnipeg Biennial Purchase Award.
1969        Canada Council Bursary.
1967        Centennial Purchase Award.
1967        Canada Council Bursary.


1994         Ontario Arts Council Grant.
1987         Canada Council Arts Grant "A".
1977         Canada Council Arts Grant "B".
1976         Canada Council Arts Grant "B".
1975         Ontario Arts Council Grant.
1972         Canada Council Bursary.
1971         Canada Council Short Term Grant.
1970         12th Winnipeg Biennial Purchase Award.
1969         Canada Council Bursary.
1967         Centennial Purchase Award.
1967         Canada Council Bursary.


Art Gallery of Ontario.
Winnipeg Art Gallery. Manitoba.
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, QC.
Musee d'Art Contemporain, Montreal, QC.
Canada Council Art Bank.
Art Gallery of Hamilton, ON.
Algonquin College Gallery, ON.
Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Kingston, ON.
Sherbrooke University, QC.
Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, ON.
Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, ON.
University of Alberta.
Boston Museum of Fine Arts, MA, U.S.A.
Musee de Quebec.
University of Lethbridge, AB.
McMaster University, Hamilton, ON.
Harvard University, Cambridge, ON.
Cape Breton Museum, Nova Scotia.
MacKenzie Art Gallery,Regina, Sasketchewan.
Art Gallery of Peel, Brampton, ON.
Confederation Centre Art Gallery, Charlottetown, P.E.I.
Vancouver Art Gallery, B.C.
Glenbow Museum and Art Gallery, Calgary, AB.


Shell Oil Canada Ltd. Westburne
Industries Glandore Ltd.
Polysar Moore Corp.
Secal-Alcan Canada
Development Corp.
American Can Co. Lavelin, Inc.
Cryosan Nova Corp.
Mercantile Bank
Petrocan General Foods First Western Resources Corp. McLaughlin, Mohr, Massey Burroughs Wellcome Place Dupuis Steinburg Teleglobe


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1997                 Visiting Artist , Lakehead University
1983                 Visiting Artist , Graduate Visual Arts Programme, York University
1981                 Visiting Artist , Dundas Valley School of Art
1980                 Visiting Artist , York University
1980                 Personal Imperatives, Personal Expression Robert McLaughlin Gallery
1980                 Visiting Artist , University of Ottawa
1978                 On the Conservation of Art Queen's University, Art Conservation                          Programme
1977                 The Art of Jack Bush National Gallery of Canada
1976                 Colour and other Aspects of the QualityProblem
                       Georgian College Design Arts
1975/76             Contemporary Canadian Art , Georgian College Design Arts Department

Teaching Experience

2000                 Sir Sanford Fleming College, Haliburton Campus
1999                 Queen's University, Kingston
1989                 Queen's University
1985                 University of Ottawa
1983                 University of Saskatchewan, Summer Session
1978-79             Queen's University, Kingston
1976                 Banff School of Fine Arts
1973-76             Georgian College of Applied Art &
                       Technology, Barrie
1973                 Banff School of Fine Arts
1972-73             Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, School of
                       Art and Design
1969-70             Artists' Workshop, Toronto
1966-86             Workshops in colour and painting
                       throughout Ontario

Other Professional Experience

2004                 Advisory Board Member , Union Gallery, Kingston
2004                 Elected a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts
2003                 Curator , Double Take , an exhibition of the work of Scott Wallis and                        Daniel Schneider, Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre
2001-3              Vice-President ,   KAAI, Modern Fuel Gallery, Kingston
2000                 Board Member , KAAI, Modern Fuel Gallery, Kingston
2000                 Juror , Y2K, Second Regional Juried Exhibition
                       Modern Fuel Gallery, Kingston
1992-8              Founder and Coordinator , Sheffield Lake , Annual Women Artists                                    One-week Workshop, Sheffield Lake, Ontario
1996                 Curator ,   Manoeuvres Sheffield Lake   1992-1995 ,Galerie Verticale, Laval
1993-5              Co-curator ,   Carol Martyn - Art Making Life, a retrospective exhibition,                              The Gallery Stratford and the Art Gallery of Peterborough  
1995                 Co-producer , Carol Martyn - Art Making Life catalogue
1995                 Triangle Artists' Workshop, Marseille
1993                 Guest Curator , Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Sheffield Lake'93
1991                 Guest Curator , Kingston Artists' Association Inc., Matthew Stolte
1990                 Curator , Sheffield Artists' Exhibition , Vermeulen Gallery, Tamworth
1989                 Triangle Artist's Workshop
1988                 Emma Lake Artists' Workshop
1986                 Juror , Ontario Arts Council
1985                 Juror , Southwest 45, Art Gallery of Windsor
1981                 Panelist , Visual Arts Ontario Making It, the Artistic Challenge
1980                 Juror , Canada Council Art Bank
1980                 Emma Lake Artists'Workshop
1978,79             Juror , Ontario Arts Council
1971-73             Director and first President of Vehicule Art,Inc. , Montreal
1970-71             C.A.R. representative , Montreal