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Adrienne Trent


Ontario College of Art, Toronto 1980-1984 A.O.C.A. granted
University of Toronto, Fine Arts Department 1984-85


2009        "Burden of histories<", LOOP Gallery, Toronto Canada.
2007        Satchel Gallery (c/o Anitra Hamilton), Toronto Canada.
2005        Sir Wilfred Laurier Gallery, Waterloo Canada.
2002        Deleon White Gallery, 1096 Queen St. W., Toronto Canada.
1999        Red Head Showcase, 96 Spadina Ave., Toronto Canada.
1998        Red Head Gallery, 96 Spadina Ave., Toronto Canada.
1998        S.A.W. Gallery, 67 Nicholas St., Ottawa Canada.
1996        Red Head Gallery, 96 Spadina Ave., Toronto Canada.
1996        Visual Arts Centre of Clarington, Bowmanville, Canada.
1994        La Galerie Arts Technologiques du Centre Copie Art Montreal, Canada.
1994        Birganart/Robert Birch Gallery, Toronto, Canada.
1986        Powerhouse/La Centrale, Montreal, Canada.
1985        Artculture Resource Centre (A.R.C.), Toronto, Canada.
1983        Mercer Union "Mercerama", Toronto, Canada.


2008        "Contacting Toronto", TTC Subway Installation (curated by Sharon Switzer)
2008        "The Forest for the Trees", Studio Gennai, Pisa Italy
2008        "The Forest for the Trees", St. Francis Xavier University Art Gallery, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada
2008        "Flex", Washi Summit, LOOP Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2007        ""The Forest for the Trees", Il Gabbiano, La Spezia, Italy
2007        ""The Forest for the Trees", Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto
2006        "Nesting", Justina M. Barnicke Gallery, University of Toronto, Canada
2001        V.Macdonnell Gallery "Gallery Artist's Show" Toronto, Canada.
2000        Robert McLaughlin Gallery "Dream Ecology" Oshawa, Ontario Canada.
2000        Koffler Gallery "Dream Ecology" North York, Ontario Canada.
1999        Torontoneisis "No fun without you" Toronto, Canada.
1998        "The Drug Show" 170 Spadina Ave. Toronto Canada.
1997        Garnet Press/Republic "Mall Proteus" Toronto, Canada.
1997        Mercer Union "Pseudonims and Similarities" Toronto, Canada.
1996        Cold City Gallery "Illustrious Corpse" Toronto, Canada.
1996        Edward Day Gallery 3-person show Kingston, Ontario Canada.
1995        OO Gallery/Red Head Gallery "Away" Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
1995        Artspace "Telling Lives" 3 woman show - Peterborough, Ontario Canada.
1994        Garnet Press "Dreaming of you" Toronto Canada.
1993        Republic "Snafu Treasure Skin" 217 Havelock Street, Toronto, Ontario Canada.
1991        White Water Gallery "Not true to form" North Bay, Ontario Canada.
1988        Garnet Press/Republic "Ex Nihilo" Toronto, Ontario Canada.
1987        Garnet Press/Republic "Superconductors" Toronto, Ontario Canada.
1987        Art Culture Resource Centre/Republic "The Secret Life of Objects" Toronto Canada.
1985        Mercer Union "Ex Post Factor" Toronto, Canada.
1985        Republic "Radiant Vista" Toronto, Canada.
1984        Grunwald Gallery (YYZ & Mercer Union) "New City of Sculpture" Toronto Canada.
1983        A Space "Alter Eros" Toronto, Canada.


1998        Canada Council Short Term Grant.
1995        Canada Council Short Term Grant.
1993        Ontario Arts Council Grant.
1998-83   OAC Exhibition Assistance.
               "Award of Merit" (First Prize) in province-wide "Artventure" Sponsor: Royal Bank of  Canada.
1982        Nora E. Vaughan Scholarship Ontario College of Art, Toronto.


2009        Radio interview on CBC 99.1 "Here and Now" show, re: "Burden of Histories"
2002        Espace Magazine "Chaos Controlled" by Virginia Macdonnell.
2000        Redrospective Exhibition Catalogue Red Head Gallery, by Carol Laing/S. Rechico.
2000        Dream Ecology Exhibition Catalogue Koffler/McLaughlin Galleries By M. Cherry.
2000        Copigraphie CD ROM "A global history of copigraphic art" published in Montreal by
               Les Produits Logiques LopLop. Curator: Monique Brunet-Weinman.
1999        Open Letter Book cover (artwork) for literary quarterly.
1999        Matriart "Adrienne Trent's Natural Disaster Series" by Donna Lypchuk.
1998        Artfocus "Natural Disaster Series" by Virginia Macdonnell.
1999        LOLA Shotgun review "Natural Disaster Series" by Anitra Hamilton.
1998        MIX "Artist Run Culture" Summer Issue.
1998        Globe & Mail "Adrienne Trent at Red Head" by Gillian Mackay.
1998        Toronto Life Magazine Art column, by Kyo McClear.
1998        Ottawa Citizen Visual Arts by Donna Wawazonek.
1998        XPress Ottawa "Lay down your arms" by Chari Maple.
1997        LOLA "Pseudonyms & Similarities" Reviews by J. Massier & others.
1996        Exhibition essay "Kitchen Panic" by Maria Lundin.
1996        Matriart "Telling Lives" by Lynn Beavis.
1995        Parallelogram "Art Actuel" (w/photo).
1993        Globe & Mail "Home is where the art is" by Kate Taylor.
1993        Decalogue YYZ 10th anniversary catalogue.
1988        Toronto Star "Ex Nihilo" by Christopher Hume.
1985        Parachute "The Republic" by Bruce Grenville.
1984        Globe & Mail "New City of Sculpture" by John Bentley Mays.
1984        C Magazine "Free spirit in Toronto painting and sculpture" by Donald Kuspit.
1984        C Magazine "New City of Sculpture" Catalogue.
1984        Vanguard "Sex and Representation" by Ian Carr-Harris.
1984        Vanguard "New City of Sculpture" by Goldie Rans.
1984        Vanguard "Alter Eros" by Dot Tuer.


1995-98   Coordinator/Curator - Colour Reprography Centre/Gallery, Visual Arts Ontario.


1995        "Heat" 1996 - "Unfused" 1997 - "Big Steel" 1998 - "Off the Highway".
1993        "Snafu Treasure" Republic 217 Havelock Street, Toronto Canada.


Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto Canada.
University of Toronto - University of Toronto Art Centre, Toronto, Canada.
Deleon White Gallery, Toronto Canada.
Robert Birch Gallery, Toronto Canada.
Numerous private collections.