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1975        Yale University, B.A.
1974        Tyler School of Art in Rome, Temple University.


2002-03    "Playthings", Buschlen Mowatt Galleries, Vancouver, BC and Palm Desert, CA.
2002        "White Whispers", Silas-Kenyon Gallery, Provincetown, Massachusettes.
2002        "Playthings", Koffler Center for the Arts, Toronto, Ontario.
2001        "...All in Row", Silas-Kenyon Gallery, Provincetown, Massachusettes.
2001        "Lost Sense" Emison Art Center Gallery, Depauw University, Greencastle, Indiana.
1999        "Lost Sense" Moreau Galleries, St. Mary's College, Notre Dame, Indiana.
1999        "Lost Sense" Buschlen Mowatt Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia.
1998        "Lost Sense - An Installation by Catherine Widgery", Royal Ontario Museum,
               Toronto, Ontario.
1998        "Lost Sense" Leo Kamen Gallery, Toronto, Ontario.
1994        "Memory's Minefield", The Glendon Gallery, York University, North York, Ontario
               and the Leo Kamen Gallery, Toronto, Ontario.
1992-93    "Collective Amnesia" The Gallery/Statford, Stratford, Ontario,
               MacLaren Art Center, Barrie, Ontario, Rodman Hall Arts Center,
               St. Catherines, Ontario, Koffler Center of the Arts, North York,Ontario,
               Tom Thompson Memorial Art Gallery, Owen Sound, Ontario, with the
               support of the Ontario Arts Council and the Ministry of Culture of Ontario.
1992        Galerie Clara Maria Sels, Dusseldorf, Germany, with two others.
1991        "Corps Absent", Centre d'exposition CIRCA, Montréal, Québec.
1990        "Absent Sea", Leo Kamen Gallery, Toronto, Ontario.
1990        "Private Spaces", Mississauga Art Gallery,Mississauga.
1989        "New Works - Catherine Widgery",Galerie Daniel, Montreal.
1989        "Uncertain Dwellings", Leo Kamen Gallery, Toronto, Ont.
1988        "Summer Winds", Ville de Mont-Joli. Organized by the
               Musée de Rimouski, Québec.
1987        Galerie Port Maurice, Ville de St. Léonard.
1986        Hooks-Epstein Galleries, Houston, Texas.
1979        Sweetbriar Gallery, Sweetbriar College, Sweetbriar, Virginia.
1979        Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY.


2001        "Artcité", Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal, Montreal, Quebec
2001        "Les envahisseurs d'espace", Musée Lachine, Lachine, Quebec
2000-02   The 7th International Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition,
               University of Hawaii, traveling exhibition.
1998-00   "Women Beyond Borders", travelling to over 36 countries as
               more than 200 women artists from around the world interpret
               the "box", organized by the Women's Art Resource Center for the Toronto
               portion of the exhibit. Wilfred Lam Center, Havana, Cuba,
               Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Oazaca,
               Mexico, Akino Fuku Museum, Tenryu, Japan, Gallery One, Tokyo,
               Japan, Ireland, Tin Sheds Gallery, Australia, Sana Fe, New Mexico, Gallery
               Saigon, Saigon, Vietnam.
1997        "Points de Suspensioné", Centre d'exposition CIRCA, Montréal, Québec.
1995-98   "Survivors in Search of a Voice", Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto,
               Ontario, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax, Mackenzie Art Gallery,
               Regina, Saskatchewan, Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton, New
               Brunswick, Thunder Bay Art Gallery, Thunder Bay, Ontario,
               Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, also travelling to
               Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Atlanta, and Detroit.
1995        "Libre Echanges", Musée d'art de Joliette, Joliette, Quebéc.
1995        "The Common Hand", Leo Kamen Gallery, Toronto, Ontario.
1993        "Outre-Terre" Brussels City Hall in cooperation with the Délégation
               générale du Québec en Belgique and the Galerie La Venerie and the
               Galerie Alexandra Monett de Watermael-Boitsfort, Brussels, Belgium.
1992        "Aux Quatre Vents", organisé par le Centre des arts
               contemporains du Québecé Montréal, Montréal,QC
1991-92    Socrates Sculpture Park, Long Island City, New York
1991        "Espace Privés", Maison Hamel-Bruneau, Ste. Foy, Quebec
1990        "Expressions plurielles", Musée du Québec, Québec.
1990        Leo Kamen Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
1989        "Espace-Mur", Galerie Frédéric-Palardy, Montréal.
               Organized by sculpture magazine "Espace".
1989        "Dieux et Diables", Centre d'exposition CIRCA, Montréal.
1989        "Sculpture: Six Artists from Quebec", Leo Kamen Gallery,
               Toronto, Ontario.
1989        "Sculpture 89", Galerie Daniel, Montréal, Québec.
1988        "Sculpture 88", Galerie Daniel, Montréal, Québec.
1988        "Dix ArtistséLa Terre", Centre d'exposition CIRCA, Montréal, Québec.
               Inaugural exhibition.
1988        "L'artiste au jardin", Musée de Rimouski, Rimouski, Québec.
1986-7     "Québec en 3-D", Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France, juried.
               Organized by the Délégation culturelle du Québec.
               Travelling exhibition in Quebec, 1987.
1986        Cantor/Lemberg Gallery, Birminghim (Detroit), Michigan
1986        Galerie du Musée, Musée du Québec, Quebec.
1986        "Oh what a relief!", Martina Hamilton Gallery, New York.
1985        "Regards", Place du Parc, Montréal, sponsored by the Ministère
               des affaires culturelles du Québec.
1985        "Fun de mental", Parasol Gallery, Sag Harbor, New York
1985        "Confrontation 85", Centre Claude Robillard, Montréal, Quebec,
1985        Organized by the Conseil de la Sculpture du Québec.
1985        "Tout l'art du monde", Université du Québecé Montréal, sponsored by
               the Ministry of Cultural Communities and Immigration.
               Travelling exhibition in Quebec.
1984        "Introductions; Davidson, Kaufman, Widgery", Hooks-Epstein
               Galleries, Houston, Texas.
1981        "Concordia Biennale", Concordia University Art Gallery, Montreal, Quebec


TRAIL OF DREAMS, TRAIL OF GHOSTS, City of Santa Fe, NM. Two works are
placed in parks along the route of the old Camino Real. In Frenchyís Park,
two intertwining stone walls 44 feet in diameter represent the Native
American and Spanish cultures that become intertwined as a result of the
Camino Real. At the center open area five feet below grade, a mosaic of
stone, glass, metal and concrete portrays the trail. At De Vargas Park,
a dome of steel cut-outs casts the imagery of the belief systems of the two
cultures in light and shadow. 2002

PASS THROUGH THE LAND, Metropolitan Stadium District, Denver, CO.
Winner of an international competition, this environmental work brings
the textures, colors and forms of the Colorado mountains to a 300'
diameter park in the form of a modified labyrinth. A second area has five
28 foot tall towers that suggest a grove of aspen trees. The silhouette of
the aspen foliage is created from round stainless discs that tremble in
the wind animating the grove with light and sound. Stone work 2001;
Aspen Towers 2002.

LIGHT STORM, Mesa Arts and Entertainment Center. This environmental
work has small stainless discs set into the beige slate paving throughout
the complex suggesting the swirling winds of the desert. The light
reflecting from the small discs creates an animated experience. 2004

RIVER ARCH, The City of Winnipeg, Main Street and Norwood Bridges. The
largest art commission in Winnipeg's history, this work features an
asymetric stainless parabolic arch made of stainless steel mesh with
the pixilated image of a harvested field created from tiny squares of
stainless plate welded to the mesh. The arch rises from the bank of the
river and "plunges" down between the bridges into the river. The work is
the entry, the gateway to the city. 1999.

BY HER OWN RADIANT LIGHT, Grace Church on the Hill, Toronto, Ontario.
Memorial wall sculpture: In the center of a circle of copper discs
representing the phases of the moon, hundreds of fragments of platinum
leaf covered metal are cut as fragments of light on water and installed as
a reflection of moonlight streaming below the full moon as a wall relief.

LA PLUIE DOUCE, Le centre hospitalier Charles Lemoyne, Brossard, Quebec.
An environmental work where an eighty foot long etched glass roof over an
access ramp casts patterns of concentric rings so that visitors are
surrounded by the patterns of a light rain fall on water. The surrounding
landscape echoes these same concentric rings through terracing and
planting. 1999.

LIGHT VIBRATION, The Glenn Gould Award, given by the Glenn Gould
Foundation in honour of an Yo Yo Ma who has made an outstanding
contribution to the world of music. A live flame behind an ultra thin
marble disc whose striations suggest the landscape of the Far North,
illuminate the landscape and respond to the vibrations of music played in
the presence of the work. 1999.

LIQUID ECHO, The Penrose Condominium Complex, 750 Bay Street, Toronto.
Environmental work with wind driven 'waterfall' element powered by air
from ventilation ducts. Paving, planting and seating all part of work.
H and R Developments. 1999.

SWIFT CURRENT, GENTLY FLOW, Centre d'acceuil Monseigneur Coderre,
Longueuil. River designs taken from old topographic maps etched into the
glass of the entrance hall and dining area. An arch in which residents can
sit made of stainless steel with water patterns cut out so that the
shadows cast suggest the surface of the water. Ministére des affaires
culturelles du Québec, 1997-98.

ATTENDRE LE CIEL, Lotto Québec, comemorative edition of 15 works in
bronze and fabricated brass elements.

LE VENT SE LEVE, Hautes Etudes Commercials (the Business School of the
Universite de Montreal). Outdoor work made up of four bronze trees
twenty feet high with an eight foot square gold leafed pyramid "floating"
in their brances. Live vines grow up the bronze trees and the leaves
become luminious when lit from below by intense flood lights at night.
Ministére des affaires culturelles du Québec, 1% program, national
competition. 1996.

LE TEMPS PASSE, Centre d'acceuil de l'Assomption. Outdoor work that
includes 320 square metres of mosaic and a gazabo with a copper leaf
dome 16 feet in diameter. Ministére des affaires culturelles du Québec,
1% Program. 1995.

project, concrete fossil form 21 feet in diameter, real fossils forms from
400 million years old specimens cast into the surface, indoor wall bas-
relief 24 feet by 14 feet. Ministére des affaires culturelles du Québec,
1% Program. 1994.

CYCLES Ecole Ste. Julie. Large, carved granite and cast bronze seedlings
set in the landscape below the trees that actually drop the tiny seedlings
each year. Indoors, a 45 foot high suspended work of floating bronze and
steel seedlings above an interior garden . Ministére des affaires
culturelles du Québec, 1% Program 1994.

OBJECTIVE MEMORY, Ottawa City Hall, designed by Moishe Safdie. Outdoors,
three elements of bronze and aluminum in a relfecting pool. National
Competition. The City of Ottawa 1993.
PASSING SONG, International Symposium of Outdoor Sculpture, Montreal.
A dome 15' in diameter and 18'high. Permanently installed in Lachine

PARADE, Ecole Emilie Gamlin, La Prairie, Québec. Outdoor sculpture made
up of eight bronze elements approximately 12 feet high each. Ministére
des affaires culturelles du Québec, Integration of Art and Architecture
Program (1%). 1992-93.

POINT DE DEPART, L'Ile de Terrebonne, historic site, Quebec. Outdoor
sculpture that moves in the wind, 15 feet high. Ministére des affaires
culturelles du Québec, Integration of Art and Architecture Program (1%),

MURMURS DE L'INFINIT, courtyard in an elementary school on Ile des Soeurs
in Montreal. The work includes a recessed amphitheather for seating and a
"confessional" bench at the edge of a 'crack' which bisects the area of the
courtyard. Ministére des affaires culturelles du Québec, 1991.

WIND BOWER, Gairloch Gardens, Oakville, Ontario. 17 foot high outdoor
sculpture that responds to the wind with delicate wind chimes. National
competition commissioned by the Oakville Galleries, 1990.

WIND BOAT, 25 foot high outdoor kenetic sculpture. Ville de Lasalle,
Québec, 1990.

ENFANCE EN SEQUENCE. Elementary School, Aylmer, Quebec. Ministére des
affaires culturelles du Québec, Integration of Arts and Architecture
Program. Outdoor sculpture, 9 elements based on videos of a young child
running cut from perfored metal and set behind a perforated metal screen
so the images vibrate as the viewer walks by, each is ten feet high. 1990.

CITY PEOPLE, The Royal Bank of Canada head office, Toronto. Outdoor
sculpture, twenty over life-size moving silhouettes that are
anamorphically distorted and turn in the wind. 1989.

LE BON VENT, Canadian Embassy in Geneva, Switzerland. 15 foot etched
brass wall sculpture. Sponsored by the External Affairs Department of
Canada. 1988.

JARDIN DES OISEAUX, Douglas Hospital, Montreal. 52 foot environmental
piece with fountain. Ministére des affaires culturelles du Québec,
Integration of Art and Architecture program. 1987.

WAITING FOR THE TRAIN, CLSC St. Henri (Medical and Social Services
Center), Montreal, Quebec. 22 foot steel mural. Sponsored by the Ministére
des affaires culturelles du Québec. 1985.

ICARUS, McGill University, Montreal. Mobile, 30' x 10' x 12', 1983.


Elected member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, 2002
"Aide aux Artistes Professionnels", "A" Grant, Conseil des Arts et lettres
        du Québec, 1998. Long term.
Merit Award for excellence in design by The Advertising and Design Club
        of Canada for the Lost Sense catalogue, 1998
"Aide aux Artistes Professionnels", "A" Grant, Conseil des Arts et lettres
        du Québec, 1996. Long term.
"Aide aux Artistes Professionnels" , "A" Grant, Conseil des Arts et lettres
        du Québec, 1994. Long term.
"Aide aux créateurs", "A" Grant, Ministére des affaires culturelles du
        Québec, 1991. Short term.
"Aide aux créateurs", "A" Grant, Ministére des affairs culturelles du
        Québec, 1990. Short term.
"Soutiené la Création" grant by the Ministére des affaires culturelles du
        Québec, 1987. Long term.
Fellowship at Yaddo, Saratoga Springs, New York, 1979.
Fellowship at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Sweetbriar,
       Virginia, 1978-79.
Fellowship at the Millay Colony, Austerlitz, New York, 1978.
Cum Laude & Special Distinction in Fine Arts, Yale University, 1975
Ethel Walker Prize, Fine Arts Faculty, Yale University, 1975.


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