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André Fauteux

Born, Dunnville, 1946, Ontario, Canada.


1991             Galeria Antonio de Barnola, Barcelona.
1990             Klien Art Works , Chicago.
1990             Gallery One, Toronto
1990             49th. Parallel, New York.
1989             Ball State University Art Gallery, Muncie, Indiana. ( installation)
1989             Gallery One, Toronto. (catalogue)
1988             Gallery One, Toronto. (catalogue)
1986             Gallery One, Toronto.
1985             Contemporaries II " Ball State University Art Gallery, Muncie, Indiana.
1985             Gallery One, Toronto.
1983             Sable - Castelli Gallery, Toronto.
1982/3          André Fauteux Ten Years" (catalogue) organized and originating at The Agnes Etherington Art Gallery,
                    Kingston, Ontario, and travelling to The Art Gallery of Hamilton, The Art Gallery of Windsor
                    and Sir George Williams Art Gallery, Concordia University, Montreal.
1982             Sable - Castelli Gallery, Toronto.
1981             Sable - Castelli Gallery, Toronto.
1980             Salander - O’Reilly Gallery, New York. (catalogue)
1980             Harbourfront Art Gallery, Toronto.
1979             Sable - Castelli Gallery, Toronto.
1978             Sable - Castelli Gallery, Toronto.
1977             William Edward O’Reilly Gallery, New York.
1977             Sable - Castelli Gallery, Toronto.
1976             Owens Art Gallery, Mt.Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick. (catalogue)
1976             Dietcher / O’Reilly Gallery, New York.
1976             Sable - Castelli Gallery, Toronto.
1975             Jared Sable Gallery, Toronto.
1974             Jared Sable Gallery, Toronto.
1973             Dunkleman Gallery, Toronto .
1971             Dunkleman Gallery, Toronto


1991             Academia de Belles Artes, Sabadell , Spain
1991             La Rectoria, Sant Pere Villamajor, Barcelona, Spain
1990             Sculpture of The Americas Into the Ninties, Museum of Modern Art of Latin America, Washington DC.
1990             Steel Smiths, U. S. Steel Tower, Pittsburg .
1990             Centre D’ART la Rectoria, Sant Pere Villamajor, Catalunya
1987             Greenburger Foundation Awards, Jack Gallery, New York and the Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto.
1987             Triangle Barcelona, Casa de la Caritat, Barcelona.
1987             Artscape " Burlington Cultural Centre, Burlington, Ontario.
1986             Contemporary Sculpture from the Art Bank Collection " Washington Square, Washington D.C.
                    Selected by Michael Botwinick, Corcoran Gallery, and traveling to Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Dallas and San Diego CA..
1984             Toronto Sculpture Garden.
1983             1978/1983 Gallery One, Toronto.
1982             Contemporary Outdoor Sculpture at the Guild Inn , Scarborough, Ontario.
1981             Sculpture 81, Dalhousie Art Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
1981             Constructivist Heritage, Harbourfront Art Gallery, Toronto.
1981             Sculpture From the Art Bank Collection , University of Lethbridge, Alberta.
1980             From the Art Bank Collection ,The Gallery, Stratford.
1979             Bentham/Murray/Fauteux , UNESCO, Paris.
1978             Selections from The Art Bank Collection , The Mendle Art Gallery, Saskatoon, Saskachewan.
1978             Certain Traditions, Recent British and Canadian Art ", Edmonton Art Gallery, Glenbow Museum, Calgary.
                    The Mendal Art Gallery, Saskatoon. The Art Gallery of Windsor. The Art Gallery of Hamilton.
                    London Regional Art Gallery, London Ontario. Memorial University, St. John’s, Newfoundland.
                    [ IN BRITAN:] Lhandudno, Wales. and The Commonwealth Institute, London.
1978             Performance , Harbourfront Art Gallery, Toronto.
1978             Sculpture out of Doors , Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Kingston, Ontario.
1978             Monumental Sculpture , Toronto Dominion Centre, Toronto.
1977             Westerlund/Fauteux , Sable Castelli Gallery, Toronto.
1977             New Abstract Art, Edmonton Art Gallery, Alberta.
1977             Lines Limits Projections , The Gallery, Stratford, Ontario.
1977             Rehearsal , Harbourfront Art Gallery, Toronto.
1977             Eleven Sculptors , Musée d’Art Contemporain, Montreal.
1976             Ontario Now , Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery and the Art Gallery of Hamilton.
1976             Abstractions , XXI Olimpiad, Montreal. The Gallery, Stratford, Ontario. Canadian Cultural Centre, Paris.
                    and Canada House, London, U. K.
1975             The Condition of Sculpture , The Hayward Gallery, London, U.K.
1975             Up Front 75 , Toronto.
1975             Eight from Toronto , The Winnipeg Art Gallery and The Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.
1974             C.N.E. Sculpture Show , Toronto.
1971             Five on the Scene , Isaacs Gallery, Toronto.
1968             Two Canadians, Gallery Ivan Spence, Ibiza, Spain.
1968             Salon de Mayo, Barcelona, Spain.
1967             Picture Loan Society, Toronto.


The Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto.
The Art Gallery of Hamilton, Hamilton, Ontario.
The Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton , Alberta.
The Canada Council Art Bank, Ottawa.
The Agnes Etherington Art Centre. Kingston, Ontario.
The Douglas Duncan Collection, National Gallery, Ottawa.
Innis College, University of Toronto.
The Art Gallery of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario.
The City of Barcelona
The Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg , Manitoba
La Rectoria, Sant Pere Villamajor, Barcelona, Spain


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