Ontario Society of Artists gallery

FEBRUARY 28th, 1954

The Annual Meeting was held at "The Grange", The Art Gallery of Toronto, on March 4th, 1953.

OFFICERS elected for the coming year were as follows:
President - Sydney H. Watson
Vice Pres. and Treas - Peter Haworth
Secretary - H. S. Palmer
Assistant Secretary - Fred Finley

A. J. Casson
Rody K. Courtice
J. S. Hallam
C. Horne
John Martin
L. A. C. Panton
R. Y. Wilson

REPRESENTATIVES The Art Gallery of Toronto, S. H. Watson
Ontario College of Art, F. H. Brigden
C.N.E., Francis Loring, C. Horne

Tom Hodgson, Painter, Toronto
Virginia E. Luz, Painter, Toronto
Donald Neddeau, Painter, Toronto
Marthe Rakine, Painter, Toronto
Harold Town, Painter, Toronto

Clarkson, Gordon & Co.

Now eighty two years of age, and having just completed another year of active service in the interest of Art in the Province, the Ontario Society of Artists, although old in years, has proved again that it is still in spirit a most youthful society. This youthfulness, combined with the wisdom of its years, has produced accomplishments for the year 1953, of which 1 believe, we can well be proud.

The 81st. Annual Exhibition opened at the Art Gallery of Toronto on Friday Evening, February 27th. Our special guest for the Evening was Dr. B. K. Sandwell, who after a memorable address declared the Exhibition officially open. The attendance at this event was approximately 1500. The total attendance for the duration of the Exhibition was 17,679, including 2,779 school children. 1093 Catalogues were sold and 9 works were purchased, totalling $1410.00 which included the T.D.F. purchase Award of $500.00. In accordance with the usual custom, Kodachrome lantern slides were made from works selected from the Exhibition, to be available for the use of members in illustrated lectures throughout the Province. A duplicate set of these slides was prepared for the Public Library and Art Museum of London, Ontario. The Jury selected for the Exhibition 111 works, from a total of 521 submitted. These represented 54 works by members and 57 by non members. Works were submitted from artists residing in the following centres in Ontario Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa, London, Windsor, Kitchener, Waterloo, Kingston, Brantford, Belleville, Welland, Niagara on the Lake, Niagara Falls, Peterborough, Guelph, Oshawa, Sarnia, St. Catharines, Paris, Owen Sound, Ancaster, New Market, Downsview, McKellar, King, Sturgeon Falls, Pickering, Weston, Mimico, Lakefield, Lakeview, Burlington, Greensville, Cainsville, Port Colborne, Streetsville, Woodbridge, Cooksville, Locust Hill, Port Credit, and from the Provinces of Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Alberta.

As a tribute to the memory of the late Dora WechsIer, O.S.A. a special memorial exhibition of her work was held in conjunction with the Annual Exhibition. This consisted of a select group of Mrs. Wechsler's distinguished ceramic sculpture.

The already well established custom of producing a special section for our Annual Exhibition was adhered to again in 1953. "Chair and Variations", an exhibition of 20 panels, based on a similar subject of a simple, early Canadian chair, painted by 20 members of the Society comprised the Special Section. To Mr. L. A. C. Panton and Mr. John Martin goes much credit in the organization of this project.

Our sincere thanks is extended to Walter Hawley Yarwood for his design of the 1953 Catalogue.

The Taber Dulmage Feeley Purchase Award of $500.00 was given to Oscar Cahen for his painting "Red and Pink Structure". The J. W. L. Forster Prize of 100.00 was given to Audrey E. Garwood for her painting "Voyage".

On the completion of the Annual Exhibition in Toronto, a selection of work from this Exhibition, consisting of 56 works, and the "Chair and Variations" section, was sent to the Public Library and Art Museum, London, Ontario. This exhibition which was on view in London during April 1953, was opened by the President of the O.S.A. at a private view.

Held at the Fine Art Galleries of Eaton's College Street, January 25th to February 6th, 1954, this exhibition opened with a most successful Private View and Tea on the afternoon of Monday, January 25th. 400 members and invited guests were in attendance. Our thanks are extended to Mrs. Rody Kenny Courtice and her committee for the excellent work done in making this event such a happy one. The exhibition consisted of 140 small paintings and 10 pieces of sculpture, of which 7 works were sold amounting to $440.00. Owing to the extremely inclement weather during the Exhibition, the attendance and sales were unusually small.

Once again it is my pleasure to extend to the Public Library and Art Museum of London, Ontario, the sincere appreciation and thanks of the members of the O.S.A. for the continued interest and support of this Gallery in connection with the Western Ontario Regional Travelling Exhibitions. Upon the completion of the Small Picture and Sculpture Exhibition, 33 works were selected to constitute the 1954 Travelling Exhibition. Opening in Kingston, Ontario, February last, this Exhibition will be circulated throughout the Province.

On Thursday November 26th, members of the Society were deeply shocked by the sudden and untimely passing of one of its most beloved and respected members, J. Sydney Hallam. For many years Syd served the Society diligently and faithfully, not only as a devoted member, but also as a member of the Executive Council, in which office he gave much in time and service to the business affairs of the O.S.A. In 1944 he was elected Vice President, which position he held for one year. On many occasions the Society signified further their trust in Syd, by electing him continually to O.S.A. Jury duty. Although only 55 years of age at his death his contribution to the Society will long be remembered. His stature and sensitivity as a painter, and his humility and kindly humour as a man, makes the loss to the Society very great indeed, and to his many personal friends irreparable.

Members of the Society were grieved to learn of the death of a one time member of the O.S.A., the late Stanley F. Turner, who died on June 3rd, 1953. For many years Mr. Turner was a much respected and active member of the Society, and his passing is much regretted by his many friends and associates.

At Grange House, Art Gallery of Toronto, on the afternoon of November 12th, in the presence of the Officials and Staff of the Gallery, and representatives of the O.S.A., the President of the Society presented to Mr. Wm. Lancaster, recently retired from the Gallery Staff, a suitably engraved watch, along with a cheque for $100.00, donated from a special fund subscribed to by individual members, and a letter expressing appreciation of the many services so cheerfully rendered to the Society and to individual members, throughout the many years Mr. Lancaster had served on the Staff of the Art Gallery of Toronto.

On behalf of the Society may I extend to the Art Institute of Ontario, our thanks for their assistance in helping finance expenses involved in the production of the exhibition "Chair and Variations". This exhibition in the custody of the AMINO., has been on view in London Museum, Ingersol Public Library, St. Catharines Public Library, Stratford Public Library, Windsor Public Library, and Art Museum, Brantford Public Library, Woodstock Public Library, and WestonSenior Public School.

During the year lectures by our members were given at the Ontario College of Art, Western University, London, Doon School of Fine Art, London Public Library and Art Museum, Bishop Strachan School, Timmins, Waterloo, Brantford, Richmond Hill, Lindsay, Windsor, Peterborough, Parry Sound, Port Colborne, and other centres. The steadily increasing demand from the Society for lectures, demonstrations, etc., continues to put considerable strain on members who unselfishly give of their time and effort.

To the 5 new Painter members elected in 1953, may 1 extend a sincere welcome; Tom Hodgson, Virginia E. Luz, Donald Neddeau, Marthe Rakine, and Harold Town, all of Toronto.

To the following members our warmest congratulations; R. York Wilson, for having won the Award for the competition for a mural to be placed in the Library of McGill University, A. J. Casson, for being elected a Vice President of the Art Gallery of Toronto, Wm. A. Winter for being elected an Academician in the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, Doris McCarthy, for being elected secretary of the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour, Franklin Arbuckle, Chas. F. Comfort and George Pepper, for being commissioned by the Canadian Government to paint panels depicting the activities of Canadian Agriculture, forestry and fisheries, to be placed in the Canadian Room of the United Nations' Food and Agricultural Resources headquarters in Rome, Italy, Kathleen Daly Pepper, on purchase of painting by Canadian Government for Canadian Embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark.

May 1 express the sincere appreciation of the Society, for services rendered the O.S.A., to the following: The Art Gallery of Toronto and Staff, The Arts and Letters Club, The Public Library and Art Museum, London, Ontario, The T. Eaton Co., Fine Art Galleries, The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, radio and television, and the Private Toronto radio stations, the Toronto Transportation Commission, the Editors, Critics and Columnists of the Toronto Dailies, and Saturday Night, Robert Hubbard, Sampson Matthews Limited, and the firm of Taber Dulmage Feeley for having offered for a five year period, the Purchase Award of $500.00.

To all the members of the Society may I add a word of sincere thanks for the assistance and help they have given, and the loyalty and confidence they have expressed during the year, just completed. To the members of the Budget Committee, the Jury, the Nomination Committee, and the Women's Committee, our sincerest appreciation is offered. As a result of this co operation and effort, the Society 1 believe, has again completed a most happy and successful year of real progress and service.


* Courtesy of Archives of Ontario, Toronto, Ontario
   fonds Ontario Society of Artists