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Patrick Anderson (1915-1979)

Patrick Anderson was born in Surrey, England, and studied at Oxford University before accepting a Commonwealth Fellowship to Columbia University in New York. He then taught for six years at a private school in Montreal, during which time he and his wife, Peggy Doernbach - edited a series of short-lived literary newsletters (The Andersons, The victory broadsheet and En Masse), all of which reflected the Andersons' Marxist politics. In 1942 he founded Preview magazine, which almost immediately became influential through the publication (many for the first time) of poets including A.M. Klein, P.K. Page and F.R. Scott. The didacticism of Anderson's early poetry, A tent for April (1945) and The white centre (1946), eventually matured into the richly metaphorical work in The colour as naked (1953). He left Canada and returned to Britain where his hand turned to autobiography and travel writing. His later poetry was collected in two volumes: A visiting distance - poems: new, revised, and selected (1976) and Return to Canada (1977).