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Christopher Dewdney (1951-       )

Chris Dewdney was born in London, Ontario, attended H.B. Beal Secondary there and eventually settled in Toronto in the mid 1980s. He has taught writing variously at George Brown College, the Ontario College of Art and York University. Along with fellow Londoner, Robert Fones, Dewdney has also crossed over into practice in the visual arts. His first collection of poetry, Golders Green (1971), was almost entirely self-produced at Toronto's Coach House Press, and eventually disappeared from sight when some workmen, during a move, threw out some boxes being stored in his mother's basement. This initial misstep was followed by a series of assured and accomplished books of visionary poetry and prose, including A Palaeozoic Geology of London, Ontario (1973), Fovea Centralis (1975), Spring Trances in the Control Emerald Night (1978), Alter Sublime (1980), The Cenozoic Asylum (1983), Predators of the Adoration (1983), The immaculate perception (1986), Parmugenesis (1987), The Radiant Inventory (1991) The secular grail (1993) and Demon Pond (1995).