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D.G. Jones (1929-       )

Douglas Gordon Jones was born in Bancroft, Ontario and educated at a private school in Quebec's Eastern Townships, at McGill University and Queen's University. He then taught English literature at Bishop's University and the Université de Sherbrooke. He founded Ellipse in 1969, which continues to be the only literary periodical in Canada which provides reciprocal translations, in equal measure, of both English and French Canadian poetry. His first book of poetry, Frost on the sun (1957), was published by Contact Press. Subsequently he published The sun is axeman (1961), Phrases from Orpheus (1967), Under the thunder the flowers light up the earth (1977) [the first Coach House Press book to be recognized as worthy of the Governor General's Award], and A throw of particles: new and selected poetry. Considered by many to be one of the seminal figures of the mythopoeic strain of Canadian poetry, such myths never truly departed from the poet's vision, but they have changed their forms. The gods come in other guises, often as painters, as two of Under the thunder's five sections are devoted to poems inspired by David Milne and Alex Colville. His seminal work of critical writing is Butterfly on rock: a study of themes and images in Canadian literature.