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Eli Mandel (1922-1992)

Elias Wolf Mandel was born in Estevan, Saskatchewan. His studies at the University of Saskatchewan were interrupted by service in the Army Medical Corps during WWII, after which he continued his studies at the U. Of Sask. and at the University of Toronto. After short teaching stints in Quebec and Alberta he was appointed to Glendon College of York University in Toronto in 1963, but returned to Edmonton the following year before taking up permanent professorship at York University in 1967. His first significant publication was as part of Trio (1954), the Contact Press anthology that introduced readers to his work and that of Gael Turnbull and Phyllis Webb. His first solo outing was called Fuseli Poems (1960), and that was followed by a succession of collections which closely aligned him with the followers of Northrop Frye's 'mythopoeic' theories (among them Jay Macpherson and James Reaney), including Black and secret man (1964), An idiot joy (1967), which won the Governor General's Award, Stony plain ( 1973), Crusoe (1973), Out of place (1977), Life sentence (1981), and Dreaming backwards (1981). Two of his anthologies, Poetry 62 (1961) and Poets of contemporary Canada: 1960-1970 helped to define the new modernism in Canadian poetry.