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Daphne Marlatt (1942-       )

Born Daphne Buckle, to English parents, in Melbourne, Australia, Daphne Marlatt spent six post-war years in Penang, Malaya before emigrating to Canada (North Vancouver, B.C.) in 1951. She enrolled in English at U.B.C. in 1960, began to frequent the literary salons associated with TISH magazine, and became an editor by 1963 when the founders were dispersing to graduate studies at other universities. She completed her M.A. in Comparative Literature at the University of Indiana, Bloomington, in 1968. She returned to Vancouver in 1970. Some of her earlier work was published in the second series of Cid Corman's Origin and she was featured in Raymond Souster's New Wave Canada (1966), and published solo volumes shortly thereafter: Frames: of a story (1968) and Leaf/leafs (1969), which was published by Black Sparrow Press in Los Angeles. Marlatt has edited a number of literary journals including The Capilano Review, Periodics (devoted to works in prose), Island [Victoria] and the feminist journal Tessera. These experiments in language were followed by Rings (1971), Vancouver poems (1972), Steveston (1974), Our lives (1975), Zocalo (1977), What matters (1980), Net work (1980), Here & there (1981), How hug a stone (1983), Touch to my tongue (1984), Mauve (1985), character (1986), Ana historic (1988), Double negative (1988), Salvage (1991), Ghost works (1993), (1994) and This tremor love is (2001). She has also published books of non-fiction/memoir including Steveston recollected: a Japanese-Canadian history (1975) and Mothertalk: Life stories by Mary Kiyoshi Kiyooka (1999).