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John Sutherland (1919-1956)

John Sutherland was born in Liverpool, N.S. and attended Queen's University in 1936-37. While at Queen's he contracted tuberculosis of the kidney and was subsequently confined to the family home until 1941 when he ignored his gloomy prognostications and enrolled in McGill University. His early poems were rejected by Patrick Anderson's Preview and, in reaction, he started his own literary periodical, First Statement in 1942. He was joined by new editors Louis Dudek and Irving Layton in 1943 and that year also acquired a printing press and began to publish books of poetry, Layton's Here and now being the first. Sutherland became managing editor of Northern Review when his own First Statement merged with Anderson's Preview in 1945.

      Sutherland's ground-breaking anthology, Other Canadians, was undertaken in direct reaction to A.J.M. Smith's The book of Canadian poetry: a critical and historical anthology. In 1956 he published The poetry of E.J. Pratt: a new interpretation. A posthumous collection of writings, John Sutherland: essays, controversies and poems, edited by Miriam Waddington, appeared in 1972.