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This is our current and projected selection of OneZeroZero digital library titles.
Once we have completed the books for 1945 through 1999, one book will be added per year until 2044.
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First decade (1945-55) |  Second decade (1956-66) |  Third decade (1967-77) |  Fourth decade (1978-85) |

The first decade:

The H.D. Book (pdf) by Robert Duncan(Frontier Press)Adobe Acrobat required
Here and Now by Irving Layton(New Writer's Series No. 1, 1945)
As Ten as Twenty by P.K. Page (The Ryerson Press, 1946)
Other Canadian's: An Anthology of the New Poetry in Canada, 1940-1946
ed. by John Sutherland (First Statement Press, 1947)
The Rocking Chair and Other Poems by A. M. Klein (The Ryerson Press, 1948)
The Red Heart by James Reaney (McClelland & Stewart, 1949)
he Tight-Rope Walker by Norman Levine (The Totem Press (London), 1950)
A Counterpoint to Sleep by Anne Wilkinson (The First Statement Press, 1951)
Trial of a City by Earle Birney (Ryerson, 1952)
The Colour as Naked by Patrick Anderson (McLelland & Stewart: The Indian File #6, 1953)
Trio ed. by Phyllis Webb, E.W. Mandel and Gael Turnbull (Contact Press, 1954)
Europe by Louis Dudek (Laocoon Press, Montreal (Distributed by Contact Press), 1955)

The second decade:

Let Us Compare Mythologies by Leonard Cohen (McGill Poetry Series
["Published for The McGill Poetry Series, Contact Press"], 1956)
Frost on the Sun by D.G. Jones (Contact Press, 1957)
The Rose and the Puritan by Alden Nowlan (Fiddlehead, 1958)
A Red Carpet for the Sun by Irving Layton (McClelland & Stewart (Canada)
Jonathan Williams / Jargon (U.S.), 1959)
Rocky Mountain Poems by Ralph Gustafson (Klanak Press, 1960)
Leaves are Falling in the River/Fruits are Falling in the Garden by David A. Donnell (Village, 1961)
Poems for All the Annetts by Alfred Purdy (Contact, 1962)
The Rising Fire by Gwendolyn MacEwen (Contact, 1963)
Points on the Grid by George Bowering (Contact, 1964)
Moving Along by John Newlove (Contact, 1965) &
Naked Poems by Phyllis Webb (Periwinkle, 1965)
We Sleep Inside Eachother All by bill bissett (Ganglia, 1966)

The third decade:

Dainty Monsters by Micheal Ondaatje (Coach House Press, 1967)
Light Verse by Victor Coleman (Coach House Press, 1968)
The Man Who's Path Was On Fire by James Reid (Tallon Books, 1969)
Weeds by Frank Davey (Contact, 1970)
Anthropomorphiks by Robert Fones (Coach House Press, 1971)
The Vancouver Poems by Daphne Marlatt (Coach House Press, 1972)
A Palaeozoic Geology of London Ontario by Christopher Dewdney (Contact, 1973)
Beware the Months of Fire by Patrick Lane (Contact, 1974)
Long Sault by Don McKay (Applegarth Follies, 1975)
Glass: Passages by Wayne Clifford (Oberon, 1976)
Seed Catalogue by Robert Kroetsch (Contact, 1977)

The fourth decade:

A Calendar of Airs by August Kleinzahler (Coach House Press, 1978)
Right Hemisphere, Left Ear by Paul Dutton (Coach House Press, 1979)
Artemis Hates Romance by Sharon Thesen (Coach House Press, 1980)
Breathin' My Name with a Sigh by Fred Wah (Tallon Books, 1981)
Lost Language by Maxine Gadd (Coach House Press, 1982)
Matinee Light by Diana Hartog (Coach House Press, 1983)
Zygal by bpNichol (Coach House Press, 1985)