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II The School Globe

James Reaney


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Scenes for a Stereoscope

By the sea-saw seashore
Walks a tall man
Who looks at the sea
And says:
Oh sea, as you forever see-saw,
Where, where is my marjorie daw?

Oh sea, with your blue
And your green rocking-horses,
Some rocking left,
Some rocking right,
Where, where is my marjorie daw?
Said the sea as he
Walked beside her,
Why, said she,
With a pleated shout,
Do these white hands sprout
From the shoulders of your suit
Were sticking
A pair of white hands
Each one like a wing.

Oh, said he,
That was when I
Was alone in the kitchen
With the maid.
We had put our arms
Around each other
And her hands were white
With baking
And the flour came off
Upon my suit,
So that I went back to my wife
In the parlour
With these white hands upon my back
And my wife said, Oh Chuck,
Will you pull that blind down a trifle?
As I turned to do so like a rifle
Going off was her voice: Oh Chuck,
I see I shall have to give the maid the sack.

So he wanders in his blue serge suit
By the blue serge surge of the sea.
And the sea replies: Haw, haw,
You will never find your marjorie daw
But must go back to your wife
For the rest of, haw, haw, the rest of
The rest and remainder of your life.