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III The Great Lakes Suite

James Reaney


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III  Lake Huron

Yoohoo Yoohoo
I’m blue, blue
Lake Huron.
By my shores
In fratricidal wars
Indians killed each other.
At Bayfield
The people stop
To see me slop
Against the pier.
At Grand Bend
The people tend
Instead to
Look at each other.
The Au Sable River and the Maitland
Flow into me.
They think I’m a sea
But haw haw
They’re not through yet
For blue and wet
I flow into Lake St. Clair
And Lake St. Clair into Lake Erie
So very very weary
And Lake Erie into
Lake Ontario
Like a blue grain bag
At which that frowsy hag
Of a city Toronto nibbles.
And then the River St. Lawrence!
Whose waters resemble those
Dark barrelled waves that
Drowned the Duke of Clarence.
So haw haw you Maitland River
And you Au Sable one too.
For when you flow into me
You’re not at all through.