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blew ointment press (1963-85)

Vancouver, B.C.
bill bissett [David Lee & Maureen Cochrane - 1984-]

Blew Ointment began life as a mimeographed periodical notable for its often hand-
decorated covers and inserts. It began to publish pamphlets and chapbooks by individual
authors in 1967. The press was purchased by David Lee and Maureen Cochrane in 1984
and the name was eventually changed to Nightwood Editions (Toronto and London, ON),
which continued as an imprint of Harbour Publishing in Madiera, B.C.

1967     Pamplemousse, David UU
1967     Othr Pomes, Michael Coutts
1967     Gideon Music, David [UU] Harris
1967     Apocolips, Scott Lawrance
1967     Guns of the West, Maxine Gadd
1967     The Gossamer Bed Pan, bill bissett
1968     The Lost Angel Mining Company,bill bissett
1970     The Captain Poetry Poems, bpNichol
1970     Hochelaga, Maxine Gadd
1970     king Lots for Greg Curnoe, Victor Coleman (w/ Intermedia)
1970     Eyes Open, Bertrand Lachance
1971     And, Gerry Gilbert
1971     Yonder Glow, Martina Clinton
1972     Poems for Yoshi, bill bissett
1972     Journal to the East, Gerry Gilbert
1972     Old Mill, Andrew Suknaski
1973     Street Flesh, Bertrand Lachance
1973     Stamp Collection, Barry McKinnon
1974     Th Gossamer Bedpan, bill bissett
1974     Tres Rivieres T'attendent, Bertrand Lachance
1974     Pamplemousse, David UU
1975     Stardust, bill bissett
1975     Stray Zale, Cathy Ford
1976     Results of the Ring Toss, Candas Jane Dorsey
1976     Two Poems for a Manitoulin Island Canada Day, Lionel Kearns
1977     The Sun Will Not Live Forever, Wilbur Snowshoe
1977     Auto-da-fe, Carolyn Zonailo
1978     Delicate Bodies, Daniel David Moses
1981     Unacknowledged Legislator, Chris Faiers
1981     Sun Flowers, Beth Jankola
1982     Serpentine, Hart Broudy
1984     Panopticon, Steve McCaffery
1984     Call it a Day, Eugene McNamara
1984     Recesses in the Heart: The Thera Poems, Bruce Whiteman
1984     One Hundred Most Frightening Things, Jim Smith