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Coach House Press (1966-1996):

Stan Bevington, Wayne Clifford, Dennis Reid (& David Bolduc) [Founders]
Victor Coleman, editor between 1966 & 1975; Editorial Board 1975-96 includes:
bpNichol, Frank Davey, David Young, Sarah Sheard, David McFadden, Rick/Simon,
Christopher Dewdney, Robert Wallace, Michael Ondaatje, etc.

See National Library catalogue essay, New Wave Canada

1966     Man in a Window, Wayne Clifford
1966     LSD Leacock, Joe Rosenblatt
1967     The Dainty Monsters, Michael Ondaatje
1967     Journeying and the Returns, bpNichol
1967     Nevertheless These Eyes, Roy Kiyooka
1967     one/eye/love, Victor Coleman
1968     Letters from the Earth to the Earth, David McFadden
1968     Light Verse, Victor Coleman
1969     Disappearing Horses, David Rosenberg
1970     Cancer Rising, David Cull
1970     The Pre-Linguistic Heights, Nelson Ball
1971     Anthropomorphiks, Robert Fones
1971     Geneve, George Bowering
1971     Golders Green, Christopher Dewdney
1971     The Great Canadian Sonnet, David McFadden & Greg Curnoe
1971     Standing Back , Robert Hogg
1971     The Pre-Linguistic Heights, Nelson Ball
1972     America, Victor Coleman
1972     Among, Fred Wah
1972     The Martyrology Book I, bpNichol
1972     Vancouver Poems, Daphne Marlatt
1973     Carnival, First Panel, Steve McCaffery
1973     A Paleozoic Geology of London, Ontario, Christopher Dewdney
1973     Rat Jelly, Michael Ondaatje
1974     Birds of the West, David Bromige
1974     Curious, George Bowering
1974     The Intervals, Stuart MacKinnon
1974     Stranger, Victor Coleman
1974     Take Away the Names, E.D. Blodgett
1975     Baggage, D.H. Porter (David Hlynsky)
1975     Fovea Centralis, Christopher Dewdney
1975     Ow's Waif, Steve McCaffery
1975     Permanent Relationships, Brian Fawcett
1976     The Martyrology Books III & IV, bpNichol
1976     The Peter Stories, Gladys Hindmarch
1976     Alophanes, George Bowering
1976     A Soul STation in my Ear, Dwight Gardiner
1977     Carnival, Second Panel, Steve McCaffery
1977     Criss-Cross, John Riddell
1977     The Fontainbleu Dream Machine, Roy Kiyooka
1977     From Next Spring, Gerry Gilbert
1977     Lacerating Heartwood, Judith Fitzgerald
1977     Screens, Eugene McNamara
1977     Under the Thunder the Flowers Light Up the Earth, D.G. Jones
1978     A Calendar of Airs, August Kleinzahler
1978     The Inks and the Pencils and the Looking Back, Sean O'Huigin
1978     Terrific at Both Ends, Victor Coleman
1978     Of Light, Robert Hogg
1978     Journal, bpNichol
1979     The Kiss, David Phillips
1979     The Long Poems Anthology, ed. Michael Ondaatje
1979     Right Hemisphere, Left Ear, Paul Dutton
1979     The Sad Phoenician, Robert Kroetsch
1979     Breathin' My Name with a Sigh, FRED WAH
1980     Alter Sublime, Christopher Dewdney
1980     An Ache in the Ear, Wayne Clifford
1980     Artemis Hates Romance, Sharon Thesen
1980     Cross-Section: Poems 1940-1980, Louis Dudek
1980     Wilson's Bowl, Phyllis Webb
1981     Chopped Liver, David UU (Harris)
1981     Lightning Ball Bait, Don McKay
1981     The the, Barry McKinnon
1982     Colour of Her Speech, Lola Lemire Tostevin
1982     Lost Language, Maxine Gadd
1982     Voices, Noises, Rafael Barreto-Rivera
1982     Capitalist Affection, Frank Davey
1983     The Contemporary Canadian Poem Anthology, ED. George Bowering
1983     Holding the Pose, Sharon Thesen
1983     Matinee Light, Diana Hartog
1983     The Phases of Love, Dorothy Livesay
1983     Split Levels, Judith Fitzgerald
1983     Wilson's Bowl, Phyllis Webb
1984     Convergences, Lionel Kearns
1984     The Invisible World is in Decline, Bruce Whiteman
1984     Kerrisdale Elegies, George Bowering
1984     Edward and Patricia, Frank Davey
1984     Wilson's Bowl, Phyllis Webb
1984     Secular Love, Michael Ondaatje
1984     A Srow's Food, Gerry Shikatani
1984     Water and Light, Phyllis Webb
1985     Wilson's Bowl, Phyllis Webb
1985     Nimrod's Tongue, Rafael Barreto-Rivera
1985     The Weight of Oranges, Anne Michaels
1985     Zygal, bpNichol
1985     The Martyrology Book V, bpNichol