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Intermedia Press (1969-1985)

Vancouver BC
Henry Rappaport & Edwin Varney

1969     Hochelaga, Maxine Gadd (w/ blewointment)
1975     Passages, Frederick Candelaria
1975     Seasons That I Am, Mona Fertig
1975     Dream Surgeon, Henry Rappoport
1976     Plutonium Missing, bill bissett
1976     Canadian Gothic,
Stanley Cooperman
1976     Blood Uttering,
Cathy Ford
1976     Somebody Left the Light on in the Basement,
Avron Hoffman
1976     Sitting on the Lawn with a Lady Twice My Size, Opal L. Nations
1977     Girl of the Golden West, Beth Jankola
1978     Baraka/The Poems of, Nellie McClung