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Proper Tales Press (1979-       )

Stuart Ross

1980        Bad Glamour, Stuart Ross
1981        Movies in the Insect Temple, Mark Laba
1981        When Electrical Sockets Walked Like Men, Stuart Ross
1982        Hit by a Rock, Michael Boyce
1982        Shadows of Seclusion, Randall Brock
1982        And Crunch, Lillian Necakov
1983        A Matter of Fact, jwcurry
1983        Religious Poems, Crad Kilodney
1984        Skip and Biff Cling to the Radio, Stuart Ross
1985        A Canadian in is, Kevin Connolly
1985        The Hats and Stocking of Great Heroes Who Sang for Six Months, Opal L. Nations
1985        The Pod Poems, Stuart Ross
1985        Convincing Americans, Jim Smith