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TalonBooks [Very Stone House] (1965-       )

Vancouver, B.C.

Talonbooks began as a poetry magazine at Magee highschool in Vancouver in 1963. Right from its beginnings, Talon was a literary publisher of Canadian authors of national and international importance. Authors featured in Talon magazine included Margret Atwood, bill bissett, George Bowering, Frank Davy and pbNichol. When the editors of Talon graduated from high school in 1965, they took their magazine with them and it became a UBC poetry magazine. In 1967 Talon began its life as a book publisher, publishig the first books of poetry by the young authors it had published as a magazine.

In 1969, Talonbooks diversified into drama with the publication of Beverly Simon's Crabdance, James Reaney's Colours in the Dark, and George Ryga's The Ecstasy of Rita Joe, all of which have become international classics of the Canadian stage.Talon then diversified into fictaion in 1973 with the publication of Audrey Thomas's Songs My Mother Taught Me and Jane Rule's Desert of the Heart, feminist works of continued wold-wide importance.

The 1974 publication of Michel Tremblay's Les Belles Soeurs in English, translated by John Van Burek and Bill Glassco, marked the debut of Talonbooks' publication of translations of Quebec works. In 1979, Talonbooks further diversified into non-fiction with the publication, in four volumes, of The Salish People by the work of amateur ethnographer and B.C. pioneer Charles Hill-Tout.

Patrick Lane, Seymour Mayne, bill bissett, Jim Brown [1965-67]
David Robinson, Jim Brown & Gordon Fiddler [1967-1985(?)]/Karl Siegler

1966      the jinx ship and other trips, bill bissett
1967      Fireweed, Ken Belford
1967      If There Are Any Hoahs, Jim Brown
1967      Circle Without Center, Pierre Coupey
1968      This Difficult Flowering, Pat Lowther
1968      Three Ring Circus Songs, John Hulcoop
1968      Awake in the Red Desert, bill bissett
1969      Forgetting, Jim Brown
1969      Moving Through the Mystery, Peter Trower
1969      Two Police Poems, George Bowering
1969      The Man Whose Path was on Fire, Jamie Reid
1969      By the LIght of the Silvery McLune, Lionel Kearns
1970      The Post-Electric Caveman, Ken Belford
1970      still water, bpNichol
1970      Wave, David Phillips
1971      The Carcasses of Spring, Barry McKinnon
1971      Monotones, bpNichol
1971      Drifting into War, bill bissett
1971      Toward a Chemistry of Reel People, Jim Brown
1971      Kalala Poems, Skyros Bruce
1971      Taking Places, John Pass
1971      is & London, David Rosenberg
1971      Selected Poems 1954-1965, Phyllis Webb
1972      king Lots, Victor Coleman
1972      King of Swords, Frank Davey
1972      A Book of Occasional, Dwight Gardiner
1972      Stone, Sharon Stevenson
1973      Songbook, Douglas Barbour
1973      Pass the Food, Release the Spirit Book, bill bissett
1973      The Clallam, Frank Davey
1973      Snakeroot, Gary Geddes
1973      Cock Tales, Bertrand Lachance
1974      Love: A Book of Remembrances, bpNichol
1974      The Stick, George Stanley
1974      Speech Sucks, Victor Coleman
1975      Pictograms of the Interior of B.C., Fred Wah
1975      Tish No. 1-19, Frank Davey, ed.
1975      Even Yr Photograph Looks Afraid of Me, Artie Gold
1975      Transcanadaletters, Roy Kiyooka
1976      Grounds, Gerry Gilbert
1977      Pomes For Yoshi, bill bissett
1977      A Short Sad Book, George Bowering
1977      Creatures of State, Brian Fawcett
1978      Sailor, bill bissett
1980      Beyond Even Faithful Legends, bill bissett
1980      ticular Accidents, George Bowering
1980      The Arches, Frank Davey
1980      As Elected, bpNichol
1980      Loci is Buried at Smoky Creek, Fred Wah
1981      Northern Birds in Color
1981      Breathin' My Name with a Sigh, Fred Wah
1982      Aggressive Transport, Brian Fawcett
1982      The Vision Tree, Phyllis Webb
1983      Seagull On Yonge Street, bill bissett 1983Syntax, Robin Blaser
1984      The New York Book of the Dead, Dwight Gardiner
1985      Canada Gees Mate for Life, bill bissett