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Underwhich Editions (1978-       )

Michael Dean, Brian Dedora, Paul Dutton, Steve McCaffery, bpNichol, John Riddel, Steven Ross Smith, Richard Truhlar

1978        Here It Has Rained, Rafael Barreto-Rivera
1979        He Moved, Brian Dedora
1980        Boundaries, Limits and Space: Concrete Poems, Shaunt Basmajian
1980        Whose Smile the Ripple Warps, LeRoy Gorman
1981        These, jwcurry
1981        War, John Riddell
1982        Moon Dice, Richard Truhlar 
1983        What a City Was, Brian Dedora
1983        After the Usual Clients Have Gone Home, Claudio Duran
1983        Flight, Peggy Lefler
1983        Pass This Way Again (A Collection of Performance Poetry),
               Susan McMaster, Andrew McClure & Claude Dupuis
1983        Wells, Nicholas Power
1983        Virus, Jim Smith
1983        Flaking Paint, George Swede
1983        Gyno Text, Lola Lemire Tostevin
1984        Khronika, Denise Bertrand
1984        The Sound of Elephants Falling, Glenn Frew
1984        Nothing by Mouth, Karen Mac Cormack
1984        Continuum, bpNichol
1984        War, Volume 2 - Words that Roar, John Riddell
1985        First Screening, bpNichol
1985        A Game of Cards, Volume 1, John Riddell
1985        Trace-Form Imagery in Venetian Ornamental Imagery, Richard Truhlar