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Gwendolyn MacEwen

Contact Press

Author's first 'trade' book

Other Books Published This Year:

Jawbreakers by Milton Acorn (Contact Press)
Fifty-Eight Poems by Milton Acorn (Fiddlehead Books)
Flowers for Hitler by Leonard Cohen (M&S)
Poesie/Poetry 64, edited by Jacques Godbout & John Robert Colombo (Les Editions de Jour/Ryerson Press)
Blind Man's Holiday by R.G. Everson (Ryerson Press)
A Friction of Lights by Eldon Grier (Contact Press)
Burglar Tools by Harry Howith (Bytown Books)
Elephants Mothers & Others by John Newlove (Periwinkle Press)
The Dance of Death at London, Ontario by James Reaney & Jack Chambers (Alphabet Press)
Voyage of the Mood by Joseph Rosenblatt (Heinrich Heine Press)