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George Bowering

Contact Press

Author's first 'trade' book

Other Books Published This Year:

The Circle Game by Margaret Atwood (Contact Press)
Near False Creek Mouth by Earle Birney (M&S)
Bring Forth the Cowards by Pierre Coupey (McGill Poetry Series)
City of the Gulls and Sea by Frank Davey (SP)
White Lunch by Gerry Gilbert (Periwinkle Press)
Shoot Low Sheriff by They're Riding Shetland Ponies, Willaim Hawkins & Roy MacSkimming (SP)
Kyoto Airs by Roy Kiyooka (Periwinkle Press)
Black and Secret Man by Eli Mandel (Ryerson Press)
That Monocycle the Moon by Seymour Mayne (SP)
Understanding Media by Marshall McLuhan (McGraw-Hill)
Signature by F.R. Scott (Klanak Press)
The Colour of the Times by Raymond Souster (Ryerson Press)
Birth of a Shark by David Wevill (MacMillan)
Selected Poems by Alain Grondbois (trans. Peter Miller) (Contact)