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John Newlove

Contact Press


Phyllis Webb

Periwinkle Press

Other Books Published This Year:

Room of Clocks by Nelson Ball (Weed/flower Press)
For the Record by Luella Booth (Fiddlehead Poetry Books)
The Man in Yellow Boots by George Bowering (El Corno Emplumado, Mexico)
The Gathering by David Bromige (SUMbooks, Buffalo, NY)
Man in a Window by Wayne Clifford (Coach House)
From Erik Satie's Notes to the Music by Victor Coleman (Island Press)
Bridge Force by Frank Davey (Contact Press)
Two Longer Poems: The Seasons of Miss Nicky by Harry Howith and Louis Riel by William Hawkins (Patrician Press)
Listen George by Lionel Kearns (Imago)
The Forms of Loss by E.A. Lacey
The 1962 Poems by R.S. Lane (Ganglia Press)
The Beast with Three Backs by Tom Eadie, Tom Marshall & Colin Norman (Quarry Press)
Tiptoeing on the Mount by Seymour Mayne (McGill Poetry Series)
Smoking the City by Bryan McCarthy (M&S)
For the Mean Time by Eugene McNamara (The Gryphon Press)
The Enchanted Adder by Rona Murray (Klanak Press)
The Cariboo Horses by Alfred Purdy (M&S)
Ten Elephants on Young Street by Raymond Souster (Ryerson Press)
Lardeau by Fred Wah (Island Press)