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Daphne Marlatt

Coach House Press

Other Books Published This Year:

Incisions by Robert Flanagan (Anansi)
Poems for Yoshi by bill bissett (blewointment)
Journal to the East by Gerry Gilbert (blewointment)
Old Mill by Andrew Suknaski (blewointment)
Banjo by Norm Sibum (Caledonia Writing Series)
America by Victor Coleman (Coach House)
Strange by Victor Coleman (Coach House)
Ceremonial by David Dawson (Coach House)
The Martyrology Books I & II by bpNichol (Coach House)
Leavin' America by David Rosenberg (Coach House)
Among by Fred Wah (Coach House)
Part of Mere History by Lewis Warsh (Coach House)
No Address by Avi Boxer (Delta Canada)
Selected Poems by Raymond Souster (Oberon Press)
Cannibals by Stanley Cooperman (Oberon Press)
As Is by Raymond Souster (Oberon Press)
Lies by John Newlove (M & S)
More Poems for People by Milton Acorn (NC Press)
Tree by Fred Wah (New Star Books)
Happy Enough by George Johnston (Oxford)
Bumblebee Dithyramb by Joe Rosenblatt (Press Porcépic)
Sweet Marie by Richard Simmins (Pulp)
Parking Lots by Victor Coleman (Talonbooks)
King of Swords by Frank Davey (Talonbooks)
A Book of Occasional by Dwight Gardiner (Talonbooks)
Stone by Sharon Stevenson (Talonbooks)