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Other Books Published This Year:

Wake-Pick Poems by Kristjana Gunnars (House of Anansi)
Blue Angel by Tim Inkster (Black Moss Press)
Sun Flowers by Beth Jankola (blewointment)
The Pirates or Pen's Chance by Douglas Barbour and Stephen Scobie (Coach House Press)
Madder Lake by Thomas A. Clark (Coach House Press)
Salvage by David Hlynsky (Coach House Press)
A Trip Around Lake Erie by David McFadden (Coach House Press)
Lightning Ball Bait by Don McKay (Coach House Press)
The The by Barry McKinnon (Coach House Press)
The Browser's by Opal L. Nations (Coach House Press)
Paper Doors: An Anthology of Japanese-Canadian Poetry, edited by Gerry Shikatani & David Aylward (Coach House Press)
Chopped Liver by David UU (Coach House Press)
Traditions by Heather Cadsby (Fiddlehead Poetry Books)
This Series Has Been Discontinued by Joan Finnigan (Fiddlehead Poetry Books)
Auk Ridivisus: Selected Poems by George Johnston (Golden Dog Press)
The Whisky Vigil by Erin Mouré (Harbour Publishing)
Going for Coffee: An Anthology of Work Poetry, edited by Tom Wayman (Harbour Publishing)
Here and There by Daphne Marlatt (Island Writing Series)
Briefly: The Birthdate Cycle from the Book of Hours by bpNichol (Island Writing Series)
Owner's Manual by Fred Wah (Island Writing Series)
Extreme Positions by bpNichol (Longspoon Press)
A Grand Memory of Forgetting by Stephen Scobie (Longspoon Press)
The Circular Coast by Anne Marriott (Mosaic Press)
The Cost of Living by Kenneth Sherman (Mosaic Press)
After the War by Andy Wainright (Mosaic Press)
Waiting for the Stones by Sid Stephen (Oberon Press)
The Criminal Intensities of Love by Robert Kroetsch (Oolichan Press)
The Green Plain by John Newlove (Oolichan Press)
The Telephone Book by Michael Dean (Phenomenon Press)
The Scarlet Coat Serial by David Day (Porcépic Books)
Life Sentence by Eli Mandel (Porcépic Books)
In the Name of Narid by Andrew Suknaski (The Porcupine's Quill)
Movies in the Insect Temple by Mark Laba (Proper Tales Press)
When Electrical Sockets Walked Like Men by Stuart Ross (Proper Tales Press)
The Young Man and the Dog by Fred Gaysek (Prototype Publications)
A Sad Device by Roo Borson (Quadrant Editions)
The Surprise Element by Robert Hilles (Sidereal Press)
Northern Birds in Color by bill bissett (Talonbooks)
In Transit by Colin Morton (Thistledown Press)
The Life of Ryley by Monty Reid (Thistledown Press)
The Book of Thirteen by Gertrude Story (Thistledown Press)
The Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech by Tom Wayman (Thistledown Press)
Ideas of Shelter by George Amabile (Turnstone Press)
The Acid Test by Gary Geddes (Turnstone Press)
Walking Through Fire by Maggie Helwig (Turnstone Press)
Continuation 1 by Louis Dudek (Véhicule Press)