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One Zero Zero     A Virtual Library of English Canadian Small Press 1945 - 2044

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OneZeroZero was conceived in 1999 as a Coach House Books Millennium Project funded by the Canada Council. It continued in 2002 with assistance from the Federal Department of Industry's Canada's Digital Collections. Subsequently it was taken under the wing of the Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art and will continue to grow.

OZZ is an attempt to chart the history of English Canadian small press publishing between 1945 and the present. Its aim is to provide students of Canadian literature with a clear path through the increasingly dense thickets of modern and postmodern writing (mostly poetry) since the end of World War II. It will also essay a sort of cartography of the English Canadian small press, to provide an uncomplicated navigation tool for educators, students and the merely curious through the crowded land- and sea-scapes of unofficial cultural production and non-corporate publishing in English Canada.

The ultimate goal of OneZeroZero is to present a collection of full texts online in an effort to revive out-of-print, and often forgotten or otherwise neglected, books in a virtual library of lost literary history. Currently we have eight such texts available (two texts for each decade until 1985) and we also provide links to web resources where other key texts are already available.

Our author and press dictionaries allow the casual browser to quickly navigate a short history / biography of important personalities and institutions in Canada's small press history.

The OneZeroZero timeline is a chronological bibliography, including one (or more) key text(s) for each year. These texts will be presented online in full as funding for their digitization is made available. A list of all texts currently available online, as well as a list of projected texts, is accessible under the 'books' heading. The 'resources' heading is an annotated list of links to other small press histories, bibliographies and titles available online.

In cooperation with the special collections / rare book departments of McGill University and Simon Fraser University the OneZeroZero team will be adding an illustrated component to our history of small press publications and ephemera, beginning with a cornucopia of images from the famous grOnk / Ganglia series. We encourage you to revisit OZZ as we continue to post new texts and images.

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