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Joe Talirunili

Joe Talirunili was born between 1893 and 1906, approximately 50 km north of Puvirnituq, Nunavik [Arctic Quebec], at Neahungnik camp. Although 1893 is the date indicated by the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs in Ottawa, and 1906 is the date the artist cites as the correct year, the exact year of his birth remains unconfirmed. One of the founding members of the Puvirnituq print shop, Talirunili is known for both graphics and sculpture. Focusing on sculpture in the 50's and graphics in the 60's he was most prolific during the last fifteen years of his life.

Like his cousin, artist Davidialuk Amittu, he was a renowned storyteller in Puvirnituq. His work contains strong narrative themes related to his experiences living life on the land and to legends and stories passed in the oral tradition. Camp life, hunting scenes and his famous 'migration' works are explored continuously and with great detail.

Joe Talirunili died on September 13, 1976.

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