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Toronto Canada 2006
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Pasts Re-framed
"Once a crossroads well north of the Town of York, then a mixed nineteenth-century neighbourhood with tree-lined streets, Yorkville became a 1960s Hippie haven, then a cultural focus and high-end shopping destination, now it is festooned with building cranes and dramatic new towers. Building, re-building and change are constants here. These are places with a past, now re-framed by artists' interventions."
- Fern Bayer, Peggy Gale, Chrysanne Stathacos

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nuit blanche

Fern Bayer [ biography ] [ contact ]
Peggy Gale [ biography ] [ contact ]
Chrysanne Stathacos [ biography ][ website ] [ contact ]

[p] = photography - [v] = video
Ron Benner (London, Ontario). Maize Barbacoa, 2006. [p] [v]
General Idea (Toronto / New York). Pharma©opia, 1992. [p]
Emily Pohl-Weary, Artistic Director (Toronto).
Bedtime Tales: Fables and Fastasies
, 2006. [p] [v]
Annette Mangaard / Ihor Holubizky (Toronto) / (Brisbane).
I Am Curious - Yorkville, 2006. [p] [v]
Kelly Mark (Toronto). HOLD THAT THOUGHT, 2006. [p]
Holger Lippmann / Alekos Hofstetter (Berlin). Nuit Blanche, 2006. [p] [v]
Andrew Zealley / Chrysanne Stathacos (Toronto), (Toronto / New York).
One Garden One Night One Wish
, 2006. [p] [v]
Fujiko Nakaya (Tokyo). Fog in Toronto #71624, 2006. [p] [v]
Michael Snow (Toronto). Counting Sheep, 2006. [p]
Jamelie Hassan (London, Ontario). Garden of Light, 2006. [p] [v]