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Toronto Canada 2006
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Lewis Kaye

Lewis Kaye is a sound artist and doctoral candidate at York and Ryerson Universities
in Toronto.

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You Are Here
Mobile audio work

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Listening station at the Yorkville Zone Information Hub

You Are Here, a series of aural premonitions or a meditation on the animation of city space created a portable audio forum located in visitors' personal MP3 players who listened to Lewis Kaye on their headphones.

Each MP3 track, composed in collaboration with the exhibiting artists, was a sonic invitation to a particular artwork. As a portable piece downloaded prior to the exhibition, the listener became the location of You are Here . Cityscape met soundscape in The Official Nuit Blanche Audio Guide made up of the visitors' arrangements of site-specific binaural recordings. Participation was thus an instrument of its composition.

Visitors could plan their journey during the night according to the sounds of each artwork in a personal play-list. They could listen in situ to their customized audio guide, as the sounds of the binaural recordings resonated with the existing sounds of the city...and they themselves. They could 'make noise' with a network of active listeners, a new impromptu community, a soundtrack for the city, formed while You Are Here...

A personal MP3 player was recommended, buth not required to participate. Visitors could download at the nearest internet cafe, or at the Listening Station at the Zone A Information Hub.

You Are Here instructions
1) Download each track to your personal computer
and add them to your favoured MP3 player software (e.g. iTunes, WinAmp, etc.) library.
2) Create a playlist specifically for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche,
and download this playlist to your portable MP3 player.

***Please note that while you can play the tracks on a normal stereo speaker system,
You Are Here
is a binaural audio project specifically designed for personal stereos.
For full effect, each track should be listened to with headphones.

To download, right-click on the links below and select "download linked file".

[MSC] - Hidden Toronto (6.34 MB)

Toronto Heliconian Club
(7.91 MB)
Church of the Redeemer, basement steps (5.54 MB)
Royal Ontario Museum construction site (3.28 MB)
Philosopher's Walk, north of Hoskin Ave (6.48 MB)
McLaughlin Planetarium, entrance (7.78 MB)

St Patrick Station, entrance
(6.14 MB)
Baldwin Street, between McCaul and Beverley (6.15 MB)
180 Queen St W, walkway next to Campbell House (5.23 MB)
Grange Park (4.37 MB)
Harrison Baths (7.37 MB)
MaRS Centre - College St and University Ave (6.82 MB)
University Settlement House (4.85 MB)

[MSC]Gretchen's Friend's House
(9.21 MB)
Trinity Bellwoods Park, Strachan Gates (5.73 MB)
Trinity Bellwoods Park: A walk to the pit from Strachan Gates (9.81 MB)
West Side Lofts (5.91 MB)
Royal Car Wash (6.76 MB)
SPIN Gallery (7.02 MB)
Queens Car Wash (3.45 MB)
Bohemian Embassy (7.56 MB)

Credits: Thank you to Anne Cloutier, Henry Ng, all of the participating artists and curators, and John Sasaki and Dave Dyment at Mercer Union.