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Toronto Canada 2006
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Civic Insomnia
"Restless in the face of our habitual urban experiences, the artists of Nuit blanche help to pierce through our routines. Inviting a celabratory and productive insomnia, Nuit Blanche provides an opportunity to slow the fast pace of Toronto's perpetual state of becoming and, perhaps in new ways, takes a look around". - Kim Simon

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nuit blanche

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[p] = photography - [v] = video
B1. Christina Battle (Toronto). when the wind shifted, 2006. [p] [v]
B2. Chris Curreri (Toronto). (LET ME BE YOUR) TEDDY BEAR, 2006. [p]
B Hub. Diane Borsato (Toronto). HOW TO RESPOND IN AN EMERGENCY, 2006. [p] [v]
B3. Samuel Roy-Bois (Vancouver). Position Yourself in a Network of Possibilities, 2006. [p] [v]
B4. Adrian Blackwell (Toronto). Model for a Public Space (speaker), 2006. [p] [v]
B5. John Greyson / David Wall (Toronto). Roy & Silo's Gay Divorce, 2006. [p] [v]
B6. Tanya Mars (Toronto). In Pursuit of Happiness, 2006. [p] [v]
B7. Diane Landry (Quebec City). Morse Alphabet Soup, 2006. [p]