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scotiabank  nuit blanche
Toronto Canada 2006
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Searching for the 'Soul' of Queen Street West
"Nuit Blanche is a strange and romantic concept. It turns night into day, and forces us to
slow our gaze, step back, reconsider and look at things differently. As Queen Street West is poised to reclaim its former glory, as the fashionable garden city it once was in the late 19th century, Nuit Blanche remembers the ordinary people who at one time lived here and shared
its legacy." - Clara Hargittay

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nuit blanche

Clara Hargittay
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Artists [p] = photography - [v] = video
David Warne and Kevin Krivel (Toronto). Electronic Sky, 2006. [p] [v]
HOCK E AYE VI Edgar Heap of Birds (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA).
Presence and Resistance
, 2006 [p]
Thom Sokoloski (Toronto). Confinement of the Intellect, 2006. [p] [v]
Paul Perrier (Toronto). Cracked, Not Broken, 2005.[v]
José Angel Toirac (Old Havanna, Cuba). The Cinderella Project, 2006. [p] [v]
Rebecca Belmore / Oswaldo Yero (Vancouver). Freeze, 2006. [p] [v]
[John Abrams, Carl Beam, Michael Belmore, Andrew Danson, Bonnie Devine,
Gyula Kalko, Vincenzo Pietropaolo, Greg Staats, Badanna Zack]
(Spin Gallery).
A History Show, 2006. [p]
[Dana Claxton, Sara Diamond, Richard Fung, and Shelley Niro] (Group Exhibition).
Four Car Washes / Four Video Artists, 2006. [p] [v]
Istvan Kantor Revolutionary Song / Chanson a mourir, 2005 / 1989. [p] [v]