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Toronto Canada 2007
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The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters
Those who venture into Zone A will encounter a world turned upside-down,
where the only certainty is to expect the unexpected. Nothing is as it seems.

The works examine an urban civilization of alienation, fear and potential danger,
mass communication and (dis)orientation. This tension is balanced by the alien
and the fantastic, where humour is staged in strange situations and suspensions.

Zone A promises to transfix and unsettle the psyche of the individual and the masses.
Enter at your own risk. Go on, I dare you.

Rhonda Corvese, Curator.
Rhonda Corvese is a Toronto-based independent curator whose projects often evolve
in response to situations where she strives to challenge the role of the curator,
artist and audience in the presentation and engagement of contemporary art.
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[Zone A] Bloor / Yorkville - Location Map

Curated Exhibitions [p] = photography - [v]= video
Willie Doherty (Derry, Northern Ireland) Non-Specific Threat, 2004 [p] [v]
Laura Belém (Belo Horizonte, Brazil) Noite de São João (Night of Saint John) [p] [v]
Mircea Cantor (Romania and France) Deeparture, 2005 [p] [v]
Sara Graham (Toronto, Ontario) Canard Development Group (CDG) [p] [v]
Kristan Horton (Toronto, Ontario) Crowd [p] [v]
Nestor Krüger (Toronto, Ontario) Three Readings [p] [v]
Adriana Kuiper (Halifax, Nova Scotia) METROPOLIS [p] [v]
Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins (Toronto, Ontario) Event Horizon [p] [v]
Kristen Roos (Cortes Island, British Columbia) The Ghost Station [p] [v]
Annie MacDonell (Toronto, Ontario) Aurora Readiness Centre [p] [v]
Georgia Dunne (Toronto, Ontario) Untitled (Box Project #2) [p] [v]
Newmindspace (Kevin Bracken and Lori Kufner) (Toronto, Ontario) String of Diamonds, [p] [v]
Todd Julie and Jesse Ewles (Toronto, Ontario) Secular Confession Booth [p] [v]

Tasman Richardson and Elenore Chesnutt (Toronto, Ontario) The A.T.E. (Airborne Toxic Event) [p]
Barbara Lindenberg (Toronto, Ontario) Mobile project throughout Zone A [p]

Independent Projects
TTC / Onestop Media Group Words Travel Fast
Art of Fashion, 2007 Surreal Journey
Talia Erlich Footnotes
Canada's National Ballet School Thoroughly Modern Move
Canadian Music Centre LinguaElastic - Canadian Chill [p]
Multiple Artists BIRD'S EYE VIEW - The Residents [v]
Toronto Nightless Collective Nightless City
Diaspora Dialogues & The Word On The Street Night, city, dream: a story
Gallery Gevik Painters Eleven: Toronto in the 50s
The Gardiner Museum From the Ground Up
Greek Schools of Fine Arts Greek Art 07
Greg Hobbs, Michael Laderoute, Oskar Graf Fine Canadian Craft
Hollander York Gallery / Group Exhibition Progression: Painting and Jazz
Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) / Group Exhibition Ground Loop Alibi
St. Matthew's United Church / Group Exhibition Auditoria Illuminatorium
St. Thomas's Church / Group Exhibition Angel Night/Dark Night
Toronto Reference Library / Group Exhibition art à la carte
Hart House / Group Exhibition Night School [p]
University of Toronto Art Centre Emergency Room Recruitment Centre
A multi-media installation / Curated by Mark Neremberg, Faculty of Music
Awakening the Electronic Forest

Cinema Studies at Innis College / Curated by Barbara Fischer and Charlie Kiel Onscreen/Offscreen
Students from Atom Egoyan's class of 2006-07 / Produced and Curated by Pia Kleber,
in collaboration with Atom Egoyan, Antje Budde, Johanna Schall
Transmutations: Night-for-Day

Loren Wolk Estado de Gracia
Jon Claytor Until the Break of Day
Vivian Reiss, Hideki Noda & Kanzaburo 18th Sleepless Night of Encounters
Tom Forrestall New Paintings
Norval & Christian Morrisseau Father & Son
Architectural Posters from the Robert G. Hill Collection Graphic Virtuosity
Kelly Mark Stupid Heaven

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