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Toronto Canada 2007
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Kensington Market

Kensington Art Project
Group exhibition

nuit blanche
Yvonne Bambrick, Streets coming to life in the Market

Kensington Market continues to resist homogenization. Discover the Market and this dialogue, through beautiful, provocative and surprising works of art. Kensington Market is bordered by College St. to Dundas St. W. and Spadina Ave. to Bellevue Ave.


The Portrait Party
Alex vs Alex

Live portraiture and projection at Ronnie’s Local. Portrait shots will take place between 8 pm and 2 am with live projection continuing until sunrise.


Michael Bartosik, Heather McLean and Craig Stephens

An office photocopier is the site of new networks. You’re invited to drop your guard and your bottom and record your fanny as ambassador of the real and visceral.


Punch & Judy
Clay & Paper Theatre

A popular puppet show rooted in Italy’s 16th century commedia dell’arte, performed by Professor David Anderson and his school of punch pupils.


Infinite Exchange Gallery (IEG)
Jennifer Delos Reyes and Lori Gordon

IEG is a public market place/art gallery. Through collaborative negotiation between artist and buyer, works can be traded for a story, a map, a blender. The possibilities are endless.


What I meant to tell you…
Anthea Foyer

Three cozy living rooms provide a space for participants to voice things left unsaid. Telephone connections link anonymous strangers or friends as confessors or advisors to right wrongs, confess sins or get the last word in.


Archaeology of 26 and 28 Oxford Street
Arnold Koroshegyi

Three viewing booths with illuminated photographs serve both as witness and document to the eviction, demolition and transformation of 26/28 Oxford Street; a testimony to rapid urban renewal and its consequence.


Renée Lear

A storefront window serves as a lens for performance. Activated through live and prerecorded video, the ordinary objects and activity of the surrounding neighbourhood are transformed and re-examined.


Urban Textile
Tania Ursomarzo

A continuous piece of white fibre strings together the space between existing or found objects and architecture, weaving the site into an urban textile.


Postcard Project
Amber Landgraff and Janina Piva

Postcard racks throughout Kensington Market provide a free history lesson for the taking, revealing lesser-known facts about Kensington Market’s rich history, rebellious roots and phantom landmarks.

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