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Toronto Canada 2007
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Dyan Marie Projects

Artist Dyan Marie, with more than 30 contributing artists,
takes back the night with transformative light art, projection, and other projects.

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nuit blanche
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Group exhibition

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Various photographs of Bloor Nightlights
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Dyan Marie
Bloor NIGHTLIGHT gives away poster of Vine People
"This Image Has Been Printed With Poison Ivy". 
Size 27.5 x 19.5 inches 
Explanatory video on - please search Dyan Marie or Vine People are Not Terrorist 
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Pendle Witches
Shirley Yanover: the names of the 12 witches printed on the images of the moon,
one on each, in a font that is handwritten script, …signifying the personal and individual.
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Streetlight Sculptures
Curated with and work by Orest Tataryn and others. Overhead sculptures are exhibited
fixed to city streetlight poles creating a street-long exhibition of contemporary light art.
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Light House
A projection house made of ice created by Joe Fleming, with his videos glowing through the walls.
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Carla Garnet Project
Illuminated drawing and sound performances with turn tables
and overhead projector .
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Window Shopping
Store window projection by Andy Morris.
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Body Light
Fashion, performance, projections, videos and installations
transform the House Of Lancaster Strip Club and surrounding area at 1215 Bloor St. W.
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No Bad Art
Poster installations by Miklos Legrady in the House Of Lancaster Strip Club
and along McCaul street and West Queen West.
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Water Fountain
A project by Katharine Harvey at Fly Gallery, 1172 Queen Street West
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Clouds of Doubt
Objects and lights sources wrapped into place along the street
create lingering clouds by JP King and Stephen Marie-Rhodes.
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Bloor Bike Light
A bike parade, tricked out in light for the night. Curated and bike by Bruce Ward
with Mark Greenhough, Herb VandenDool and others.
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Sticky Lights
Small light sculptures, powered by watch batteries and fixed by magnets to any metal surface
enable a dispersion of light and art in unexpected places throughout the area.
A Community Cave sponsored project with artists, community groups and schools: Bishop Marrocco/Merton,
Bloor Collegiate, Kent Senior School, Ontario College of Art and Design, and The Student School.
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Camp Fire
Event by CELOS: Centre for Local Research into Public Spaces.
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Water Tower
Local water tower landmark project by Roman Milo.
Roman lights up the tower, viewable across the TTC lands
and has an accompanying film at the Lancaster.
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Plus, miniature light sculptures, wearable light jewellery, apartment window installations,
light hand sculptures and roaming green “vine people”.

C20 Bloor St. W. (Lansdowne Ave. to Margueretta St.)

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