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Toronto Canada 2007
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Noboru Tsubaki

Noboru Tsubaki's lone, gargantuan Locust descends upon Lamport Stadium. Separated from its migratory swarm, its status as a remnant or threat of airborne plagues to come is unclear. Is this cute, colourful, cartoon-like insect a real threat or a personal omen? What is our crime and what is our defense? Do we take comfort in Liliputian safety? For how long will these ropes hold? For how long can we keep our fears at bay?

nuit blanche

Insect World in Art Tower Mito, 2005
Inflatable Balloon - 9m(H) X 15m(W) X 50m(D)
Courtesy Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito

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C3 Lamport Stadium
1151 King St. W.

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