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Toronto Canada 2007
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Ame Henderson and Public Recordings, 2007
Open Field Study (All Together Now)
Installation, performance art, dance
Open Call Project
Photography by Shawna Carlton
carlton_01 carlton_02 carlton_03 carlton_04
carlton_05 carlton_06 carlton_07 carlton_08
carlton_09 carlton_10 carlton_11 carlton_12
carlton_13 carlton_14 carlton_15 carlton_16
carlton_17 carlton_18 carlton_19 carlton_20
carlton_21 carlton_22 carlton_23 carlton_24
carlton_25 carlton_26 carlton_27 carlton_28
frankovich_01 frankovich_02 frankovich_03 frankovich_04
Photography by David Frankovich
frankovich_05 frankovich_06 frankovich_07 frankovich_08
frankovich_09 frankovich_10 frankovich_11 frankovich_12
frankovich_13 frankovich_14 frankovich_15 frankovich_16
Photography by Stacey Lee
lee_01 lee_02 lee_03 lee_04
lee_05 lee_06 lee_07 lee_08
Photography John Richardson
richardson_01 richardson_02 richardson_03 richardson_04
richardson_05 richardson_06 richardson_07 richardson_08