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Toronto Canada 2008
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Gordon Hatt, Curator, Zone A.

Curatorial Statement / THE NEW WORLD
"Come on Franz. You don't come here to be sad.
People come here to be happy, to dance and laugh. Understand?"
"Yeah, but . . . the world . . ."
"What do you mean the world? This is the New World. Come on. Let's have a drink."
From Berlin Alexanderplatz, (Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Germany:939 min,1980).

Night is the background against which dream-like fantasies and nocturnal fears are described, where the language is the material of play, and where identity is asserted, celebrated, discarded and extinguished. The city at night is the new world – a world of shifting and ephemeral forms and desire mingled with existential anxiety.

The artists of The New World engage the city's public spaces and arenas on a large scale. They respond to the city at night as simultaneously both subject and medium, adapting the city surfaces for video projections, using its public spaces as sites for sculptural installations and interactive performances, and its landmarks as subjects of digital manipulation. These projects will layer unexpected textures and narratives on familiar concrete and glass, destabilize the authority and the immutability of the architecture, and speak to the dynamic, fugitive experience of living in the city.

Gordon Hatt is a writer and curator living in Kitchener, Ontario. He was the Director/Curator at Rodman Hall Arts Centre in St. Catharines from 2004 to 2007 and before that the Curator of Temporary Exhibitions at Cambridge Galleries, Cambridge Ontario. His curatorial work has focused on the generation of Toronto artists who came of age in the 1990s, on mixed-media exhibitions investigating contemporary issues in popular culture, and on visuality and desire in the responses by contemporary artists to popular culture. Recent curatorial projects include curating Objects of Affection featuring Susan Bozic, Meesoo Lee, Maria Legault, Jillian McDonald, Tanya Read and Warren Quigley at Rodman Hall Arts Centre, St. Catharines (2007) and Hic: 18 Installations and Interventions at Hart House, University of Toronto (2006) as a member of the curatorial collective.

[Zone A] - Location Map

Commissioned Projects [p] = photography - [v]= video
Project Blinkenlights, Tim Pritlove, Thomas Fiedler (Berlin, Germany) Stereoscope [p] [v]
Fujiwara Takahiro (Tokyo, Japan) Into the Blue [p] [v]
BGL, Sébastien Giguère, Nicolas Laverdière, Jasmin Bilodeau (Québec City, Québec) Domaine de l'angle #2 [p] [v]
Daniel Olson (Montréal, Québec) Fifteen Seconds [p] [v]
John Armstrong, Paul Collins (Toronto, Ontario - Paris, France) Four Sisters [p] [v]
Jillian McDonald (Toronto, Ontario) Zombies in Condoland[p] [v]
Luis Jacob (Toronto, Ontario) Without Persons [p] [v]
Tom Bendtsen (Toronto, Ontario) Conversation #2[p] [v]
Adam David Brown (Toronto, Ontario) Time-Piece[p] [v]
Katharine Harvey (Toronto, Ontario) Waterfall [p] [v]

Open Call Projects
Tova Kardonne, Christine Duncan (Toronto, Ontario) Sound Forest [p] [v]
Roy Kohn (Toronto, Ontario) Meeky: The World's Strangest Little Boy [p] [v]
Lyla Rye (Toronto, Ontario) Dream Home [p] [v]
Robert Hengeveld (Toronto, Ontario) Stock Extravaganza [p] [v]
Katherine L. Lannin (Toronto, Ontario) House of Leaves [p] [v]

Independent Projects
Laura Pacione NB POST
Art for Commuters and Onestop Media Group Words Travel Fast 08
Art Gallery of Ontario Scintillator
Artist Cooperative of Canada The Sounds of Shadows
Barnadas & Hwang Giant Paint by Numbers
Beaver Hall Artists' Co-operative Urbanity Humanity
Bravo!FACT (Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent)/The Music Gallery The Music Gallery Sports Bar and the Bravo!FACT Picture Show
Cabbagetown Cabbagetown Nuit Blanche
Canadian Polish Art Initiatives Concurrence - Emerging Canadian Artists
Casa Loma and Kaeja d'Dance Stable Dances
Cinematheque Ontario (Toronto International Film Festival Group) The Art of Silent Comedy
Diaspora Dialogues in association with Canada's National Ballet School Where You Are Right Now
Gardiner Museum Z'otz* Collective at Mexican Days of the Dead: Food for Thought
Hollander York Gallery Dusk 'til Dawn : Painting to the Beat
Istituto Italiano di Cultura EURONIGHT '08
Japan Foundation Toronto Flight over Landscapes
Mitchell F. Chan & Brad Hindson A Dream of Pastures [p]
Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD) Dusk, Dark, Dawn [p]
Ryerson University LIGHT UP THE NIGHT: Heaslip House
Ryerson University LIGHT UP THE NIGHT: Sitting Ducks [p]
Ryerson University LIGHT UP THE NIGHT: Monday's Child Zero C
St. Matthew's United Church The Temptation of St. Clair
St. Thomas's Anglican Church, Huron Street Still and Still Moving
Toronto Nightless Collective Ethereal Forest
Toronto Public Library Circus of Dreams
Ultra Lime Arts Cocoon Garden
University of Toronto Adoration Street [p]
University of Toronto Sweet Dreams [p]
U of T Art Centre & WayUpWayDown Vehicle [p]
University of Toronto - Faculty of Music Déjà, Presque, Jamais: three views of creative sound

Chada Import Gallery I Know You
Drabinsky Gallery Contemporary Art
Petroff Gallery Surette Family on Exhibition
Royal Ontario Museum The 2008 Sobey Art Award Exhibition
U of T: Eric Arthur Gallery - The John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design
The street belongs to all of us!
University of Toronto - Justina M. Barnicke Gallery Sweet Dreams

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