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scotiabank  nuit blanche
Toronto Canada 2008
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Steve Heimbecker
Montréal, Québec

The Turbulence Sound Matrix (TSM), uses digital recordings of the wind created by Heimbecker's Wind Array Cascade Machine (2003) in the form of continuous cascading wave patterns to amplify and diffuse any sound source through the powerful 64 channels of the TSM's unique speaker array. This adaptation creates a vivid, highly articulated, and totally immersive sonic environment for the listener. For this presentation Heimbecker has created the spellbinding 64 channel composition "Signe", a composition of unlimited duration using the wind, all 88 notes of a grand piano, and 16 recordings of the artist typing stories to himself about himself and about his making the TSM over the past 5 years. Since the early 1980's Steve Heimbecker has been creating art works for multi channel sound systems, multi channel data representation, audio performance, installation, large scale sculpture, and video montage. Conceptually his work is based upon his fascination with the architecture of space and the measurement of time within space.

This Toronto premiere of TSM at Scotiabank Nuit Blanche is presented by New Adventures in Sound Art
as part of its SOUNDplay festival.

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nuit blanche
Steve Heimbecker, Turbulance Sound Matrix, 2008
photography: Jordan Ellis

Turbulence Sound Matrix: Signe, 2008
Multimedia Installation, Audio Art

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B14 10 Adelaide Street East. The Gallery at Ontario Heritage Trust

In association with New Adventures in Sound Art as part of its SOUNDplay festival

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