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Toronto Canada 2008
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Wayne Baerwaldt, Curator, Zone B.

Curatorial Statement / HONEST
A recent editorial in the Globe & Mail comments on how art should function: "art is by its nature subversive, challenging, provoking, aggravating, questioning." This may be stating the obvious but claiming a definition as common knowledge is another thing. It suggests there is consensus on what constitutes important art, that it is first and foremost transgressive and contentious. The idea of 'real art' as transgressive should be a foreshadowing of what to expect from Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2008. I would further complicate matters by saying all art is abstract, yet all art is also concrete, subsuming the contradiction in terms especially when performative art is presented in the concrete jungle of Toronto's business district.

In Zone B, I propose a series of performative art events and installations in spaces that will skewer audience expectations by blurring the lines between artist/performer and audience member. Many of the artists in Zone B produce works that demand a close proximity of artwork to the viewer. An unusual intimacy with the audience is built in a variety of situations.
Zone B integrates a range of artists, cultural producers, actors, ideas, platforms and media to both complicate and facilitate a range of art forms, all, to varying degrees, subversive, challenging and aggravating to audiences.

Wayne Baerwaldt is currently the Director and Curator of Exhibitions at the Illingworth Kerr Gallery at the Alberta College of Art and Design. Previously, he was the director of The Power Plant in Toronto and Plug In ICA in Winnipeg. Most notably, he also acted as Co-commissioner and Co-curator with Jon Tupper for Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller's double award-winning production, The Paradise Institute, at the 49th Venice Biennale. It marked the first time in 50 years of Canadian participation at the international art exhibition that official prizes have been awarded to Canadian representatives. In the summer of 2008, he will be curating the Shuvinai Ashoona and John Noestheden for the Stadthimmel (city sky) for Klaus Littmann's major public art project in Basel, Switzerland. His writing is published widely and Baerwaldt is the only Canadian member of the Exhibition Committee of Independent Curators International in New York.

[Zone B] - Location Map

Commissioned Projects [p] = photography - [v]= video
Shuvinai Ashoona, John Noestheden (Toronto, Ontario) Earth and Sky [p] [v]
Kelly Mark (Toronto, Ontario) Horroridor [p] [v]
Ricardo Okaranza (Toronto, Ontario) Toronto/Calgary Nocturnes I [p] [v]
Noam Gonick (Toronto, Ontario) Commerce Court [p] [v]
Magnetic Laboratorium / Marisela La Grave (Toronto, Ontario) Business Class [p] [v]
Barr Gilmore (Toronto, Ontario) Benefit of the Doubt [p] [v]
Matt Master, Terrance Houle (Calgary, Alberta, - Calgary, Alberta, - Montréal, Québec) Don Coyote [p] [v]
Matt Master, Terrance Houle - (Calgary, Alberta, - Calgary, Alberta, - Montréal, Québec) Don Coyote2 [p]
Thierry Marceau (Toronto, Ontario) The Greatest Falls [p] [v]
Larry McDowell (Toronto, Ontario) Corvidae Ibidem [p] [v]
Rita McKeough (Toronto, Ontario) Alternator [p] [v]

Open Call Projects
John Oswald (Toronto, Ontario) STILLNESSENCE [p] [v]
Farah Yusuf, Alex Stephan (Toronto, Ontario) r u part of the art? [p] [v]
Byron Kent Wong (Toronto, Ontario) the common and the tense (a sound ecology) [p] [v]
Steve Heimbecker (Toronto, Ontario) Turbulence Sound Matrix: Signe [p] [v]
Amanta Scott (Toronto, Ontario) 15 Minutes of Fame [p] [v]

Independent Projects
401 Richmond (Toronto, Ontario) Art in the Fall
401 Richmond - Friends of Charles Katz (Toronto, Ontario) Bar Mitzvah Machine
401 Richmond - Lo Bil (Toronto, Ontario) A Professional Occupassion
401 Richmond - Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art (Toronto, Ontario) Projection
401 Richmond - The Canadian Drawing Team (Toronto, Ontario) Draw-A-Thon From Dusk Till Drawn
401 Richmond - Toronto School of Art (Toronto, Ontario) somnium infantem somniare
401 Richmond - Trinity Square Video and imagineNATIVE Film Festival (Toronto, Ontario)
HOW: Engagement with the Hollywood Indian
Alumnae Theatre Company (Toronto, Ontario) Nessun Dorma (No One Sleeps)
Distillery District - Dance Ontario (Toronto, Ontario) Dancing The Distillery District
Distillery District - Deaf Culture Centre (Toronto, Ontario) Links-Connections
Distillery District - DISH GALLERY + STUDIO (Toronto, Ontario) Secrets of the Disc
Distillery District - Le Laboratoire d'art (LE LABO) (Toronto, Ontario) MÉTA_LABOS
Distillery District - Octopus Project (Toronto, Ontario) Secrets
Distillery District - PROOF Studio Gallery (Toronto, Ontario) PROOF of SECRETS
Jewel Envy (Toronto, Ontario) Nuit Blanche Tree of Life
National Ballet of Canada (Toronto, Ontario) A Window on Ballet
National Film Board Mediatheque (Toronto, Ontario) Make a Scene at the NFB Mediatheque
St Lawrence Market Neighbourhood BIA (Toronto, Ontario) Appetite

401 Richmond - Cinecycle (Toronto, Ontario) Scopitone Under the Stars
401 Richmond - Open Studio (Toronto, Ontario) Hot Off the Press at Open Studio
Distillery District - Arta Gallery (Toronto, Ontario) On the Edge of Reality
Distillery District - Artcore/Fabrice Marcolini (Toronto, Ontario) Aesthetic Comfort
Distillery District - Thompson Landry Gallery (Toronto, Ontario) Au Fil de l'Art

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