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Toronto Canada 2008
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Documentation Team for the Nuit Blanche Toronto website
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Project Director
Bill Kirby email

Documentation Team and Website Design, Management, Production
Miklos Legrady email

Photography Editing
Miklos Legrady

Video Digitizing and Editing
Aliyyah Fazil email
Miklos Legrady

Documentation Team

ZONE A    
John Richardson email: John Richardson
David Frankovich email: David Frankovich
Natalie Logan email: Natalie Logan
Dean Vargas email: Dean Vargas
Joshua Fraiman email: Joshua Fraiman
Maria-Saroja Ponnambalam email: Maria-Saroja Ponnambalam
ZONE B    
Sarah Fay
Peter Steiner email: Peter Steiner
Jordan Ellis email: Jordan Ellis
James Deane email: James Deane
Fiona Wong email: Fiona Wong
Dexter Ico email: Dexter Ico
ZONE C    
Dean Goodwin email: Dean Goodwin
Chris Sheperd email: Chris Sheperd
Tom Legrady email: Tom Legrady
Sheetal Sehgal email: Sheetal Sehgal
Aliyyah Fazil email: Aliyyah Fazil
Olga Barsky email: Olga Barsky
Additional Photography    
Frances Lai email: Frances Lai
Noah Bingham email: Noah Bingham

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